Friday, June 29, 2018

Their Hell is Very Real, Part II

In my last post I made some notes related to my latest home page piece. I'd mentioned the sudden attention offered to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now on a meteoric ascendency after winning a New York City Democratic primary with a platform that is unabashedly socialist, sodomist, and racialist.

Apparently she got some really good cred joining a caravan of other totally white-clad folks near the border to bravely confront those dastardly ICE agents separating children from parents. Never mind that Mexico and Central American countries are such disasters politically, socially, and economically that the truth is the parents are separating themselves from their children. Agreed they are under terrible distress from forces designed to keep them in despair, but each individual is responsible for his/her own actions -- abandoning your own children to smugglers as so many of them are doing borders on child abuse.

The white knights of socialism feel it is better to rage and holler at U.S. government officials simply following U.S. law to protect the value of Americans' labor by keeping the social infrastructure sound -- never mind they're only just thrilling to being ridiculously disinformed individuals screeching and pontificating and blapping loudly about how splendidly righteous they are.

And how can you miss her? She's a young peppy woman of color who proudly wants to force everyone to endorse sexual immorality -- yowza she's got my vote! Her opponent was an old plodding white guy who is simply not hip enough any more to ensure the protracted celebration of that immorality.

Thing is, after I posted that last blog piece right after uploading the home page piece I was thinking some more.

First, I asked myself a sincere question: Was I myself challenging Ocasio-Cortez unjustly? Perish the thought. Of course her platform is from Hell, but my critique is all about getting at the core of what she's about -- perfect for her service of Cain's legacy. In that sense I believe she'd make a great governess. Caesar is already fully on board with prosecuting violations related to socialism ("Pay for another's needs whatever they are or else") sodomism ("Injure your sexuality and we'll regulate it") and racialism ("The force of law will compel you to not be racist even if you aren't just to be sure you don't even think about it").

Second, look at precisely what these three things are. Socialism is nothing other than theft, sodomism adultery, and racialism false witness. I'd like to emphasize here that the Roman Catholic Church and any rigorously wholesome religious institution does indeed discourage these things, rightly so. But that's what the law does anyway. In fact this is something about which I felt a bit convicted after writing my home page piece -- I don't really have to say anything to someone already sadly short sold, the law already does that. God has freed me from having to condemn, confront, reprove, resist, or otherwise reprimand anyone, especially Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. I am then free to love her and her cohorts with His love in whatever way that is, in this case to write and blog about it. Interesting though, it can still be readily articulated that Caesar legitimately needs people to be eagerly committing these kinds of sins to sustain his dominion over them. How great for him to have a raging culture war to facilitate that!

Third, I too thought about those who'd claim, "Yeah, I was in church once, even a nice Protestant one, and it became so oppressive, they were always browbeating me about my sin. I left and simply don't care about this Jesus who now means nothing to me. I'm in the midst of a new community of people who are positive and sharing good vibes with me all the time -- way better!"

The problem here is that this Jesus he/she's rejected is a straw-man Jesus put into his/her mind by Rome. Rome has lots and lots of subdivisions many of which include New Age-y places where people are especially smiley and gushy but are merely death traps because of their ugly denial of truthful things. Churches are indeed oppressive when beholden to Rome, as most are. They have little conception of the vibrantly engaging grace of God much less of the way things actually are.

Does this mean morality is now meaningless? Many who've been disillusioned by their fake Jesus followers go off the deep end and live lives of terribly destructive immorality as a way to feel more free -- but this was one of the main points of the home page piece. They're really not more free and good and wholesome, they're just further under Caesar's grip.

I can't emphasize this enough.

Caesar has a job to do. I can never get in the way of that job. If I do I am in rebellion against a God-ordained authority and am further subject to his will, even if I were to feel totally justified in doing so because I hate him will all my guts. All who like being in Caesar's wonderland of the law and denial about what it's for are doing what they want -- that's awesome, they're free to do so. The best people to carry out those purposes are people like Ocasio-Cortez. Take a look at what she said in that Vogue interview:

"There is no other force, there is no other party, there is no other real ideology out there right now that is asserting the minimum elements necessary to lead a dignified American life."

At least she's honest, give her that. Don't know Jesus? We need someone like her there cracking heads as necessary. Cast your vote for her most enthusiastically, please.

She hasn't a clue, however, about the best option of all, Jesus Christ and living richly, joyfully, rapturously in His Kingdom with others loving one another just as deeply and meaningfully.

She only knows Cain's domain.

And as such, she's perfect to do his work.

I can't deny, however, one of the main thrusts of my latest at the webzine, is that I am terribly grieved about all the people -- millions of them, particularly young people -- who are hypnotically yanked into that domain. Beholding this nightmare I simply ask, as I often do:

Where are those being Jesus to them?

Sure the book of The Revelation tells us it will be like this, but that doesn't mean I can't feel about it any less.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Yes, It's Real - Their Hell is Very Real

I just uploaded my latest home page piece about how much we are fooled into believing what the World System Operatives tell us about how we should look at things. After putting it up at my webzine I've actually thought, hmm, am I saying anything new? Am I really adding anything to the conversation? Is anything I'm saying anything different from the general way everyone pretty much understands the gospel message?

Then I looked around again at the news.

And yep, it's true.

Millions and millions and millions not only haven't the faintest idea of what's in store for them when Jesus returns, but they have even less of an idea of how they're being played by powerful forces keeping them on their particular route to Hell.

There was this piece about the longest meeting ever between Pope Francis and a head of state, in this case Emmanuel Macron of France. Take a peek at what they're discussing. Essentially it is the game plan for forcing people to adopt the whole sodomism socialism racialism paradigm of World governance.

Then there is this piece about some substantial number of voters selecting this candidate as potential lord over their affairs. This young lady is brazenly unabashed about who she worships, the one who has convinced her that sodomism socialism racialism is the way the truth and the life. The harrowing truth about those things doesn't matter -- it is that so many officially registered their approval because they felt really good about this gal that she'll make them feel good.

It is a generalization, yes, but I must confess this makes me more and more concerned for the gullibility of the millennial generation to this ugliness. So, so many young people without the spiritual intelligence and integrity to keep themselves from being enslaved by this mentality. So, so many young adults just like this 28 year-old gal, not just having the scantest amount of wisdom but foolishly boasting as if they knew anything.

So yeah, what I shared in my latest home page piece is worth sharing.

Finally there is the terrific piece from The Federalist detailing the characteristics of a world overrun by that now virulently surging sodomism socialism racialism wave.

It is sobering, but only for those paying attention. Just like those investors from The Big Short, I feel exactly like they do...

No one is paying attention.

Oh there are a few. There are a few observant followers of Christ who join me in feeling great sorrow over this frightening turn of events and want to reach out to those around them about to be engulfed.

Remember, Christ has overcome the World. All I can do in my webzine and in this blog post is do the one single thing I've consecrated my life to do -- be a Kingdom-bringer. Tell people about the beautiful deliverance from a Savior Who's Loved With His Life.

Here's a page with some of how all the System dissemination is happening right now. In the notes section are brief definitions of those things, sodomism, socialism, and racialism. I invite you to peruse the webzine for more, and I pray you would allow yourself to be found by Christ and know what real love is.

Friday, June 01, 2018

The Kingdom and the World

Quite a number of years ago, something like 10 to 15 years ago, I started assembling a "flash" program knowing that I should put something graphically arranged to augment what I'm saying in my webzine. I first put it together on a PowerPoint but that was too awkward for web display, so I made one from a movie-making program. Even after that it got stuck loading and all that.

Much of the delay had less to do with the technology but more with my other commitments. I did put it on a DVD because we switched out hard drives at home, thinking I could just upload it that way. I asked a friend to help me with it but he dawdled and eventually lost it. Yikes.

Fortunately I had a back-up copy and after several years of just not having the time to upload it, I finally did -- with the help of another friend.

I just wanted to blog to upload it here. Hope your heart is touched by the overwhelming mercy and beauty of God.