Thursday, December 22, 2011

The "Margin Call" Phenomena

We watched the film Margin Call last night, much because as you know if you read my blog and webzine, I am very interested in studying the massive proliferation of modern-day human sacrifice. It is fascinating how much the World System facilitates it through rigorous law enforcement (U.S. federal government and its satellites), rigid civil religious expectations (Roman Catholic ecclesia and its 501c3 subdivisions), and rabid value assessment programs (banks and finance service firms coordinated through a central bank).

Margin Call was a riveting expose of the latter. [Editors note: there will be spoilers in the following post.]

It presented a dramatization of a condition I've been sharing for years, one that is surely dismissed as folly but was pouring off the screen in the film.

The story revolves around the discovery that a financial services firm, much like a Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, is holding a wad of "investment vehicles" that are essentially worthless. All along they've been touting these to clients as worthy to have, but now the firm's management is faced with the reality that they will soon be found out by all, eventuating the firm's demise.

Through much of the film the characters are faced with a choice. Work through selling these "toxic assets" by lying through their teeth for immense financial reward, or be principled and refuse to submit to the rank deception, yet then be thrown on the street.

Most chose to "stay with the firm" as one top manager put it when given a face-to-face ultimatum from the CEO. "I am with the firm" he sneered through grinding teeth.

In the end of it all, it came down to that condition in life that so few comprehend, but there it was in bright, brilliant colors on the screen.

People are worthless.

Oh sure we put together all kinds of rationalizations about why we're worthful. But then that's just it, isn't it? Precisely the point of the movie. A bunch of people working through the truth that they are worthless, and all they've been doing all along is sustaining a gargantuous lie and getting paid ungodly amounts of their extractees' cash to do so. They go crazy recognizing how worthless they really are in that, and frantically search for the ways to still keep getting paid ungodly amounts of their extractees' cash.

At the end of the film the "I'm with the firm" manager (played by Kevin Spacey) goes to announce his resignation to the CEO, then endures a blithering speech about how little money really means -- putridly ironic in itself. He then stands up and sighs, "I'll stay. But not because of your speech. It's because I need the money."

I could share a lot of telling moments from the film, such as the very plain scene that simply featured a pan across the office building floor with all the computer screens showing those market charts being displayed to no one. Also worth a mention is the very last scene of the film when the Kevin Spacey character is burying his dog late at night. Incessantly shovelling up dirt from a nicely manicured lawn. Images and metaphors for the tremendously dismal value disassessment that reigns in the World System.

But I do want to share a thing that struck me, something that demonstrates the filmmakers' abject failure themselves to even understand the meaning of what they've shown.

I watched a bit of the "Making of..." segment offered in the DVD, and some remarks were provided by Zachary Quinto, an actor who played one of the characters and himself a producer of the film. (You may know Quinto better as the actor who played Mr. Spock in the most recent Star Trek film remake.)

The very first thing Quinto said was, "There is no judging in this film, no one is being judged," something to that effect. He then blapped all the typical Hollywood stuff about choices and character and dilemma and feeling and all that blap.

But, really...

No judging at all?

No one is liable to be judged, let alone the characters themselves within the film?

Are you kidding me?

That's one of the compelling features of the film.

That they all were judging one another, the entire time! The splendid tension resulted in them not being able to express their very justified judgment of one another because it would've compromised their capacity to keep gulping their ocean-sized swig of the gravy train!

It is easy to see why Quinto would say something like this. That the consideration that life is all just "losers weepers" all along, that it is ugly but it is what it is, that no one can really judge anyone else.

Yes, indeed, everyone behaves rationally, which is why no one should be judged, if all there is is rationality.

But the film reveals that there is another thing in the mix that not even the filmmakers know about.

There is also righteousness.

And yes, not everything is righteous.

And yes, only those who know the One Who Judges Things Perfectly can truly know what that righteousness means.

Yes, what those people did in the film was spectacularly unrighteous, but the only true way out is to go to the Kingdom where Christ gives all good things to His followers. Indeed He is the third choice for all those characters in the film, but they haven't a clue because they've all been so thoroughly Catholicized, told that the World System is all there is with its stark "Take it or leave it" options.

The third option is to accept you're worthless, die to yourself, give up all the pretense -- the Spacey character was this close to doing so but he hadn't any clue that Christ would be there to meet him...

All he had was a grave he kept digging.

Oh my, what a body of death.

I really like horror films. I really do. Margin Call was about as good as any.

For more, check out this page in my webzine that describes more about the human sacrifice of today. I also wrote this about the "flash crash," getting into more about the meaning of what's going on in those finanical services firms.

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Very Nearly Perfectly Accurate Primer on the Financial Meltdown, the Advanced Version

Yesterday I directed your attention to Matt Miller's piece in the Washington Post in which he tries to explain what's going on in the world as he would if he were speaking to his young daughter. Today I noted a piece by Jeffrey Snider that is really the same thing but with all the turgid economics included.

This is what you want to read if you want all the gory details of the way human sacrifice works these days. In fact, I like Jeffrey Snider's work because in virtually everything I read from him he is merely explaining the full apparatus for standard value extraction practices engendered by the World System.

As I read it, all I could think about was the Black-Scholes model that everyone raved about once upon a time, that novel formula that could guarantee returns on an investment no matter what happened. Snider's piece demonstrates that the Black-Scholes seduction is still alive and well.

As it should be.

World inhabitants need it all to survive. Doesn't matter if you're the highest living billionaire or the lowest slogging gutter dweller, you are always looking for the next human sacrifice hit. Does it involve lying? Of course. Does it involve great big smiles on the well-dressed liars? Certainly. Does it involve lots of exploiting the numbers and manipulating the law to keep the best of it humming along? How else could it work. Does it involve millions of people bumbling about clueless about any of it, much less the One Way out, yet still handing over gobs of their own cash to these people so the latest Black-Scholes technique will get them their cut? Nothing but.

And we all do that because we feverishly clutch our World System contracts. Should someone bring up the idea that, hey, how about instead we all gather in Christ's love and provide the tremendous wealth of the gifts He gave us on our own without Caesar's direct help which we wouldn't need anyway-- should someone actually suggest that, he'd get completely marginalized, pushed into inconsequence.

Yet still, Christ wants faithfulness from His followers. The World doesn't like it? That's kind of the way it is supposed to be.

A Christ follower can't not like it. Sure they may not have the fruits of the World's value extraction. Even if the Christ follower has none of it, he is rejoicing.

He has Him.

And the Kingdom that comes with it.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Very Nearly Perfectly Accurate Primer on the Financial Meltdown

Another fine piece appeared in the Washington Post from Matt Miller, who likes telling us the way things really are. This one was called "Europe Made Easy," and it does indeed read like a primer. I found it quite interesting that the great and powerful men-behind-the-green-curtain felt the need to put this out there for general consumption. It seems too many just haven't a clue about what all the fussing is about. Greece and banks and bond auctions and the Euro and why on earth there are a bunch of young folk occupying things.

Miller sets us straight with it all, fine work, yes, fine work indeed. Except for one not-so-minor point. Most of the all standard exposition about these things from all the uber-pundits such as Miller does get it right, pretty much, but just the same most get derailed right at the end. That's where the World keeps the full story from you and as such predictably holds you in some agitated state of consternation, rage, or even rebellion.

His wholly exploitive conclusion is this, well, I'll just let it speak for itself. It is rather simple, so simple that spiritual simpletons just shrug it off and then get right back to seething. It is:

"The moral of the story? When you’re an adult, never trust politicians and bankers who say they know what they’re doing, because they’re only looking out for themselves."

Sounds plain and truthful enough. And it is! It is very truthful.

The point is that it doesn't get to the full truth.

And what it is missing is precisely what keeps people in their present-day hells. What is it that is missing?

You and me.

It isn't just the politicians and bankers who say they know what they're doing but only looking out for themselves It is you and me. We do that too.

We too engage in the rank value extraction practices that these guys are so very good at. When an Occupy-x-streeter waves his fist at a banker, he's just saying he wants as much of the human sacrifice loot as he's getting. When a proud Constitutionalist shakes his finger at a politician telling him he's got to do things his way, he's telling him he wants as much of the tribute collection booty as he's hacking off of everyone else.

No one trusts anyone else because in their heart of hearts everyone knows the other guy is an other-sacrificer just like they are.

Not only is the only way out of this body of death a full unabashed 180 degree turn to Jesus Christ, but it is a complete abandonment of all the contracts one has with the World System that make all that Miller elucidates happen. It isn't economic illiteracy that dumbfounds people, it is a deep benighted spiritual illiteracy that keeps them from seeing what Miller describes has happened a thousand times before in history, and it will happen a thousand times again unless Jesus returns first.

Those contracts? W-4 tax liabilities--from companies and by individuals alike. Incorporation establishments. Voter registration commitments. Social Security identifications. Mortgage and debt obligations. Yes, yes, if you are truly Christ's get rid of all of them.

Love with His love.

Oh, you can't do that? You need all this stuff? You require the force of law to constrain your behavior? And that behavior is what now?...

Because so many look at what I just said as the most sickeningly vulgar swearing in the strangest foreign language means that there is no way the World will not ultimately complete its systematic implosion. You see, it's already been imploding all along. It's just the expert marketers succeed quite often in getting us to believe it's all really okay after all. Right now it's just a time when some people are getting a bit frightened of the death seeping through.

You can't get out of it by trying ever-so-much harder to whack off more of the other guy's value before he gets you. That's still death, but sadly, it is all that entrenched World inhabitants know. And so they'll keep paying their politicians and bankers handsomely just the same.

No, the only way you can escape is if you are not in it at all when the final implosion occurs.

And you can be, if you're over there in the Kingdom.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Why Did They Do Nothing?"

Right after the Los Angeles Times regaled us with the latest news of the day, at the top of the second page were these words, those in the title of this post. They were the words Sandy Banks used to title her piece, her remarks about the Penn State sex abuse scandal. In it are the typical laments along with all the "They had to know because..." stuff.

Well, Sandy, I can answer your question. In fact, I can even share why you even ask the question, and it doesn't have anything to do with your moral excellence or superior assessment skills. You ask the question because you are a shill for the World operatives whose job it is to get people riled up about things which they provoke, foster, and encourage as a matter of practice.

For you see, Sandy, if asked the question "Why does no one do anything about sodomy? Or adultery? Or promiscuity?" I'd venture to say that a progressive culturally hip individual such as yourself would say something like, "Well, people can just choose to do what they want. We are a sexually liberated society. Don't be intolerant."

As comical as this kind of response would be in light of her alarm at the Penn State affair, I actually feel a bit of anger at this brazen expression of iniquity, but I mostly feel sorrow. Tremendously visceral sorrow.

Last Saturday I went to the memorial services for a wonderful student of mine who I taught and coached eight years ago. He was an airline flight attendant, and he was murdered in his hotel room while on layover in Mexico City. News reports have claimed that he allowed a male prostitute to come into his room that evening. My former student was found the next morning naked, bound, and strangled with a belt around his neck. His things were strewn about the room.

I later discovered that he had been in a homosexual relationship with a gentleman, and it was said the prostitute resembled his boyfriend.

At the services there was grief all around. Completely understandable. But do any of these people have a clue about the extent to which their sexual sin or the wholehearted endorsement of its practice led to the death of my former student?

Do Sandy Banks and anyone who simply refuse to call on the name of the Lord have the faintest idea why no one did anything to keep my former student from succumbing to the world that contributed to his death? Why no one did anything to help protect the victims of the Penn State predators? Do they really? Are they just the most hypocritical fools on the planet, or is this more of the insidious apparatus of the World System and its operatives to get people to keep thinking that they are the only purveyors of good even in and around their sneering revulsion of them?

"Rahr-grr-arrrgh WE HATE YOU ___ [fill in the blank with priest, president, banker, top college football program head coach] but we know you manage our sinfulness so we have the most perverse affinity for you after all."

Are there just so many who refuse to see the putrid wretchedness of this state of existence? It is indeed the very reason to have an agency of Cain, the leaders and followers of which haven't the faintest idea of Who is the way out of this body of death.

This is all death. No matter how much ultrarighteous-sounding folk like Sandy Banks hold up their megaphone plapping out their faux indignation, it'll never ever stop. It's all death, the foulest ugliest death covered with sweet vanilla World frosting.

The only way to have The Kingdom -- and freedom from all this -- is to turn around, acknowledge that not only will no one do anything but they won't because the problem is the charred, smoking wicked hearts in each of us, the perpetrator and perpetrated alike. The only out is to take the hand of the One who genuinely and eagerly invites us into His Kingdom.

Even when we confess it's really really really hard to not be sinful anymore, He knows that, He died to take care of that business, and all we have to do is let Him do His work.

Stay with the World?

Then they will do nothing.

And it'll happen all over again, and other Sandy Banks types will ask the same question over and over and over and over and over again.

My latest home page piece has a bit more about The Answer.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

It's Just Not That Hard to See The Lie

Matt Miller had a piece in the Washington Post last week that basically said, in so many colorful words so it gets into the Post to begin with, that the world is imploding under the weight of its gargantuan lie. I wanted to include his remarks in my own latest home page piece, but the point can be weighed down a bit too much I think.

The Answer is already there. Just not hard to see. Unless of course your sight has been seared by the World and you are simply too blind to see it. Or your sensibilities have been yanked by the Operatives that it sounds like the ugliest blithering.

What is happening with Europe and America and any part of the world that is not already shredded by the poverty brought about by the immense value extraction practices of the most powerful exploiters is that the value claims for stuff-all-around have been being so overstated for so long that it is starting crack under the weight of the virulent deceit exercised for the required human sacrifice that it is.

It is as simple as this. Derivatives claims right now are at about one quadrillion dollars. The estimated actual value of all the stuff on the planet is $250 trillion. That's a $750 trillion overassessment. The math is really not that hard. (If you want the more complicated version and the detailed reasons why, that is here.)

Asking Christ to make your own value assessments true, that is harder.

That's because he'll ask you to sacrifice yourself, put your life in His hands, and then go love people like you mean it.


Unless the massive implosion of the World's financial system and resulting eruption of sin management oppression is less painful.

Suit yourself.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another 1,000 Words on The Real Slavery

In my last post I opined about a blogging pundit's remark that a good blogger must write a thousand words a day to be effective. I did agree one must blog often enough, but also made mention of extraordinarily meaningful time constraints. There are indeed other things more important.

I've since thought that I must add another important facet to the blog-posting-somewhat-more-infrequently-than-every-day position. That is simply that one must take time to actually discover things about which to blog. Certainly sometimes those things require an entire day of plain discovery sans any writing at any time.

I thought today I'd add some examples of the things I've been looking at over the past few days.

One is an event that happened just yesterday: Rome itself has been overrun by the "Occupy Whichever Powers-That-Be Street There Is" fever. This particular revolt has resulted in some violence, I'm told, so the rebellion is stirring quite nicely it seems.

Tired of all the pressing anxiety, the finance officers of the G20 nations scolded the eurozone and insisted they get cracking to calm things down. They haven't really meant business about doing anything of substance for millennia, why would it be any different over the course of the next week? It's all really just part of the docudrama in the sin management extravaganza.

The rebellious revelers are no better. I heard a soundbite on the radio from one "Occupier" who said, "We're doing this for your children."

No you're not.

You're just as much a fool as those you are railing against. They lie and you buy their lie even in your strident objections that you don't. You lie because you think you are good and wholesome without Christ. How dare you claim you aren't as power hungry as those you excoriate. You are being played and are playing everyone else because you get to have a microphone shoved in your face.

Earlier in the week I read a piece from Hernando de Soto, the acclaimed economist who made one of the most salient points in recent economic thought in his book The Mystery of Capital. He declared (as he did again in the piece) that capital is dead without binding legal transcription of the value of that capital.

But read the piece carefully because you'll see that even that doesn't matter in the end. He writes with such despair, crying out for the forces of the law to do their work in spite of the harrowing nature of the World inhabitant's predicament. The truth is that

Without Christ, you are dead.

No matter how much capital you have, and how much it is recorded with gold plated inscriptions in vaults of marble, in the end it is all just dust in the wind. It is amazing enough that he actually made mention of the fact that claims to the world's wealth exceed the actual value of that wealth by ten-to-one (that's one whopping lie by a heck of a lot of people). But even that fact is moot when one realizes that without Life, any wealth is ultimately meaningless.

Finally I must make mention of a piece I read by Walter Williams. Like de Soto, I like reading Walter Williams. He really nails things with simplicity and style. He wrote a piece a week or two ago about how terribly loose Europe has been with its entitlement generosity. He chides the U.S. for being so profligate.

The thing that struck me was his last sentence:

"We must find a compassionate way to wean people off government."


Here's the thing! I know that Way! He is Compassion Himself! Yes, definitely! Get off Caesar's teat and walk into the open, gracious, splendid embrace of Christ!

Sadly, I don't think many people know what that means. They think Jesus is the hifalutin dude they see a bunch of religious people talk about in churches on Sunday, and that's pretty much it. But one reason that's the case is that coming off the intense addiction to Americanism is as awfully difficult as it is coming off meth.

I happen to love NASCAR racing, but it breaks my heart to watch someone lead a prayer for thousands in attendance and millions watching at home -- with the name of Jesus in the prayer, wow! -- and then in the very next moment they all betray that devotion by singing a worship song to an idol. "Oh say can you see..." You lift your eyes up to... what?

As good Americanists it is what they should be doing, I understand. The wholesome Americanist version of Cain's agency is supposed to rally the faithful. But that also means they are engaged in the standard value extractions practices that Americanist doctrine engenders. Williams' plea at the end of his piece sounds more like lamenting a hopelessly doomed effort than any realistic expectation that he will actually find that way.

That is because it is so simple: If it isn't Christ, he will never find it. It isn't there. All there is is the fake one, the one Caesar runs at the behest of Cain's legacy of brutal law enforcement.

Funny, just went to Apple's movie trailers site and caught the newest preview of The Avengers. Those are the idiosyncratic and delightfully popular Marvel superhero guys, you know them all, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, and of course, ta-da! Captain America. Don't get me wrong, I really like all those movies.

But they resonate with us because deep inside we have the need to see justice done (Hey, the DC Comics version is "The Justice League"). What so very few can grasp is that there is One who will see it done all right, but He won't spare anyone who's been unjust,

Including us.

Both Cain's minions through history and his slaves wherever they occupy are on the docket for that trial. And the judgment has already been made.

Do you know of That One who is The Compassion? The One who died to be your mercy in the face of that justice? The One who literally rose up out of the grave to rule over the heavens and the earth and who will give all of the bounty and glory and wonder of the Kingdom to those who want to enjoy it with Him?

I like watching the whole pop culture fascination with superheros, and wrote about it a while back when Watchmen was made into a feature film. That's here. And here's why many of the very best looking Christian churches are just subdivisions of Cain's vast governing operation.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

1,000 Words on The Real Slavery

I saw a note from some web expert guy who says to be an effective blogger, you must write 1,000 words a day. A day. Now I'm all for writing prodigiously -- I simply won't stop sharing the things I think are most important for the Kingdom. But I have a family, a job, and a home. Attention to those three things takes up 98% of my time. Yes I have a ministry, but much of that is wrapped up in those three things. I try to squeeze what I can into The Catholicist Nation and Wonderful Matters from the other 2%.

I am wholly devoted, though, to this ministry. But to write 1,000 words a day? I'd have to sacrifice far too much of those other things. Can I be a successful blogger otherwise? The only reason I'd consider myself to be relates to another critical aspect of web success, and that is that there must be content.

That's what I try to achieve, and I just think slapping 1,000 words on the splendor of today's dog-walking experience is just not worth it.

For example, I can't refuse to blog on what happened on Sunday, something that very few people are addressing from an Ungrafted Church perspective. Oh there is the World System perspective, and there is the Catholicized Church perspective, and there is the Average Joe perspective...

And then there is the core truth about things.

I'd like to share with you the core truth about this event and its ramifications all around. You're more than welcome to critique it, I'm great with that. If it isn't the truth let me know. But if it is, you'll either foolishly reject it or wisely embrace it. And if you do the latter, it only means something if you then decide to do the one thing that really matters in it all.

The event was "Pulpit Freedom Sunday," the day pastors felt the need to boldly shout about all the political evils that ravage the country. They even went so far as to say who people should and shouldn't vote for in elections for civil office.

The move was really a protest against what they see as excessively constrictive regulations against their right to speak freely. Rules for 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt organizations include provisions against partisan activity that strictly prohibit pastors from openly endorsing any given candidate in the service of their duties. These particular pastors consider that this is an undue violation of their First Amendment rights.

I guess my question is, how can you reject the rules so stridently when you agreed to the terms of the contract you signed? Furthermore, how can you reasonably expect your demands to be respected when you are getting paid so generously for the expressed purpose of following them?

It has been made clear in no uncertain terms that the pastors are hoping to goad the IRS into some rabid prosecution of their disobedience in order to draw attention to the onerous condition they must endure, but do you know what's been happening?


On Sunday the bleats and roars and wails screeched from pulpits across the country about the devastating effects of abortion and same-sex marriage and illegal immigration and a host of other social ills, and about that rascal Obama and his cohorts and how evil they all are. It was deafening!

The problem is that, it was just that. It didn't matter, because deaf ears can't hear it, and coming from spiritually impotent speakers it is just mumbo-jumbo.

Right now the IRS is completely ignoring it all, effectively marginalizing the World-church-flailing-about-trying to-be-Christian. These pastors are yelling, "Listen to us everyone!" and everyone is yawning, helped along by the entrenched World System powers. And what is funny is that

The pastors are very aggravated.

"What? No wall-to-wall media attention? No televised coverage of dozens of valiant pastors being dragged to jail? No prime-time network newscasts of our noble plight?"


"It's frustrating," said a senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, the point group for the event. "The law is on the books but they don't enforce it, leaving the churches in limbo." (quote from the New York Times)

There it is. What World operatives have done is very strategically left the church hanging out to dry. By heeding the World's call to enter into rebellion against the temporal authorities, these pastors have made themselves wholly impotent to have any lasting impact in the spiritual lives of those desparate for Christ. By continuing to seek benefits of a legal obligation without fulfilling the contract's requirements and defying Caesar in a pathetically unbiblical way, they are breaking God's law and thoroughly eviscerating their witness for the One they foolishly believe they are honoring.

Yes, they are breaking His law. They are hypocritically saying one thing and doing another. This is an awful offense to God. They've signed on with Cain's agency for the purpose of law enforcement (by firmly girding 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt status), expected the law to protect them (in complete rejection of God's generous call for His own to live by Truth and Grace), and then demanded that Cain provide for them even in their own vocal objection to Cain's sworn officers (open challenge to those officers and their ordained duties).

And they are having their just desserts, being shown for who they really are. Even worse than that, no one knows about it, and no one cares.

Should the System care, and should the IRS actually take care of business, they will do it quietly, subtly. IRS officials have given lip service to the offense, but only to sound like they know what's going on. They've said some churches are being "audited." Ooo, scary. But as long as no one really gives a rip (which most don't) why make a big deal out of it?

Should there be any media attention, it will only come with everyone seeing the rank hypocrisy of the church leaders. The very clever strategy: just wait until enough can see the brazen behavior of these people, and if there is any publicized prosecution, it will be wholly justified in the public's eyes.

And what if there is that remote chance that there is actually any widespread sympathy for the pastors? Then there is ripe opportunity to rationalize more fomented rebellion against Caesar, which feeds the voracious appetites of World System powers. They will find someone to step up and use this to further strengthen the System's grip on the populace, to the Catholicized church-goer's glee.

These fools cannot win. And it is made to be that way.

Actually, that may be the best thing for Christ. Maybe more people will see these people for who they are. Even better maybe people will see Christ for who He really is -- leaving the World and its puny little 501c3 churches for what they are. Hey, I agree that abortion and same-sex marriage and all those things are horrific, I'm with them on that.

But people will not be free from them as long as they interminably continue to try to get Caesar to fix them. Much much less when they alienate the people to whom they should be ministering.

The True Church of Christ is free from Caesar's clutches. Free from having to say anything to his officers. Free from the oppressive law enforcement he administors, which includes any 501c3 entanglements. Free from expecting to get anything from Caesar that God hasn't already ordained should be the follower of Christ's anyway by way of His divine protection.

The 501c3 pastor and those who enable them are slaves to the World System, and as a result they rage and rail and have very high blood pressure all the time, making everyone around them very uncomfortable.

The follower of Christ is a slave to righteousness, His righteousness, rapturously serving Him and others in His Kingdom, and as a result they know and experience and revel in His bountiful joy and peace.

There are my 1,000 words for today. Probably a few more than that.

But hey, gotta make sure I make up for all the other days I don't blog.

Friday, September 02, 2011

The Tangled Factor

The other night my daughter insisted I watch one of her favorite movies with her, Tangled. It is the Disney telling of Rapunzel, and it was a fun film.

I was kind of taken by the lanterns thing, and thought of it as similar to what followers of Christ do in their hearts waiting for Him to return. Hey, I rarely find any truly Biblical connections from Disney stuff, and sure, this is a stretch. I'm not saying anything except how it made me feel, that's all.

Another thing that got me was how much Rapunzel was convinced by her fake mom that she needed to stay in her large room at the top of the remote tower because the world out there was too dangerous, what, with all the evil people out there. All of us viewers are certainly expected to think of how rotten that woman is for convincing her of such a falsehood, but then...

That's exactly the way we all behave.

Wherever I go, drive, walk, bike, I always take a look at the sides of houses for the satellite dishes. The times I see drivers with their cell phones on their ears (no matter how illegal it may be in their state). I mean, out walking one night I watched a driver pull into his or her driveway, open the garage remotely, pull in, then close it.

We all live in our London Towers, radars protuding looking for people who won't hurt us.

Oh yes the wicked fake Rapunzel mom was somewhat right -- there are indeed a lot of repugnant people out there. But because of information technology it is getting easier and easier for us all to seek out and coalesce into our own little cliques of comfortable people.

I wrote my latest home page piece about the power of the group, and the power of the World to keep people in their groups for the expressed purpose of shielding them from their sinfulness and relieving them of their need for a Savior.

In fact just today I learned the U.S. government is suing banks for lying about their novel investment vehicles (which is mostly their worthless "toxic asset" mortgage-backed securities stuff). I think it is striking how brazen the feds are, considering how much they enabled the banks to do that. I can tell they are tenderly pursuing this lest they unwittingly expose the insidiously incestuous relationship they have with the most powerful financial institutions.

The banks, the feds. The 501c3 churches, the Company. They're all into arranging groups.

But whatever group you're in, you're still in one of two positions. You're either being fattened for consumption by World value extractors, or you've already given it up and died with Christ. With the former you'll be eaten, with the latter you'll love and experience love.

Wait, that idea was really more from my previous home page piece, but hey, can't emphasize it enough...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jesus Said People Were Worthless

Last week a federal appeals court ruled that much of the money lost to Bernard Madoff's humongous Ponzi scheme is lost forever and ever and ever. The funny thing is their reasoning.

It was never there to begin with.

Seems lots of investors are straggling about clamoring to get their money back, and they are finding stark ugly reality whacking them up-side the head. The value assessments they thought were veritable were not exactly that. In other words, somebody somewhere sounding really on-the-ball about these things told them their value was one thing, and, well, it wasn't.

Even funnier -- or sobering if you'd rather -- is that Jesus said something even more stunning.

You're worthless.

Hey, don't take my word for it. Look in the gospel of Luke, 19th chapter, 22nd verse. Jesus spoke of someone who was supposed to take the value of their God-given gift to do something valuable for someone, and they didn't. What did Jesus say to this person? Did He say, "No big, just live and be happy"? Did He say, "You're a winner inside and just unlock that wonderfulness"? Did He say, "I love you anyway"?

Ahem, He said

You're worthless.

And what is more amazing is that He added it was proven by the very words the worthless person spoke.

We don't usually think of Jesus calling people worthless. But the truth is we are. We're all just tiny bits of stardust held together by the laws of physics God put in place. God can make us a vapor with barely a breath. It is comical to think so many of us are so deluded to think we are even close to anything.

The amazing thing is that even so... He still loves us enough to die for us, so that we will be -- to use a phrase -- worthful. It is by Him that we have anything, anything to be who He made us to be and enjoy the beauty of His creation humbly, graciously, appreciatively.

The real problem comes in when we think we're worthful without Him, and we go around like Madoff investors thinking there are clothes on the Emperor when, well...

The further problem comes when all the megaphone blastings of the World seep into our consciences and convince us that we're something because of ___ (fill in the blank: job, house, reputation, income, smarts, education, possessions, status, standing, privilege -- lots more I'm sure you can think of).

I've recently had a very tumultous summer in which I've been in settings where the worthlessness is amplified, and the contrast is striking. Some people out there waaay more exposed worthlessness-wise, while most walk through life thinking they're something and they are very successful trying to get away with it for a while. But the fact is

We're all worthless. Each and every one of us.

The World will tell you you're worthful through all the splendid World things there are. The Kingdom tells you something very different:

You're only worthful by His blood.

I've found that the more one lets the Kingdom words of redemption and restoration and righteousness from Him in spite of our rank worthlessness, the more one finds that which is truly valuable and how much He wants us to enjoy that.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another One Hits the Wall Hard

I saw that controversial musical artist Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment. One thing that struck me about it was that she died at 27, the same age as my oldest son. I really didn't pay attention to much of what she did except that she was extradordinarily popular and she did some crazy stuff in some of her concerts.

This happened as I was polishing my latest webzine feature, yet another letter to a college student. I'd already written a few letters and published them, but I just haven't been pleased so far. I'm still not fully satisfied with the latest, even though I think this one hits closest to where young adults are. But I'm feeling much like most young adults do, which relates to why so many young adults are wrecklessly careening about with their lives, which is wrapped up in one profoundly insightful declaration I heard from one:

"I want to keep talking until I know what I want to say."

The reason I spend so much time blogging and webzining -- not a whole lot unlike most people -- is that my state of existence is a bit more like this:

"I already know what I want to say, I just want to keep talking until I know how to say it."

What is it I want to say? What exactly is that?

That Jesus Christ is the Only Answer. It is not any of the World's pathetic concoctions shoved in people's faces and gleefully schlurped up.

That highly-paid dutifully-sworn skillfully-trained operatives work the System to keep people in their deceit and wickedness, and it always looks so inviting. Often it looks just like the most smiley compelling Jesus character.

That it isn't just people like Amy Winehouse who are captivated by it all -- her anti-Christs ultimately cost her her life. Millions and millions of young people are seduced into remaining mired in their own wretchedness, and they scratch and claw at trying to find what they know is truthful or joyous or gracious or merciful or meaningful or truly really actually fulfilling.

That all they come across is more of the slop the Jesuits spill into their feeding troughs, just with different flavors each month.

What college students and the Amy Whitehouse's of the world need are those who belong to Christ.

No, they are not the typical "Christians" because too many of them are just sanctimonious Catholicized smartasses. Young people use their shit-detectors most proficiently to see this and spend their lives making a cross with their fingers at arms length in front of their faces to fend them off.

What they need are Jesuses with skin.

Yes, I confess I'm not a Jesus with skin to them now. Not in cyberspace. I can share a word or two here, but even the most eloquent 57th attempt at a "Letter to a College Student" from waaay over here at my desk doesn't really help much.

What anyone needs is someone who knows the life-saving power and strength, joy and wonder, beauty and glory of Christ, and who can share that with them in a bountifully self-sacrificial way.

That's it. What hurts is that anything I say will never connect with the World-maintained contraption that so many have installed in their souls. The young adult dismisses anything said after two or three words, and it isn't even as though I'm speaking Greek. It is more I'm swearing in Greek, so it isn't even that it isn't understandable, but that it is filled with the most offensively foul expletives.

And it isn't just me. I'm not that foolishly arrogant. I don't give a rip if it is or isn't me saying it.

Just any Jesus with skin

Who loves with His love.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Codependent Charity

Today's Los Angeles Times featured an opinion piece from a Jesuit professor and community organizer who made the case that one of the best ways to douse the raging federal budget conflagration is to tax charities.

As it is non-profits may register with the federal government to acquire a measure of legitimacy, and in return they are afforded tax-exempt status. The author of the piece makes his case, and closes by simply stating that everyone needs to make sacrifices, and he is willing to be the first to step up and lay on the altar.

In the brief author bio at the end of the piece is a statement that rarely shows up: "The views expressed here are his own." I have a feeling these words were added in this instance because of the volatile nature of his argument.

"Tax a non-profit?! That's just wrong."

And I further surmise that one reason it is considered so wrong is that the religious institutional infrastructure of this country would be the most violently averse to such an idea.

What so many don't get is that the Jesuit infrastructure is always shaping and molding people's thinking as we rage and seethe about such supposed folly. They are always working with the Iagoan boast in mind: "It doesn't matter what happens, either way I will win."

If the writer can be successful in disseminating his idea -- and he certainly has help as a major metro paper is publishing it, closing disclaimer not withstanding -- then he is putting the wedge in the door for more federal control over charitable activity. In this case finding a gold mine (non-profits) to pay for it, and let's be honest, most of federal government activity (Social Security, Medicare, Fannie and Freddie housing subsidies, etc etc) is quasi-charitable activity. Dutiful Americanists have succumbed to much worse.

If the writer is sufficiently reviled, then he has succeeded in fomenting enough outrage to scuttle the idea and move the boastfully resolute non-profit stakeholders -- the millions of them across the landscape -- to proudly slither back in to their 501c3 tax-exempt incorporated conditions doing the bidding of...

The federal government.

There is one thing the law is good for. Really. If you are someone who actually reads Jesus' words and pays some heed to them, look at the first letter of Paul to Timothy. Look there in verse nine, that the law is made for lawbreakers and rebels, for the ungodly and sinful, for the unholy and religious, and for a few other not-so-nice kinds of people.

Signed on as a wholesome tax-exempt non-profit of some stripe? That is perfectly reasonable. The World is a cesspool of codependent interactions, everyone fearfully paying big bucks to keep other lawbreakers and rebels out of their way. The law is the cruelest taskmaster and perfectly suited for such an environment.

But do you say you belong to Christ?

Then there are only two options. One is the belief on one of the many, many Catholicist concoctions of Jesus -- a good number of them designed for an individual's particular codependent needs to be met. Those with some substantial say in a non-profit in any form even if it is the most wholesome 501c3 Christian-oriented church are firmly entrenched in the World System that governs the affairs of liars, thieves, and murderers.

Or you could actually be listening to Him, doing the things He said to do, and be living and worshipping in an assembly with others worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth. You could be regularly committed to building the highest skyscraper, composing the most beautiful sonata, or sweeping the floor of the back break room at the factory.

You are following a very cleverly disguised Cain, or you are following Christ.

And if you're following Christ, then the Jesuit professor's words cannot affect you. They mean nothing to the one who truly does live, and love, by the words and power of Christ. A completely free assembly doesn't require taxation one way or the other. It instead uses the entirety of its congregants' wealth to do something only Kingdom people know about...

Love others.

Doing the real charity, not the codependent kind the World slogs about trying to do.

My latest home page piece gets a bit into the monolithic nature of the World System. It is brutally monolithic, no matter how many boffo storefronts it has. The Kingdom leads to One, Logos, Salvation is His very name, and from Him you may have everything. You may also visit my page on church non-profits.

Friday, July 01, 2011


A week ago on this day, two notable individuals departed. No, they didn't "depart" as in the metaphor for dying. They just departed their place of note and went somewhere else. Both have some extraordinarily profound similarities.

The first departure was that of Whitey Bulger, the notorious organized crime figure and FBI's most wanted, found holed up in an apartment in Santa Monica after 18 years on the lam. On this day, he was put on a plane and taken to Boston for prosecution. The funny thing is that apparently he was the individual upon which the 2006 Oscar-winning film The Departed was based.

The other departure was that of Sheila Bair, the head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. She was stepping down, and on this day she gave her departure speech prominently containing some choice "what's-what" words for the banks. During her tenure she oversaw the -- well, I guess you'd call it "reorganization" of hundreds of banks throughout the country.

What do the two have in common?

To get to Bulger, the FBI sent out some quite visible public service announcements about the gal they figured was his girlfriend, a woman by the name of Catherine Greig. Some who saw her or knew her tipped the feds off, and they simply followed her to Bulger.

Presto. You've got your man.

For a couple years now millions of World inhabitants, pusillanimously enabled by the grand punditry class, have screeched about how the financial crisis started, has gone, has kept up -- all of that. Raging raging and more raging, all of them snarling with some exasperated desire to know what happened. I see that Ron Paul and his crew are still squealing about getting rid of the Fed by getting at what it does with their typical threat of an audit. I can see Ben Bernanke there still peeing his pants over this.

They will never get at why it's all the way it is, because they simply won't follow the clues where they go.

Just like the feds trailed Greig, you could discover a lot from trailing Bair's words at her departure. She essentially ripped the banks a brand-spankin' new asshole for having too little capital. The Bank of International Settlements lately has been really moving to get those banks to increase that capital, get that Basel III agreement going (I always wonder what on earth happened to I and II, but then...)

Well, the banks are squawking back. "A whole 10% capital requirement? Are you nuts?" Oh my, yes, how could we be so insensitive. That a bank would know the full value of what they're lending money for, let alone 10% of it -- scandalous.

When you look a bit further, track the chain of command a bit, see all the power brokers in the mix, and then observe their customer's dependence on the job of making their value assignment fantasies look as real as possible, you can see how nervous the banks would be. It is the same nervousness the president and legislature have, indeed the news media and Romanist churches have. They all actually would pee their pants should anyone who keeps paying them gobs of their income as tribute actually see the worthlessness of their lives, turn away from them as sworn agents of Cain, and drop at the feet of Christ who would actually make them whole.

Follow the money (or lack thereof) and you'll see the World System humming nicely on all cylinders.

You just have to look at it.

And when you're tired of looking at it, turn around and see Christ waiting there for you to find True Freedom. The Kingdom is a million facets of beauty, wonder, and glory that Christ wants to share with you.

The World is one monstrous monolith with a million storefronts that look really nifty. They all get you to the same place: the altar of human sacrifice for whichever slobbering bunch of power brokers have managed to get at the front of the line for you.

To where are you departing tonight?


I've written much more about this dynamic at my webzine with this month's home page piece. Would love for you to find The One Who Loves there, or anywhere He extends His hand. That's cool.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

There is Quite a Lot to Choose From in the Catholicist Nation Buffet

Today I caught a terrific hour-long interview with a prosecutor regarding the merits of a new book by Vincent Bugliosi that proports to blow the lid off of Christianity. He claims he brings up ideas that had never before been introduced, from the perspective of a prosecutor looking for the concrete evidence to see if a thing is true or not.

The interview was broadcast on a pretty solid apologetics show, Stand to Reason, and filling in for the regular host Greg Koukl was J. Warner Wallace who himself is a police investigator, and the prosecutor he interviewed was Al Serrato. If you remember, Bugliosi is the famous prosecutor who put Charles Manson away, but he also wrote books on O.J. Simpson and recently on the assassination of John Kennedy (he supports the lone-gunman story, by the way). Bugliosi's book about which J. Warner and Al conversed is called Divinity of Doubt.

According to Bugliosi, it is the settled case that no one can know. The prosecution has got to have iron-clad evidence to say a thing is a certain way, and the Bible and all the rest of Christian stuff just haven't got it. So, the only meaningful position anyone can rationally hold is one of firm agnosticism.

Besides all the relatively easy philosophical weapons that can be launched against Bugliosi's conclusion, he really doesn't introduce anything new. This was detailed quite well in the interview, which again was truly informative as two very seasoned truth-uncoverers (investigator and prosecutor) went at it. They essentially reduced Bugliosi to a little pile of logically and rationally pulverized dust.

But the one key thing I wanted to add here is a critical factor in all of this. It is something that I really don't think Wallace and Serrato have any kind of true grasp of, and I think that's because they are still so inculcated with World System conceptions. That idea simply lies in the answer to this question:

Why is it exactly that Bugliosi feels the way that he does?

One of the interesting things the two brought up was that nothing Bugliosi says has not been addressed before, even covering the hundreds of years people have wrestled with the issues of Christian philosophy. They'd said his whole approach just smacks of someone who is very late to the game yet still boasts that he really knows what he's talking about.

Which again, leads to the question.

Why does he say all these things? From where do his ideas come? And why does he just have no clue?

The answer lies in the Catholicist Nation premise, merely that highly paid, deftly trained, extraordinarly skilled, and phenomenally powerful operatives work from deep within the World System informing society of what they are to think, feel, believe, and accept as truth. When Bugliosi lights into "Christianity," he is really just taking on what the World wants him to believe about Christianity.

The things that Wallace and Serrato cited that Bugliosi said or wrote reflect a comically inept understanding of the Bible and Christian matters. But all Wallace and Serrato could do is refute them -- very proficiently, yes. But they don't get that Bugliosi is taught to think those things, very deliberately, very purposefully, very expertly.

He absorbs those things just as readily as anyone who isn't informed by Truth and Grace would absorb those things. And Bugliosi does the work of those operatives by getting his work published, presented, talked about all over the place in promotional work, reviews, interviews, appearances, mentions anywhere and everywhere about it...

So when people hear Bugliosi and have their agnosticism confirmed, they are getting the words from the people who shared those words with Bugliosi, or even those who shared those words with those who shared those words with him.

For more on where Bugliosi and most agnostics get their world view, check out my webzine. There you will see the striking contrast between the World and the Kingdom. If you're only absorbing what the World tells you, they may look very much the same.

Who you follow makes all the difference as to which one you live within.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Following Cain By The Millions

Found this photograph in the home page of a major news outlet. It is an image similar to others that profoundly illuminate the state of the Catholicist Nation, which appears to be very healthy.

It seems a bazillion people in Spain have violated the rule about being up past midnight the day before an election. I imagine Spain wants things to be decided at the ballot box and not in the streets. It does seem that people are bit disappointed with the ways of proper enfranchisement, beings they're pounding the pavement so enthusiastically.

Upset with high unemployment and certainly other abuses of all sorts, they've taken to let their exploiters have the what's-what. Stop exploiting us so much. Many in the throng even taped their mouths to "make the statement" that their marginalization is unacceptable. I guess they want their exploiters to notice them a bit more so they can...

So they can do what?

A few days ago the Roman Catholic Church came clean about their pandemic clergy sex abuse problem. They got right at the heart of the problem.


It is society that is to blame. The sexual revolution originating with the whole Woodstock generation and all that stuff has captivated the hearts and minds of priests to get them to do bad things.

Don't get me wrong, I chuckle a bit at this also. But the truth about all of this is something that is rarely mentioned. Many will deride such gutlessness. Others will consent with some measure of resignation. Most all of them will yell a lot at people who say such things and keep yelling at them to simply get those guys to keep their pants on the presence of children. Everything shoved into the World's megaphone will reflect similar sentiments.

But that's understandable, because all those remarking about it are also victims of society's plap.

The truth is that society's plap -- whether motivating the lascivious behavior of the priests (and pretty much the lascivious behavior of everyone else of the World) or informing the words about it -- is all generated by the Agency of Cain, most notably its ecclesiastical branch, the Roman Catholic Church.

Yes, indeed.

When the Roman Catholic Church says "Society made me do it," they are indeed saying "The Roman Catholic Church made me do it."

Quite a noteworthy facet to this truth is that the organization charged with the task of molding and shaping society's hearts and minds is officially titled The Society of Jesus. So yes, if the experts say "Society is the reason," they are indeed sharing an extraordinarily profound truth.

For any dismissive detractor, I offer this simple challenge, based on the simple fact that society isn't some nebulous haze of neuron-twisting electrons somewhere-- it is people.

The real question is, which people? What people out there that make up SOCIETY are the ones who have the most power, the most authority, the most legitimacy, the most wherewithal, and the most expert training and industrious proficiency to get people to do things that would keep them in the hegemonic institution of oppressive sin management?

How on earth is it the case that those ten thousand people demonstrating in Spain could be so moved to brashly approach exploiters who'll continue to exploit them? It doesn't matter how much they get to them, they'll still be compelled to slog through the World System no matter how much more smiley they can make their exploiters or how many other more smiley exploiters they enable.

The Answer is even simpler.

Go to the One who moves His followers to simply turn to one another and say, "Hey, I have a God-given gift and you have one too. Let's get together and love one another with the breadth of our talents. I'm giving up myself and all my selfish desires to hack off something from you so I can have it. I'm done with that.

"And how about we leave these exploiters to exploit those who like being exploited. Really, do we need them? God's already sent them out to crack heads of those who refuse to call on Him, what do we have to do with that if we belong to Christ? He's given us something far, far better."

At that point people would go do their business simply because they love one another. Everyone in community would be free to revel in the beauty, glory, and wonder of God's Kingdom. Their words can never be muted because they speak of those things with bountiful joy and effusive praise to the One who gives His own everything anyway. People will either listen and also come to Him, or they'll murder those who speak and live in such ways.

Huh? Murder them?

Jesus said it would happen. But if it does...

Then what?

He said nothing could separate us from His love. Not a single thing, not even death.

I look forward to being among the ten thousand -- nah, the ten million (or more!) who'll be gathering simply to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

No matter what happens.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Following Someone, Who It Is Says a Lot

Today in the news I happened to catch a couple of stories that highlight the pathetic nature of following someone other than Christ. Hundreds of millions do, you know. No matter how pathetically pathetic, they still do.

There is the lead story everywhere about this French guy, the head of the International Monetary Fund no less -- oh, I hadn't heard of him before this -- Dominque Strauss-Kahn, who was caught with his pants down. Everyone was so startled that the euro dropped a bit. I thought, hmm, this guy must be a pretty major leader-guy -- you know, lots of people following him and his moral guidance -- for the entire currency to take a hit, however mild it will ultimately be.

I also wondered, why all the shouting about his sexual exploits? People in power do this kind of thing all the time. Was he just that stupid to let himself get snagged in such a foolish way? Sorry, but this is just too stupid. Please don't misunderstand me. Any sexual assault is demonically reprehensible. But the simple plain real world fact is that powerful people do sexual assault all the time, and they get away with it all the time. How come this guy is different? I haven't looked deeply into it, but anyone who knows how the World operates can't presume this incident was about anything other than taking down someone who was in the way somehow.

Then there was this nifty little bit. Lady Gaga was the first to get ten million Twitter followers. It is perfectly understandable that a grandiose performance artist like her would get such attention. Say what you want about her "art," she is popular for it. Understandable.

But ten million people are following the vapid exhibitionism of an insipid celebrity, and I can't count on one hand the number of people I see really truly incisively sharing and expressing and elucidating the contrast between the World and the Kingdom.

Oh yeah, some come close. And yeah, maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I have looked around a bit, but I see no clues that lead me somewhere deeper or farther along to get to who is actually speaking of the Kingdom in ways that are moving people to get out of the Catholicist Nation and into Christ's embrace.

In my last post I mentioned that I'd like to write and write and write, and perhaps someone will also see the things I'm seeing and be a part of the expression. But I thought after I'd written that, hey, I'm great with just finding and reading someone else share it just as expressively.

And I wonder now, in light of the very profound truth that you are who you follow, what the lives of those ten million Lady Gaga followers are like. Do they have the deepest, inner contentment? Yes I know everyone has problems and everyone has issues and everyone feels pain. But ten million people think they'll have life from Lady Gaga? In any form?

At least her performances are honest, we all know they're a put-on. How many know the Strauss-Kahn episode is one as well?

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Galleon Verdict Revelation

I wish I could blog nonstop here. I wish many more people would read what I would be writing here if I could write more. I wish I wasn't so tired all the time from all my regular commitments, simply because there is so much I see out there that confirm the brutal realities that exist in a very oppressive World in such striking contrast to a vibrantly liberating Kingdom.

I'd keep writing and writing and writing until perhaps at least someone would also see those confirmations. To be honest I wouldn't even be writing now but for the fact that one of the more elucidating of those really quite common revelations was made this week in a standard piece of financial punditry. I just have to remark about it, if only for a brief blog post.

Check out Frank Partnoy's "The real insider tip from the Galleon verdict." He addresses the very common concern of all who are paying attention that insider trading just isn't really anything defined, much less something that can be efficaciously prosecuted. He simply writes that the conviction of hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam only gives value extractors the precise instructions they need to carry out the most proficient human sacrifice. To wit:

Don't let yourself be recorded. Be cryptic. Don't buy lots at once. Buy derivatives and swaps. And have lots of excuses for why you did a thing netting you a few extra millions-of-dollars when it really looks like you exploited information to whack off a nice juicy chunk of someone else's value.

The key is to make a note of who the guy is writing this all down for you.

A professor of law at the University of San Diego.

A Jesuit institution of higher learning.

Yes, there is something of great significance there, something quite plain and obvious to those who have asked God to drop the scales from their eyes so they can see truth and grace in its profound glory.

Indeed, if they genuinely knew the One who is Truth and Grace, they'd know. With an inner peace and steady contentment they'd know what is really going on. The best thing going on is that -- in the midst of this kind of harrowing revelation, in the whirlwind of so many others allowing this abjectly incessant body of death to ravage them, in the sorrow of the pain they endure no matter how much authentic followers of Christ seek to share His abundant mercy with them no matter how much they are virulently reviled for it -- they are firmly in His deep abiding care.

Without Him, you're on the altar of human sacrifice.

Now that so many know how best to do it, don't count on getting off any time soon.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Essence of Value Disassessment

Just putting in a blog post to announce my latest home page piece. It is on a subject that I truly believe hits at the core of life's meaning and one's eternal destiny. You'd think that little is said about value and what it really is, but there is actually an amazing amount of information out there. It is just most of it is vomited up by a World System that can only do value disassessment in its duty to sustain rich, vibrant human sacrifice.

Recently the widely celebrated and declared supergenius of economics, Joseph Stiglitz, joined with a number of other economists to officialy propose that Special Drawing Rights issued by the International Monetary Fund would suffice as a means of keeping the World's value assignments stable, you know, beings there've been a few financial crises recently.

Just so you know if you don't already, SDR's are merely specially authorized value assignments as a way to measure assets and thus facilitate financial transactions. They are used by whole nations depending on their need, and they are not really much different than a standard currency. The special feature is that instead of trying to peg value to an internationally accepted reserve currency, like the U.S. dollar, SDR's are pegged to a basket of four different currencies.

Otherwise, the IMF is really doing nothing other than that which any central bank does.

Pretend like they can actually do value assessment.

The problem is that they never can, never will be able to, simply because you cannot assign value to an individual if that value is simply not there. And if those individuals say it is when it isn't, then they are lying. And when World institutions try to pronounce that those individuals have value to keep them in the fold then they are also lying.

That's the World.

A lie.

Don't get me wrong, it is all a very useful lie, put into place by God Himself so that the behavior of sinful individuals may be gallantly constrained. Check out the fourth chapter of Genesis to see this all set in motion. Make sure to note that God has nothing to do with the lie, He only necessarily sends the liar out and away from His presence to build an entire nation around which to commence his duties. Central banks, even ultra-mega-super-duper ones like the IMF, are simply doing their job of lying magnificently, as they should for those who buy its service.

The reality of this institutional deceit rests in the simple question: How're you going to get the true value of things from four liars trying to make value assignments instead of just one of them? Seems to me the IMF is setting itself up to be four times more confused. Or to provide four times the strength of the lie. Or both, really.

I could have added this development to my home page piece, but when I thought about it, I really don't need it. As I elaborate in the piece, it doesn't matter what method of value assignment you use, if it isn't based on the blood of Christ, it is ultimately worthless.

Sure you can be a rich guy and have a yacht and a mansion and an island in the Pacific and even a Bombadier Global 5000 private jet to get you there.

But if you're dead, what difference does it make.

Again, the piece is at my webzine The Catholicist Nation at Would certainly like to know what you think. Give me your take. Put a comment here in the comments section or send me an email. Would love to hear from you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Liberation from Bondage

Last night I attended a Passover seder demonstration, and while I'd been to one before, I was still blown away at how everything God does points to Jesus Christ. Anyone who even slightly contemplates the meaning of Passover can't miss it: God loves us so much that He sent His Son to be the very sacrificial lamb for our sins, simply so He could have deep, abiding fellowship with us forever. It is just as the Elijah whom Jews seek every year once said, as he gazed into the eyes of the One Savior, "Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world."

It is only through Christ that one may have freedom. He's the One. That's it. He's it. Any other kind of freedom is not a freedom at all, but merely a way to keep people slightly happy while still enslaved to their sin and the head-cracking hegemony that only goes so far to rein it in.

He is the "liberation from bondage" as the seder presenter said is the theme of the Passover commemoration.

The most prominent way World operatives go ballistic spewing out all kinds of pseudo-freedoms is through two key institutions: higher education facilities and mainstream media outlets. The people who work there hold the megaphones to seduce a World population whose psyches are filled with the virulent precepts of humanism drilled into them by those given the immense power and authority to do so: the Society of Jesus. Before you think these people have anything to do with the real Jesus of Scripture, know that this is part of the grand ruse. A fake Jesus marketed by fake disciples from a fake church hawking a woefully fake freedom.

An example of this occurred one night when I happened to catch a bit of "The Newshour" on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumter marking the beginning of the most seminal point in U.S. history, the American Civil War. Three guests appeared, all celebrated college professors, all touted as experts on all things Civil War.

They were introduced after the results of a survey were shown, indicating that most people in this country believe that the war was much more about federalism than it was about slavery. The three experts all dismissed the findings with disgust, gushing that the real cause was slavery and effectively implying that anyone who thought otherwise were idiots.

Oh how boldly and fiercely must you lie when you hold the World's megaphone. This PBS forum extended no alternate view. No professors were given the opportunity to graciously and articulately offer a perfectly reasonable contrary view. The reason is simple.

These people have to convince you that slavery does not exist anymore. It is their very reason to live. These professors have been taught, indoctrinated, brainwashed with the idea that whites must persistently wallow in the most consuming guilt for the rank oppression of the antebellum black population, and that all measures must be taken to keep that flame alive. It is their zealous crusade to stridently shout "That group of people were oppressed, we've been the ones to free them, and we enlightened ones are the ones to continue to fight the cause of liberating any who are in any kind of bondage today!"

The problems with this benighted thinking are manifold. For one, not only is the world is racked with all sorts of modern-day forms of slavery -- you know them: human trafficking, overwhelming debt burdens, frightening tribute obligations -- but those things are put in place by the very same people who claim to work ever-so valiantly to end it. It is actually a very profitable racket. These professors are part of keeping the slavery thriving, then they can hop on their high horses and get paid extraordinarily well for the pretense of rescuing people from it.

The most insidious problem is that the "It was all about federalism" people and the "It was all about slavery" people are both right, but they haven't a clue about how they are. As devotees of Cain's legacy, they too are out of the presence of the Lord and just can't get how it all works. Like those professors, they're puppets moving their lips to blap whatever it is they are supposed to blap to make themselves look like they really know.

The truth is that the Civil War was a finely choreographed, deliberately managed affair to expressly consolidate more power in the hands of Caesar, a perfectly legitimate duty of Cain's agents. More power to the federal government would eventually mean more intimate administration of the means to disseminate humanist doctrine throughout the populace. Ostensibly ending a scourge like institutionalized racist enslavement would direct the people's attention away from the plethora of other equally abominable compulsions that are just as rife today as they ever were.

But this is all the way it is supposed to be.

A nation of sinners requires the most ferocious head-cracking by a force with seven times more power than anyone challenging it. In fact, take a peek at the 13th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the one that supposedly ends slavery once and for all. Take a look at it, go ahead. It essentially says, "No more slavery, except..." Not very conclusive as an item that truly fully takes out slavery.

Which leads to the only real liberation from any bondage...

The Subject of the Passover.

His blood is the only thing that frees.

From sin. From Caesar. From the psychological terrorism used against everyone who rejects Y'shua's merciful love and denies His saving power.

Look at what Elijah says and pay attention.

Your freedom depends on it.

Friday, March 25, 2011


If you pay even the slightest attention to current events, you may have caught sight of an unprecedented incident. It was announced on a Friday afternoon, a time notorious for rapt inattention when most are speeding out of the office to hook up the trailer and head to the river. Even if you did catch it you'll see that any significant meaning will be seriously muted by the divinely ordained power of the order. It always is for such occurrences.

The ho-hum story was the Jesuits' record payout of some $100+ million in a settlement over sexual abuse claims made in the Pacific Northwest.

You'd think something like this would thoroughly discredit the Roman Catholic Church, but sadly, most will rationalize it away with casuistry having to do with their respectability in at least paying those seduced into their convenient prostitution. There's always a good reason, and the Jesuits are best at coming up with good reasons. They run the World System and are experts at all forms of murder and deceit. Do you actually think this isn't small potatoes for them?

For the benefit of a world full of reprobate sinners, it is very good that the Jesuits are so good at what they do. They run the Agency of Cain's ecclesiastical division where they can best use the weapons of psychological terrorism to achieve their ends. For those who refuse to come to Christ and find their righteousness in Him, they are truly the next best thing.

This story is a fine pretext for addressing an interesting book that is getting some press called Endgame by John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper. It is a penetrating look into what the global debt crisis is really all about. I admit I haven't read it, but from the various punditry and scattered author's remarks, I get the idea that the conclusion is that we all just need to pay attention and shape up and get with fixing our borrowing addiction.


A while ago my cousin shared a George Carlin YouTube video on Facebook. I was curious and watched the three minute or so clip, and it was one of those times when Carlin really says what's what. In it he does his best schtick in speaking of the power the banks, brokerages, corporations and whoever else financially high and mighty have over everyone.

As those in the audience watched him with that goofy smile on their faces, you know the one, it says "We all think you're really funny even though you're telling us what benighted slaves we all are and, hey, we are laughing on the inside because we can sure relate to that!" Carlin concluded with this essential truth, rather ferociously delivered I might add:

"They own you."

Oh. That's nice. While it is indeed true, my cousin regrettably joins bazillions of others gushing "You tell it like it is, George!" and they all gird the intractable presumption that the only way to change things is to challenge the owners. Revile and rail and rant loudly in their faces, that's the solution.

What folly.

Everyone without Christ is like those sexual abuse victims in the Oregon Province. It is not just that they own you, they're paying you to stay slaves, and you keep gleefully lapping it up. You like the fine meats and wines of Egypt, and if you were so blessed to be liberated from that slavery and spend a couple days in the desert, you'll predictably whine to God. When He graciously drops manna from heaven to abundantly care for you, you scrounge for more even when it spoils in your hands.

The only end game to all the awfulness of the World, from priest sexual exploitation to harrowingly overwhelming debt burdens, is to abjure the realm all together.

Get out of it.

It is the only end game that counts at all in the very end of all the ends World pontificators say are the ends. The virulent debt crisis is only the most pronounced economically visible symptom of a planet full of wicked people doing human sacrifice to the joy of the Society. Don't want to be a part of it anymore?

Get your ass out of it.

Don't complain to anyone who's just going to keep you a slave. Don't remonstrate against the firmly legitimate duties of the Jesuits to form the minds of those who administer the head-cracking hegemony -- the legislators, bureaucrats, bankers, ministers, educators, and journalists -- all of whom are figuratively ramming their genitalia into your orifices and paying you nicely to do so. Yeah, if you don't want that anymore, it unequivocally requires -- as colorfully explicit as it is -- you getting your ass out of the way of their you-know-whats.

But it only counts if you hightail it to the One Who Liberates. He said Himself that you can proudly rid your soul of one demon, but if you don't replace it with His Spirit many more demons just as wretched will fill the vacuum. The World has millions of spirits festering and spewing out of the hearts of millions of slobbering value extractors, all of whom want you for dinner. A lot of them even look a lot like Jesus.

Heaven has the One Alternative. The One -- there is Only One.

Do you put your faith in Christ?

Then mean it and live for Him, letting Him love you, then loving others and telling them the truth about things and providing what you can for them with grace and kindness and compasion. Furthermore make your devotion to Him exclusive by working with others to prayerfully and studiously abandon all the commitments and obligations you have with the Agency, as well as all the benefits you get from them.

And as you gather with other followers of Christ, nurture an insightfully firm knowledge about the true meaning of the Roman Catholic Church. Don't do anything with it except to understand it. It can't stop sodomizing itself and any who enter its sphere of influence, which is very wide and insidiously diverse. It does what it is supposed to be doing and has been doing it for millennia.

As you abjure, trust Him -- really. You don't think the God of the Universe would bring you the most complete fulfillment in whatever He knows is best for you? You don't think He'd empower you to pool your resources (which are His anyway) so you could have all the nice things you have now, if not more? You don't trust a God who created the heavens and the earth to take care of you for everything you'd ever really need or want, in a rich vibrant community of others who love Him and love others? Really?

One reason you may not trust Him like that is because the Jesuits have taught you quite well not to. That's cool though. As long as you give consent and keep eating at their table you'll remain under their hypnotic power -- remember, quite legitimate by God's design for those who simply will not bend the knee and call on His name. Look at the fourth chapter of Genesis to see more of what I'm talking about.

But if you want the true, real, most rapturous freedom there is, the only way to get it is to


And don't look back.

All that matters is you taking The Shepherd's hand, and looking forward to the Kingdom He longs to enjoy with you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Everybody's Gotta Bleed"

This is kind of an addendum to my last blog post, "Everything is Window Rebuilding." I took issue with Caroline Baum's remark that earthquake's are bad for an economy, not because they aren't, but because everything that anyone does is about repairing something.

The Jewish mystics even had a term for it, tikkun, and it is a certain truth that the world around us is broken, battered, beaten, and in dire need of an expert handy man.

The problem with the concept of tikkun is simply that there are two types of handy men in the Yellow Pages. One is sitting in a modest throne room in some presently little known location processing all the information the World System gathers to better manage the sin of the inhabitants he is charged with constraining. This often requires extraordinary deceit and calculated murder, and it always involves grand acts of provocation for the most proficient implementation.

And it can never be anything other than human sacrifice.

This is why all the Caroline Baums and Frederic Bastiats given over to the World cannot fathom how broken windows happen, and what precisley is the best solution to the agony they cause. The first handy man can only smile at you and employ lots of bleeders to patch it up a bit.

What about the second Handy Man?

He's the One who shed His own blood so that the window may be completely replaced.

There's the difference. It is the most profound difference of anything there is a difference for. That sounds kind of odd, a bit melodramatic, yes, but it is true.

Here's a good look at the distinction.

In my newspaper today was an article about the budget impasse in the state's legislature. Some Republicans are being criticized for joining the enemy, the Democratic governor, and one of those lawmakers offered these words.

"Everybody's got to bleed a little bit."

I can't see how someone sworn to Cain's service can't mean precisely what he says in the duty of enforcing the World's precepts. Everyone without Christ will do or be a victim of human sacrifice. The burglar smashing through the window is as natural an occurance as a 9.0 temblor and massive tidal wave. It will always happen in a world by people who can't help but get bled or make others bleed.

I found a very interesting passage in the Bible that confirms this prescription. It really captivated me -- Psalm 124 was the one. It is simply an affirmation that God is the one who protects anyone. In this instance "...when men rose up against us [and] would have swallowed us alive."

So what is it that God is protecting one against?

There is no question.

It is human sacrifice.

Christ has already made it so those who are His, who have been put "on His side" (see the Psalm), do not have to bleed except by the self-sacrifice they readily make by His love -- crucified with Him, yes, but also with His power to overcome the evil one and thrive gloriously with Him.

The World System hacks off parts of everyone who looks to it for moral and spiritual guidance with the pretext that "Everyone's gotta bleed." Fear, bitterness, and privation follow.

The Kingdom and all that God possesses is guaranteed by the measure of Christ's blood for those who want to revel in it and draw others into it with His bountiful charity. Joy, contentment, and abundance reign there.

This whole blog and webzine endeavor is all about encouraging people to leave be those in the World System whereever they are, the legislators and pundits, the generals and pontificators -- leave them to bleed dry everyone whom they're ordained to, and do so by completely jettisoning all those significations that they are their lords -- the 501c3 non-profit incorporations, the W-4 tax liability commitments, the voter registration rolls, the usurious debt contracts, the Social Security identifications, the guilt-driven tithing obligations -- all of them.

Get into community with other truly devoted Christ followers, pray and fellowship and sing hymns and do this with great abandon, and then get serious and pool all your resources so you would generate great increase of the Kingdom in your very midst right now.

Really, look in your Bibles, go ahead, look there -- see where it says anywhere that worship communities and anyone in them must be contracted with Caesar in any way for those in that community to work hard, provide for loved ones, and grow in Christ.

It is simple, really. If you choose to stay in the World, you'll just be bled some more. That's all.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everything Is Window Rebuilding

I've been so consumed with and subsequently exhausted from work and home and family running-around-with that I just haven't been able to post much here recently. But sometimes I see something that just cries for me to say something about. Since I'm still pretty tired I can slip it in here quickly.

Today I caught Caroline Baum's blog-like piece about the "benefits" of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster. She initially makes a great point about how things like earthquakes are actually bad for economies in spite of Keynesian minded pontificators blapping about how helpful they are -- you know, providing jobs to get the rebuilding going and all that.

She quotes Bastiat, and it seems anyone who channels Bastiat is worshipped as a prophet with the most sublime wisdom of some sort. The oft-quoted truthism she references is the one about broken windows. If you remember, it is his refutation of those who say broken windows are good because they provide window makers with gainful employment. Bastiat posits that we just can't know what good would've come if we could've used the resources to go to other more productive items.

My question here is, what exactly are those other items? My refutation of the considerably flippant "Well we could've planted 57 bazillion trees with that money" is that

Everything is window rebuilding by its very nature.

If you're going to go off and plant 57 bazillion trees with the wonderfully available funds not used to repair serious glass damage because some dingleberry stickball batter couldn't hit the ball in fair territory, aren't you then still spending resources to do the metaphoric "window rebuilding"? Aren't you indeed working hard to alleviate the "barren landscape" problem? Or the "stale air" problem? Or the "unsightly skyline" problem?

Or how about "We could've educated 219 gazillion kids with that money"? Aren't you then trying to take out the ignorance problem? How about just not having ignorant kids to begin with?

"Harumphh," some people might say. "You're making light of the earthquake and such awful events that really hurt people." No, on the contrary, I don't like there to be earthquakes either, especially if they are going to hurt people.

Thing is, God made a world that requires earthquakes to move stuff around for whatever reasons He needs. Yes people may die, but then what? Have you repented and made your peace with Him by the blood of His Son? Then you have nothing to worry about because by His love He has you in His grip no matter what happens.

And if you complain that some -- well, quite a lot -- of the bad things are done by evil people, then what are you going to do about that? Do you have it in you, or, perhaps Him living in you to go change that? To love someone else with His love so they'd be less likely to do evil things?

Furthermore, what do you do if you're bopping about when all around you there is suffering from earthquakes? Or people breathing nasty air? Or people doing  foolish things because they didn't listen in class?

The fact is window rebuilding is all that people do when they live and work and breathe throughout each day they walk the earth. If fires happen firefighters put them out. If people get hungry bakers make bread to eat. If cars get smashed up a car body guy is there to patch them up. Even if you're sitting on the couch snoozing you're repairing cells that will soon be getting your body to do something that really is, essentially,

Rebuilding something in a fallen, broken world.

I guess the real question from that is, what are you doing that for? And who are you doing that for? Ahh, there's a question for you. Do you know who that is?

Or Who that is? (with the cap there, if you didn't quite see it there...)

I've written a whole home page piece on who people follow, it is here if you're interested. Some stuff about what it means when terrible things happen to people, even if those things kill them, is in the gospel of Luke, there in chapter thirteen. (I also used the term "truthism" very deliberately, because all the World's plap is all about "truthiness," and even Stephen Colbert's version of truth -- derived from the World as it -- is just as much about truthiness as much as he uses it to skewer the World foolishness.)