Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Few More Splattered Thoughts on Persistent Deception

Yesterday I blogged about something I've addressed before, the idea that people are worthless left to their own benighted devices. I know this isn't the most ingratiating thing someone could ever say, but it is about the most truthful thing there is. Dead people are pretty worthless.

Sure, just about everyone who has the teenchiest thought that they are anybody would protest, or even further completely dismiss such a truth. After writing yesterday I had a few more thoughts I'd like to splash in here to clarify, and merely point out that what I do is simply highlight the abject silliness of World activity and let it do the talking.

One way the rank deception persists comes from what hundreds of church pastors are planning to do tomorrow, Sunday the 26th. It is apparently "Pulpit Freedom Sunday," when they will all stand up on their respective soapboxes and boldly shout about who their congregants should vote for, mostly with the intention of irritating the IRS and its oppressive limits on political speech.

If these pastors are naming the name of Christ and are actually doing what the Bible really tells them, they would be a million miles from such folly. Even more insightfully they'd see how much they're being played and that the World wants them be sucked into the power of the law over their affairs.

What these pastors tomorrow really should be saying are these things:

- It is simple. It doesn't matter how sharp, smooth, or special you are, if you're dead you're worthless. It's completely foolhardy for one to go around boasting he is someone. The stark truth is that you are a glop of dust who happens to have a little breath for a while.

- I too am no one special. I'm worthless too. The only way I can be "worthful" is through Christ. That's it. His righteousness and only His righteousness can give life. One's own righteousness just keeps him fooled into thinking he's good, when he's really very dead.

- It is true, sadly, that lots of people who say they're Christ's, aren't. Are there those who haven't a clue about Christ who do His kinds of things--you know, kind, giving, gentle, charitable, thoughtful things...all that? Yeah, but if you scratch them you'll find someone deathly afraid and seeking the deepest meaning about things. And they're still dead. Are there those who look at straw-man Christs all around and mistakingly think any one of them is the True One? Absolutely.

- You can indeed vibrantly, graciously, profoundly, passionately love a worthless person. Yes, it is possible. Christ did. He loves all of them. He bled to death on a large wooden post for every single one of them.

- The powerful exploiters are just as worthless no matter how much stuff they have. Jesus condemned the rich not because they have lots of cool stuff but because they do human sacrifice so proficiently.

- When the worthless exploitee does value extraction he blithely expects others to pay him even though he did little or nothing to receive it. When the worthless exploiter does it he withholds payment when a job was effectively done as expected. Both of these common conditions multiplied by millions is what shows up in the depressed financial indices.

You only have to look at those indices to see the worthlessness. It's not only the evidences I shared yesterday and in my webzine, but it's the slow but steady dollar sell-off by countries around the world. It's the stampede to find security in shiny yellow rocks. It's the incessant hollering "Where in blazes can I get my retirement money!" You only have to look at the news stories of pastors screeching about their need for World System exploitation to see how little they trust Christ to be their righteousness.

And all of this is not just me blabbing in a remote blog post.

It is all there in Scripture. And it isn't that anyone has to necessarily read a big honking book with a nice silky ribbon in it. Jesus loves today through the lives of those who fully trust in Him, desire to follow Him, deeply long to bring the bountiful, glorious Kingdom to others.

The way to have life is not trying to get in good with Caesar's operatives and telling them what you want them to do. Jesus and those who love with His love are light years from that.

Thing is, many other highfalutin church people will denounce "Pulpit Freedom Day" events and sneer about how much it violates 501c3 rules and separation of church and state and all that, but that's only because they are simply working to get their favored alternate political operatives in power.

How many churches and their congregants have completely divested themselves from Caesar by firmly abandoning any 501c3 contracts, wisely refusing to have their gatherings incorporated in any way (including their commercial ones!), and then graciously appropriating any tribute to a World entity only as required and instead using the bulk of their resources, income, and wealth to sow into the lives of others?

How many people are truly actually really stepping out and blowing away others in the "worthfulness" of Christ? Really, how many?

I do sorrow when I see things like "Pastor Freedom Day." It is extraordinarily sad. Still so so many nice people needing the World to slather vanilla frosting on their worthlessness.

My webzine's latest home page piece gets into the striking distinction between true worshippers and the fine looking pretenders.

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Said, "You Can't Expect People to Be Persistently Deceived." (Unless, Of Course, You Are Persistently Deceived About THAT...)

A confluence of ideas and considerations is slowly blending together in my mind, the full picture of which seems to be pointing to more clear evidence of the human sacrifice practices that consume the behavior of World inhabitants. It certainly is the genesis of a home page piece in the future, but for now it is just something to splatter in a blog post.

When I see that standard axiom "You can't expect people to be persistently deceived," I treat that with great skepticism. People are constantly deceived about the fact that human sacrifice still thrives on a regular basis by everyone without Christ, and the law is merely in place to keep it all from getting too nasty looking. People are effervescently deceived about the fact that only Christ frees from that body of death and that all the remonstrating about government-this and government-that are simply declarations that the law is wholly required for them to keep human sacrifice behavior from appearing too uncouth.

Anyway, just been reading about how businesses in this country are sitting on billions of dollars they aren't investing, and I wonder, why aren't they getting that out there for bountiful capital utility when the economy is still teetering? Could it be because they think people are much more worthless than everyone wants them to think?

I've been picking up on how no one is borrowing, but the U.S. is doing tons of borrowing--which ends up being paid back by those not borrowing. Is this nothing other than the World System putting tons of window dressing on worthless people so they'll continue to fund its profligate hegemony?

Then there is how much people are afraid the still near-zero interest rates are simply feeding the next big smelly rotten awful bubble to burst all over us. Annnnd that is why? Maybe because people are too worthless to make any "bubble" actually be substantive production that would genuinely make others' lives better?

See, that's the issue, isn't it? When people think of others more than themselves, communities prosper. When people think of themselves above anyone else, they're just doing human sacrifice.

Jesus said as much. Please, I don't think people should be worthless. Worthlessness is very bad. But it is pretty simple. "If you have the Son you have life. If not, you don't have life." Jesus died to give people life. Believe in Him and you have life. And value. And worth. And joy and peace and wonder and love.

Funny, yesterday morning I just happened to catch a gal who regularly appears in economics reports on NPR say something pretty stunning to me. She was blapping about how Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will do anything to help out should bad things start to happen again, and she concluded, "This is a man who invented bullets out of thin air during the crisis. So, my faith is in him."

The plainest admission that someone is trusting in man, and not just any man but a man who directs the largest human sacrifice operation on the planet. Quite legitimate, I must say, for those who habitually do it.

But Jesus is 180 degrees the other way.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Classified American Information

Since I'm here on my blog site pounding out posts for my Chiefs blog and my NASCAR blog, I should really just add a note that I'd written my home page piece for September-October. I was really working over some striking note I could make to introduce it to you, and I do have some good ones in mind, but they'll take time to flesh out. I'll still work at it, but for now, I just want to share with you that it's up and going.

As usual I'd love to know what you think. I laid out some thoughts about what Christians in the United States characteristically do in their behavior when it comes to government and politics. With the very eloquent help from Tupper Saussy I think it's pretty solid, but please. I never want to be presumptuous. Give me your take.

And yes, Tupper's very telling considerations do make an appearance. You'll see at the webzine.