Saturday, November 19, 2016

Codependent Nation

One of the main thrusts of my webzine work is to elucidate the contrast between the World and the Kingdom. There couldn't have been more stark a contrast than in reading my devotional this morning and what I saw in the Los Angeles Times, the newspaper I peruse to, as Mick Jagger sang in that classic Stones anthem, to "get my fair share of abuse."

I've started a long devotional series with Isaiah, and in the very first chapter, right there in verse four, God doesn't pull any punches. He specifically cites what is going on with people -- four definitive references in one verse, and you can't miss them. He says we are sinful (missing the mark), weighed down with iniquity (bent or twisted), the offspring of evildoers (harmful, injurious), and acting corruptly (causing to putrefy). These are specifically defined terms that accurately characterize the human being -- no matter who he or she is.

Later, from my devotional booklet, I read a verse that was coincidentally enough, from Isaiah, chapter  forty. Here is part of that.

"Do you not know? Have you not heard?... [God] brings princes to naught and reduces the rulers of this world to nothing... The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom."

Very sobering. Might want to get right on over to the Kingdom, with all that. Humbly, graciously, gently, peacefully... head right over to the Gate, with all deliberate speed, really. There's you, described quite nicely there in the first chapter, and there's God, right there as He is, where He is, what He is...

The Kingdom.

Then there's the World.

That's where the Los Angeles Times and its handlers choose to stay. The Times only does what its handlers tell them to do, much of it directly from the New York Times. But that Times only does what its handlers tell them to do. Who are they? They're the same ones who tell federal government people what to do, who tell the major power players in capital movement and industry what to do. Sure there is a culture war going on, but Donald Trump and the Republicans simply will not do the things their voters thought they were going to do.

The Los Angeles Times this morning was filled to the brim with the most crushing disinformation, some of it exemplified in this story splashed across the front page. The message is truly, "All Latino K-12 students should be distraught that Trump won, so it is the job of good wholesome teachers to tell them they've got their back."

The numbers there in that story: the 880 is for the number of Latino students attending a particular elementary school, it is a high proportion of all students there; the 94 is the number of languages spoken other than English in the district; the 74% is the percentage of Latino students in the district. The clear implication with the numbers is not to say, "Here are the numbers of Latinos who feel this way and the numbers who feel that way." It is instead to say "All Latinos are afraid of Donald Trump and if they aren't they should be."

It is a horrifically disrespectful attitude to have towards people. Here are people who say, rightly so, "Don't stereotype" and here they are doing it with the most putrid impunity. Ironically the sign across the top of the classroom pictured is "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." The attitude the System wants these impressionable children to have is nothing other than "These brash strident adults will take care of me. I must trust them."

That's the idea these children are firmly planting their souls, and it will ultimately destroy them.

It is merely a reflection of what could easily be called the Codependent Nation.

Codependency is simple. It is taking responsibility for someone else's rotten behavior. If someone does a crappy thing, you assume their responsibility for what they did because you feel you will earn their favor by doing so. It comes from tremendous dysfunction about the way people interact with one another in healthy ways.

It comes from not having a truthfully healthy relationship with a God Who Loves, and from which one may understand who God is, what He is about, and what interacting with one another from the Kingdom is about.

In the case of the System's profound racialism perpetuated by the Times, children must grow up believing that they can't think for themselves, work hard for themselves, build a family and community for themselves, especially since they are so systemically victimized. Furthermore, they must learn to use their own minority status to exploit others by making them feel bad for not giving them whatever they feel they need, even if that is evil and destructive. I can't think of many things as despicable as that mentality.

I do understand why those who live by the System behave that way -- they are living by the precepts of the one who was banished from God's presence millennia ago -- they simply haven't a clue about who this God is. Oh they have their own Jesus, someone they consider some religious guy who they can talk briefly about in church. Their own Jesus may be a guy hanging on a cross in church, or it may simply be one's own benighted self -- that's the one humanists promote all the time.

When very famous politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren echo that splattered dissatisfaction with how things went politically for them last Tuesday, you'll hear them say, "We will still fight for our values!!!" They might as well just be saying, "Our chief value is to protect you from the consequences of your rotten behavior, and we're the ones who will empower your exploitation of that the most." That's really their overriding objective in everything they do.

Michelle Malkin recently wrote a piece about how rotten the Affordable Care Act is, that piece of work unfortunately called "Obamacare", by exposing the idiocy of the two items people say they like the most, the provision for pre-existing conditions and extension of coverage to 26 year-olds. She called the latter the "slacker mandate", and while that may sound insensitive, it is truly what it is.

If you don't want to be concerned about a "pre-existing health condition," then make sure you buy health coverage for your child even before he or she is born. If you want to keep your child on your health coverage until he is 46 for that matter, then just pay for it.

It is simple. When it comes to your health care, don't be a slacker. Take care of your business. Be willing to pay for it. If you're poor there are plenty of people who'd help you out if you're respectful and appreciative. Go get a job, there are all kinds of helpful productive things the not-as-intelligent-or-skilled can do as long as they are willing to be responsible and hard-working and respectful.

This is just not rocket science.

Oh, but the codependency mandarins, they're screeching already like crazy, but really, it comes down to their fears that you'll abandon them and they'll be left to be marginalized and worthless.

Don't get me wrong. I too believe that no one can be responsible and hard-working and respectful on their own. They can't.

That only happens by the power of God. Don't you remember that stuff from Isaiah? It applies just as much today: All those people you want to trust to fix your life, whoever they are, Trump, Sanders, Warren, whoever -- they will come to nothing. Yes right now they do the work of Cain, quite vigilantly, and if the Jesuit order does its job exceptionally well, quite proficiently I might add.

Many who follow them will be made sons and daughters of hell, sadly. I can't look at the Los Angeles Times without weeping for how many they are sending to hell.

That's why the Kingdom is so important, and Kingdom people speaking boldly and articulately from there are so important. Are they? Are their voices able to drown the wicked folly that blasts from the Times? Sometimes I hear it, I do.

But I'd sure like to hear it more.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Edward Bernays Factor

The latest presidential election has come and gone, and there are no fewer than, oh, 18,000 different things that can be said about it. Much of it has been said, and more will be said.

Donald Trump shocked everyone by winning. This is a gentleman who for years as "The Donald" was ridiculed as a boorish immature rich guy who regularly flaunted his persona to everyone's dismay -- or amusement as the case may have been. When he made the latest serious run for president he went up against a number of politician wimps who simply would not challenge the idiotic neo-progressive movement that has ravaged the U.S.

His brash brutishness got him elected, really. Everyone has believed that he'll be the one to blow out all that stuff, but, sorry, don't hold your breath. Just after the election, barely a day or two later, he said he'll keep certain parts of the Affordable Care Act. His buddy Ben Carson -- beloved by evangelicals everywhere -- said he's already got plans to replace it with something else.

That's nice.

Not a word about the real solution: Abandon the whole thing and replace it with nothing.

When the real solution is mentioned, progressively infected people screech about how that'll push poor old people into the street. Um, no it won't. The fact that there is this abomination in any of its forms is the reason there are poor people liable to be sick in the streets to begin with.

There wouldn't be any if, yes, people lived by the principles of the Kingdom.

That is about identifying the fine innate abilities each individual has to do marvelous things. If they utilized those things they'd produce and earn plenty of income to take care of their own health care needs as well as those of their family and even others who may need the help from charitable contributions.

When Caesar gets in the mix with his promises to take care of others, people are actually less incentivized to do all the things they'd do to ensure people's health needs are addressed. Really, when people expect their health care needs to be met with "Obamacare" ("Barack Obama's going to take care of me!") somebody is still paying for it, and in this case it is at the point of a gun. This does not improve the incentive for people to help out.

People don't grasp any of this because they are not only economically illiterate but they are scripturally illiterate. They just don't know the Word of God because they've been told, by deep background System operatives through the centuries, that they don't really need God and they don't need to understand the way He made things.

More and more millennials are becoming more and more benighted in their "progressive" thinking -- this is especially frightening. When I see Trump already indicating he won't put in place things that actually work, it tells me the operatives have got him by the collar to keep society destabilized. He's already said the LGBTQ+ community is safe with him -- not a surprise really. But it is true the LGBTQ+ community is one of the most destructive forces on the planet, keeping legions of people in states of sexual immorality and sex-related illness.

Edward Bernays saw it a century ago. How people get more and more seduced into thinking the things they think -- really, the things the operatives want them to think. It is the way of the World, it is. Can't do anything about it. Sure you can hypnotically rage and rail and rant and riot -- many millennials have taken to the streets with the belief Trump will destroy them. Wow, how taken in are these young people. I weep for them, I truly do. I weep as much for my own children, having to occupy a world hapless millennials will be employed to wreck, and it is horrific.

Freedom only comes through Christ, who already has His foot on the heads of any World potentate. Check out the first letter to the Ephesians, very first chapter. There is a list of all the cool things the follower of Christ gets: forgiveness, redemption, salvation, adoption, wisdom, understanding, peace, joy -- the very best things. Know what another one of them is? I just told you.

It is Jesus having his foot on the head of potentates who do foolish things. Hillary Clinton would have done phenomenally foolish things, Barack Obama has already spent two terms doing them. Donald Trump will do his truly foolish things too, but as the hand of Caesar he's supposed to. Let them.

Then go over to the Kingdom.

See it there, with the narrow door?

It's narrow because you can only get through it by believing on Christ and what He did in dying so you could live. You can only get it by giving up yourself and all the rent-slavering you want to do with Caesar, take up the cross and love others with His love, from the Kingdom, mobilizing the abundant wealth there so all in community can thrive.

My latest home page piece gets a bit into this whole dynamic.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Edward Bernays Was On To Something

Wanted to introduce my latest home page piece by asking this question, just wondering. Will there ever be a time when enough people get that they are being played by those making them believe what they want them to believe? Oh I know I'm now a card-carrying member of the tin-foil hat wearing brigade, I know. Ho-hum. I've had worse.

But there ya go. People can't get how much they aren't getting it, by just calling others names, while those others are authentically asking questions, seeking truthful things, actually caring about people not being taken in. But so many people are taken in that those doing the work Edward Bernays exposed a century ago are making wallopping amounts of money taking them in.

The difference between your typical conspiracy theorist and the one who takes his or her cue from Scripture is that the latter understands that the conspiracy was designed to be that way for the ruler of the city, as God elucidated in the fourth chapter of the book of Genesis. The ones who trust God and the way He does things are more of what I call World System factualists.

We just want to know how things really are.

And there is so much in and around the System that is is indeed challenging to keep up with it all. It is so enticing to immerse oneself in its clutches.

Without residence in a Kingdom of peace, joy, assurance, charity, salvation, and eternal life with the Son of God, however, investigation of the System tactics only brings dejection, despair, and loneliness. And then there's the move on to the ferocious crusading for your chosen potential potentate. Clinton, Trump, some pointless libertarian, environmentally sensitive wonk,  or yes, some brilliant conspiracy exposer who screeches about having some new investigation of things. Doesn't matter.

Powerful people have terrifically huge chunks of anyone who is in the visible ivory tower seats, and they pay expert handlers to do the phenomenally hypnotic marketing to showcase them. In turn the average constituent has huge slabs of his or her soul on the altar.

Human sacrifice still happens.

Here's a bit of confirmation of these truths, from the pages of a well-known and reputably objective, impartial, unbiased (at least they've sort of been that for some time so I think you can trust them).

When more and more people buy into the marketing, more and more work the System for their slab of the rent. Rent-seeking is now a fully capitalized hegemonic industry -- "K Street"? It's a whole new world. People are really only doing one of two things.

They're attaching more chains to their limbs as properties of the World.

Or they are becoming sons and daughters of the King.