Saturday, September 13, 2014

Islam is a Product of Rome

I thought I'd peek around the web to see where I could find the exact string of words "Islam is a product of Rome". I found them in only two places, one of which was from a gal's inactive blog in the comments section of a 2008 post titled "Wussy Christianity," something like that. Of course the post itself was about how ineffectual modern Christianity is at truly having an impact and yeah, stuff like that.

True enough, and related to something I'd thought about regarding my last webzine home page piece. I'd thought about the point I'd made about loving one's enemy, and thought, "Hmm, wonder what men think about that?" I thought that because I know a lot of men consider being manly as punching people they don't like. On the other hand there are quite a few men who go the far opposite way, because we do live in such a feminized culture. Not that they're homosexual or anything, just that they consider most anything "masculine" distastefully primal and unseemly.

What is the manly thing to do?

Well, it does depend on whether you're doing your manhood thing from the World or from the Kingdom. The World has a bunch of ideas about how you're supposed to be a man, and all are okay as long as you stay in a reprobate condition so the System can regulate the crappy stuff you do from that state -- of course, whichever one is good for you to be the man you want to be.

Then there is the Kingdom way. What do men do from the Kingdom?

Thought about it, thought about it in relation to following up what this thing "love" means for those men who actually do want to demonstrate the richest, deepest virility in the things they do -- without having to slug everything into submission.

But yeah. God made men that way. We want to make things happen, we want to be good at it, we want it to be physical and earthy and bad-ass, but yeah, at the same time noble and valiant and recognized for the raw virtue wrought from it.

But again, yeah, what does this look like as a Kingdom thing?

My thoughts.

First, it involves being vibrantly connected to Christ and what He says. Hey, He was the perfect man. And when you read His words and speak to Him in prayer, you'll understand that.

Second, it involves knowing what it takes to be a Kingdom-bringer, and that is where things get dicey. Dicey simply because so many men think they've got to be a man through one of the World's counterfeit Jesus, and damn, there are so many of them.

Making that distinction and going to the mat to really get it is part of the demanding challenge of Kingdom manhood. And part of that is getting that, yes,

Islam is a product of Rome.

What does that mean?

It means the Roman Catholic Church invented Islam as a perennial object of demonization. How easy it is to get sucked right into the fierce hatred of the Islamist or the extremist Islamist or the terrorist-minded Islamist or the jihadist Islamist or whoever the enemy du jour is right now. It is going real good right now, and it will never cease among a population so thoroughly Catholicized.

What's the Kingdom response? Well, murderous Muslim ideologues are enemies, so you could do the World manly thing and rage against them and support military action against them and just plain hate them right back dammit. Please, don't get me wrong, this is the ordained and authorized World response, all emanating from Cain's original charge.

Who is an enemy to Kingdom people? Well, he or she is an enemy, no disguising that, if a murderous Muslim ideologue is about to act on his or her hatred of me, I do kind of hope Cain's agency is there to stop him or her.

But I am asked by my Lord to love him or her, still.

And here's the thing, what does that look like as a man? How does a Kingdom man actually do that loving thing?

Yeah, again, first understand and know Christ, but then, understand the Kingdom-World contrast. Understand that centuries ago Rome created the murderous Muslim ideologue so you could indeed make it so the pope can say things like World War III is upon us as he recently did. Rome nourishes it today keeping its people in a benighted state of rigid adherence to its draconian legal, political, and cultural constraints -- what a prison for the soul!

After you've grasped this reality -- and it may take some time of Scripture reading, prayer, fellowship with wise followers of Christ -- and you are free from the System's psychopompal grip and rejoicing in your understanding, here's the key manhood action --

Get out of Rome yourself.

To do that you'd need a lot of men. A lot of men actually being men and being the kind of leaders of their families and communities God seeks. 

First, make worship assemblies that are not 501c3's. Being a non-profit tax-exempt organizations ties you to Rome and that institutionalized hatred. Keep in mind this is a hatred sustained through Rome's task of global sin management -- it is supposed to be that way for those without Christ! This is why getting out of it completely and living fully from the Kingdom is what makes you a man who others know they can trust to love them!

Second, form businesses and schools that do not pay taxes not owed. The Bible, the Constitution, and the federal tax code itself mandates that people who are free from owing tribute to Caesar have that freedom fully respected. For instance if you are not a non-resident alien or a federal government employee, then stop shelling out the fruit of your labor to a lord who is not yours!

Third, do everything Christ asks you to do with those churches, businesses, and schools. It is not only about making a rich vibrant Shalom community that provides the wealth of God's bounty to His own, but it includes loving those who do work for Caesar by doing everything people who love do to minister the mercy and grace and truth and glory of Christ to them. Enlist organizers and managers and funders and ministers and encouragers and just damn hard workers making these Kingdom institutions happen.

The amazing thing thing is this is the tribute you owe to Caesar! It is right there in the 13th chapter of Romans. If you have Jesus' words and hands and feet and heart, then Caesar can do nothing to you because you are indeed making the payment -- the one that gets people to see and have and hold on to Christ for the Kingdom, for the fellowship of all people who love with His love, for eternity.

Really -- how much virility is required for that!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The World's Coalition of Frenemies

In today's Los Angeles Times was a piece by their in-house pundit Doyle McManus, titled "A Coalition of Frenemies." I didn't read it, but I can predict what he'd say. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mean to be presumptuous, not at all. But surely he'll talk about how the bestest of bestest diplomacy is required, one that tries reeeally hard to get conflicting interests to just jolly well get together to defeat the common enemy, that dratted Islamicism -- errrrrgh do we reeeally hate that Islamicist threat errrrrrrrgh...

Oh brother. What's new.

It's all just the latest idiocy from World blappers getting their cues from World megaphone holders many of whom are the most eloquent and erudite blappers in the most revered media and education institutions, and people like McManus just labor to try to sound the most boffo.

But nothing changes. People wage war with one another, often in large groups, often asking Caesar to join their skirmishes, and they always have, always will -- it will never change.

It is the World.

Oh, there are two ways it will change. One, for the individual when he discovers the breadth of his own reprobation and comes to Christ to find authentic freedom. And two, when Christ returns again to separate the wheat from the tares. The only way anyone can be wheat is to be covered by His blood and clothed with His righteousness. That's it.

Otherwise you're right there in with all the tares.

Thing is, a lot of those tares are dressed very nicely and authorized to spew piddle like McManus bilges into the mainstream, essentially arranged to keep people in that state of constant warfare however marble-encased the shit really is. The interactions among the ivory tower shit-flingers is not very different than that conversation between Sir Bedevere and the witch hunt slaverers in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

In fact, I use that scene as a pretext for a take on it all, my latest at the webzine, here. Would love for you to read it, see what you think, share with me your thoughts.

Would also like to invite you to consider the One Who Is Understanding.