Monday, August 19, 2013


A popular New York publication put out a feature that's getting some attention these days called "Taken," the story of the way Caesar executes "asset forfeiture," or "civil forfeiture." This is pretty much the confiscation of anything Caesar can "legally" get his hands on to quasi-penalize quasi-criminals and rationalize funding law enforcement.

I don't know how anyone can read this expose and then turn around and say with a straight face that human sacrifice does not happen today on a regular basis. Yes, the human sacrifice -- nothing really different from yanking pulsating hearts out of flailing people at the top of the ziggurat-type tower.

If you've seen my web work you know that one of the prominent features of my Catholicist Nation premise is that human sacrifice is carried out in a variety of forms as a matter of habitual, necessary practice by those who don't live in, with, and by Christ. I'm always blown away when I see these kinds of things, like this piece, just one grand exhibition about human sacrifice displayed in  the brightest, boldest colors.

For those who are interested in strong discernment about these kinds of things, here're some thoughts.

The New Yorker is just as much part of Caesar's program as anything else. Here is the human sacrifice all over the place, and yet what really results? A lot of people feeling afraid, very afraid. Perfect. No wonder so many who'd really like to be sold out to Christ are deathly afraid of being ungrafted. Reading this just proves how much the extortion racket can get away with. Become 501c3-free? Act on your true tax liability? Divest yourself from the System?

Look out. It used to be your windows would be smashed in. Now you may have your car impounded.

Of course, there's the other sentiment widely felt from this kind of thing. Wow, the typical World inhabitant thinks, this is my opportunity to go tell Caesar what's what. I'm going to change this for the better, I tell you. I'm going out right now and joining some System subdivision to just do all I can damn well do to just make things better dammit.

Precisely what Caesar revels in. A whole slew of folk striking out against him and his nefarious behavior. Lots more of the Culture War, raging even more violently.

I'm not even saying those lying there on the altar are guiltless. They range from the hapless victims who allow themselves to be put under Caesar's thumb, to the flat-out wretches -- those drug traders and traffickers and whatnot -- the ones who draw Caesar's extraordinarily legitimate ire. They are all consumed by World System machinations and as such devoured by the most powerful extractors on the planet.

The only answer is Christ. Trusting in Christ. Abandoning the World and its standard extractive activity by abjuring this realm and richly dwelling in the Kingdom. Leaving all the 501c3's and W-4's and SS#'s and any and all of that and establishing worship communities that result in the bountiful expression of His love in the lives of anyone and everyone who walks among those who love with the most phenomenal measure.

Did the author of this comprehensive report on the worst of human sacrifice mention Him? Jesus Christ? Did she speak of this Kingdom people could walk into and find the most rapturous joy and peace far away from that World even with it festering right next door?


I didn't think so.


(A post-post note: The article does mention the name "Jesus" twice. But, as expected, not in the context of Him being The Answer. The first reference was about a controversial use of confiscation-generated funds for a Christian mission effort, the other from someone who merely said he's trusted in Jesus in spite of the issues he's had with civil forfeiture.)