Friday, March 25, 2011


If you pay even the slightest attention to current events, you may have caught sight of an unprecedented incident. It was announced on a Friday afternoon, a time notorious for rapt inattention when most are speeding out of the office to hook up the trailer and head to the river. Even if you did catch it you'll see that any significant meaning will be seriously muted by the divinely ordained power of the order. It always is for such occurrences.

The ho-hum story was the Jesuits' record payout of some $100+ million in a settlement over sexual abuse claims made in the Pacific Northwest.

You'd think something like this would thoroughly discredit the Roman Catholic Church, but sadly, most will rationalize it away with casuistry having to do with their respectability in at least paying those seduced into their convenient prostitution. There's always a good reason, and the Jesuits are best at coming up with good reasons. They run the World System and are experts at all forms of murder and deceit. Do you actually think this isn't small potatoes for them?

For the benefit of a world full of reprobate sinners, it is very good that the Jesuits are so good at what they do. They run the Agency of Cain's ecclesiastical division where they can best use the weapons of psychological terrorism to achieve their ends. For those who refuse to come to Christ and find their righteousness in Him, they are truly the next best thing.

This story is a fine pretext for addressing an interesting book that is getting some press called Endgame by John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper. It is a penetrating look into what the global debt crisis is really all about. I admit I haven't read it, but from the various punditry and scattered author's remarks, I get the idea that the conclusion is that we all just need to pay attention and shape up and get with fixing our borrowing addiction.


A while ago my cousin shared a George Carlin YouTube video on Facebook. I was curious and watched the three minute or so clip, and it was one of those times when Carlin really says what's what. In it he does his best schtick in speaking of the power the banks, brokerages, corporations and whoever else financially high and mighty have over everyone.

As those in the audience watched him with that goofy smile on their faces, you know the one, it says "We all think you're really funny even though you're telling us what benighted slaves we all are and, hey, we are laughing on the inside because we can sure relate to that!" Carlin concluded with this essential truth, rather ferociously delivered I might add:

"They own you."

Oh. That's nice. While it is indeed true, my cousin regrettably joins bazillions of others gushing "You tell it like it is, George!" and they all gird the intractable presumption that the only way to change things is to challenge the owners. Revile and rail and rant loudly in their faces, that's the solution.

What folly.

Everyone without Christ is like those sexual abuse victims in the Oregon Province. It is not just that they own you, they're paying you to stay slaves, and you keep gleefully lapping it up. You like the fine meats and wines of Egypt, and if you were so blessed to be liberated from that slavery and spend a couple days in the desert, you'll predictably whine to God. When He graciously drops manna from heaven to abundantly care for you, you scrounge for more even when it spoils in your hands.

The only end game to all the awfulness of the World, from priest sexual exploitation to harrowingly overwhelming debt burdens, is to abjure the realm all together.

Get out of it.

It is the only end game that counts at all in the very end of all the ends World pontificators say are the ends. The virulent debt crisis is only the most pronounced economically visible symptom of a planet full of wicked people doing human sacrifice to the joy of the Society. Don't want to be a part of it anymore?

Get your ass out of it.

Don't complain to anyone who's just going to keep you a slave. Don't remonstrate against the firmly legitimate duties of the Jesuits to form the minds of those who administer the head-cracking hegemony -- the legislators, bureaucrats, bankers, ministers, educators, and journalists -- all of whom are figuratively ramming their genitalia into your orifices and paying you nicely to do so. Yeah, if you don't want that anymore, it unequivocally requires -- as colorfully explicit as it is -- you getting your ass out of the way of their you-know-whats.

But it only counts if you hightail it to the One Who Liberates. He said Himself that you can proudly rid your soul of one demon, but if you don't replace it with His Spirit many more demons just as wretched will fill the vacuum. The World has millions of spirits festering and spewing out of the hearts of millions of slobbering value extractors, all of whom want you for dinner. A lot of them even look a lot like Jesus.

Heaven has the One Alternative. The One -- there is Only One.

Do you put your faith in Christ?

Then mean it and live for Him, letting Him love you, then loving others and telling them the truth about things and providing what you can for them with grace and kindness and compasion. Furthermore make your devotion to Him exclusive by working with others to prayerfully and studiously abandon all the commitments and obligations you have with the Agency, as well as all the benefits you get from them.

And as you gather with other followers of Christ, nurture an insightfully firm knowledge about the true meaning of the Roman Catholic Church. Don't do anything with it except to understand it. It can't stop sodomizing itself and any who enter its sphere of influence, which is very wide and insidiously diverse. It does what it is supposed to be doing and has been doing it for millennia.

As you abjure, trust Him -- really. You don't think the God of the Universe would bring you the most complete fulfillment in whatever He knows is best for you? You don't think He'd empower you to pool your resources (which are His anyway) so you could have all the nice things you have now, if not more? You don't trust a God who created the heavens and the earth to take care of you for everything you'd ever really need or want, in a rich vibrant community of others who love Him and love others? Really?

One reason you may not trust Him like that is because the Jesuits have taught you quite well not to. That's cool though. As long as you give consent and keep eating at their table you'll remain under their hypnotic power -- remember, quite legitimate by God's design for those who simply will not bend the knee and call on His name. Look at the fourth chapter of Genesis to see more of what I'm talking about.

But if you want the true, real, most rapturous freedom there is, the only way to get it is to


And don't look back.

All that matters is you taking The Shepherd's hand, and looking forward to the Kingdom He longs to enjoy with you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Everybody's Gotta Bleed"

This is kind of an addendum to my last blog post, "Everything is Window Rebuilding." I took issue with Caroline Baum's remark that earthquake's are bad for an economy, not because they aren't, but because everything that anyone does is about repairing something.

The Jewish mystics even had a term for it, tikkun, and it is a certain truth that the world around us is broken, battered, beaten, and in dire need of an expert handy man.

The problem with the concept of tikkun is simply that there are two types of handy men in the Yellow Pages. One is sitting in a modest throne room in some presently little known location processing all the information the World System gathers to better manage the sin of the inhabitants he is charged with constraining. This often requires extraordinary deceit and calculated murder, and it always involves grand acts of provocation for the most proficient implementation.

And it can never be anything other than human sacrifice.

This is why all the Caroline Baums and Frederic Bastiats given over to the World cannot fathom how broken windows happen, and what precisley is the best solution to the agony they cause. The first handy man can only smile at you and employ lots of bleeders to patch it up a bit.

What about the second Handy Man?

He's the One who shed His own blood so that the window may be completely replaced.

There's the difference. It is the most profound difference of anything there is a difference for. That sounds kind of odd, a bit melodramatic, yes, but it is true.

Here's a good look at the distinction.

In my newspaper today was an article about the budget impasse in the state's legislature. Some Republicans are being criticized for joining the enemy, the Democratic governor, and one of those lawmakers offered these words.

"Everybody's got to bleed a little bit."

I can't see how someone sworn to Cain's service can't mean precisely what he says in the duty of enforcing the World's precepts. Everyone without Christ will do or be a victim of human sacrifice. The burglar smashing through the window is as natural an occurance as a 9.0 temblor and massive tidal wave. It will always happen in a world by people who can't help but get bled or make others bleed.

I found a very interesting passage in the Bible that confirms this prescription. It really captivated me -- Psalm 124 was the one. It is simply an affirmation that God is the one who protects anyone. In this instance "...when men rose up against us [and] would have swallowed us alive."

So what is it that God is protecting one against?

There is no question.

It is human sacrifice.

Christ has already made it so those who are His, who have been put "on His side" (see the Psalm), do not have to bleed except by the self-sacrifice they readily make by His love -- crucified with Him, yes, but also with His power to overcome the evil one and thrive gloriously with Him.

The World System hacks off parts of everyone who looks to it for moral and spiritual guidance with the pretext that "Everyone's gotta bleed." Fear, bitterness, and privation follow.

The Kingdom and all that God possesses is guaranteed by the measure of Christ's blood for those who want to revel in it and draw others into it with His bountiful charity. Joy, contentment, and abundance reign there.

This whole blog and webzine endeavor is all about encouraging people to leave be those in the World System whereever they are, the legislators and pundits, the generals and pontificators -- leave them to bleed dry everyone whom they're ordained to, and do so by completely jettisoning all those significations that they are their lords -- the 501c3 non-profit incorporations, the W-4 tax liability commitments, the voter registration rolls, the usurious debt contracts, the Social Security identifications, the guilt-driven tithing obligations -- all of them.

Get into community with other truly devoted Christ followers, pray and fellowship and sing hymns and do this with great abandon, and then get serious and pool all your resources so you would generate great increase of the Kingdom in your very midst right now.

Really, look in your Bibles, go ahead, look there -- see where it says anywhere that worship communities and anyone in them must be contracted with Caesar in any way for those in that community to work hard, provide for loved ones, and grow in Christ.

It is simple, really. If you choose to stay in the World, you'll just be bled some more. That's all.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everything Is Window Rebuilding

I've been so consumed with and subsequently exhausted from work and home and family running-around-with that I just haven't been able to post much here recently. But sometimes I see something that just cries for me to say something about. Since I'm still pretty tired I can slip it in here quickly.

Today I caught Caroline Baum's blog-like piece about the "benefits" of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster. She initially makes a great point about how things like earthquakes are actually bad for economies in spite of Keynesian minded pontificators blapping about how helpful they are -- you know, providing jobs to get the rebuilding going and all that.

She quotes Bastiat, and it seems anyone who channels Bastiat is worshipped as a prophet with the most sublime wisdom of some sort. The oft-quoted truthism she references is the one about broken windows. If you remember, it is his refutation of those who say broken windows are good because they provide window makers with gainful employment. Bastiat posits that we just can't know what good would've come if we could've used the resources to go to other more productive items.

My question here is, what exactly are those other items? My refutation of the considerably flippant "Well we could've planted 57 bazillion trees with that money" is that

Everything is window rebuilding by its very nature.

If you're going to go off and plant 57 bazillion trees with the wonderfully available funds not used to repair serious glass damage because some dingleberry stickball batter couldn't hit the ball in fair territory, aren't you then still spending resources to do the metaphoric "window rebuilding"? Aren't you indeed working hard to alleviate the "barren landscape" problem? Or the "stale air" problem? Or the "unsightly skyline" problem?

Or how about "We could've educated 219 gazillion kids with that money"? Aren't you then trying to take out the ignorance problem? How about just not having ignorant kids to begin with?

"Harumphh," some people might say. "You're making light of the earthquake and such awful events that really hurt people." No, on the contrary, I don't like there to be earthquakes either, especially if they are going to hurt people.

Thing is, God made a world that requires earthquakes to move stuff around for whatever reasons He needs. Yes people may die, but then what? Have you repented and made your peace with Him by the blood of His Son? Then you have nothing to worry about because by His love He has you in His grip no matter what happens.

And if you complain that some -- well, quite a lot -- of the bad things are done by evil people, then what are you going to do about that? Do you have it in you, or, perhaps Him living in you to go change that? To love someone else with His love so they'd be less likely to do evil things?

Furthermore, what do you do if you're bopping about when all around you there is suffering from earthquakes? Or people breathing nasty air? Or people doing  foolish things because they didn't listen in class?

The fact is window rebuilding is all that people do when they live and work and breathe throughout each day they walk the earth. If fires happen firefighters put them out. If people get hungry bakers make bread to eat. If cars get smashed up a car body guy is there to patch them up. Even if you're sitting on the couch snoozing you're repairing cells that will soon be getting your body to do something that really is, essentially,

Rebuilding something in a fallen, broken world.

I guess the real question from that is, what are you doing that for? And who are you doing that for? Ahh, there's a question for you. Do you know who that is?

Or Who that is? (with the cap there, if you didn't quite see it there...)

I've written a whole home page piece on who people follow, it is here if you're interested. Some stuff about what it means when terrible things happen to people, even if those things kill them, is in the gospel of Luke, there in chapter thirteen. (I also used the term "truthism" very deliberately, because all the World's plap is all about "truthiness," and even Stephen Colbert's version of truth -- derived from the World as it -- is just as much about truthiness as much as he uses it to skewer the World foolishness.)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Again, The Real Question Is, Who Do You Follow?

My most recent home page piece has been uploaded, and while I really try to work at introducing it here at my blog with at least some kind of flourish, tonight I think I'm just going to have to pass. I am so exhausted from my job and running the standard family errands that I'm tucking in very early tonight.

This is not to say that I don't want to jump at sharing the dozen or so different things I keep seeing out there in this delightfully smothering World, items that I'd love to highlight and remark about simply to show quite categorically that, as the entirety of my latest declares,

Everyone does quite wholeheartedly follow the words and ideas and evocations of someone else somewhere.

My simplest of simple questions to you is,

Do you know who that individual is for you?