Tuesday, February 27, 2007

True Regret

I recently put up my latest webzine home page piece, it's here if you want to get right to it.

But I wanted to add a parenthetical remark about it that I didn't quite get into it, but, right now, it just wouldn't quite fit into any place. That is what is great about blogging, I can add addendums to stuff from here up-the-wazoo.

Good advice for anyone doing serious writing is "know your audience." In doing The Catholicist Nation I have always thought carefully about who exactly I'm writing to. At one level I'm writing to anyone who just plain wants to see what's meaningfully true, as I address in the piece. This may be why some of my stuff may be a bit broad in context, but in this sense I just want to share Christ with anyone who'll pay a bit of attention.

At another level I have two distinct types of individuals I want to reach. The college student and the church pastor.

The college student is someone who is freshly entering a world where he or she is expected to discover the things that will bring the most profound meaning for their life, whether that is more personal or it encompasses a more wide-ranging sphere. I also presume that by engaging in higher education these individuals will acquire the wherewithal to have more of an impact on those around them. Wouldn't it be great if they had an authentic, empowering relationship with Christ as they do that?

The church pastor also has a significant leadership role. Really, really signficant. The very first chapter of Peter Scazzero's book The Emotionally Healthy Church is titled, "As Go the Leaders, So Goes the Church." A pastor works very hard to tend to the spiritual lives of his congregants, as well as their emotional, physical, and any-other-al aspects. Most religious people in this world do virtually everything they do based on the things directly told them by their spiritual leaders.

In light of this, a major goal of my webzine is simply to point out the contemporary ways those who name the name of Jesus derail their affirmation by signing contracts with a World that is outside the realm where Jesus invites us to dwell. They do this in very concrete ways, the chief among them is forming incorporated entities bound to the World's dictates and paying for the "privilege" by becoming liable for taxes they wouldn't otherwise owe.

It is this fact that grieves me most when I look out at an impotent church, and one which I think should bring the most true regret.

This is the idea I wanted to add parenthetically to my webzine piece. In that piece--and throughout my website--I really try to get at the horrors of what the World does, its rank deceit and its murderous activity with an emphasis on the fact that sent out as Cain to do all of it from millenia past, it can't help but do those things.

I do this not to rally people to get up and change it but to get out of it altogether. In a very real sense I'm saying, "Look at the horrors of what is really going on with this entity you've obligated yourself to! Aren't you tired of it?"

In other words,

Where is the authentic regret from people who say they are followers of Christ but continue to be willfully aligned with Cain?

As I state in the piece, when will the realization of what they are doing be so pronounced that they would get out of that body of death?

I don't know. Maybe some are. I'd like to think that when they do, that will be the time when Jesus said we'd worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. I look forward to that day with great eagerness.

Some thoughts I share with a college student is here. Some thoughts I share with a church pastor is here.

And again, my webzine's home page piece for March-April 2007 is here.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Grand Mythology or Meaningful Truth?

So much truth out there to choose from! What to do, what to do?

Ah, the great postmodernist dilemma. Good for getting high on my story, but not-so-good for actually knowing reality.

My latest webzine piece has been uploaded with some thoughts about how truth has been run through the World's meat grinder. If you'd like to see it,

It's here.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Navy Seals of the Culture War

The Navy Seals are the crack military operatives who are the most highly trained to go after whatever needs fixing in the most dangerous situations. In looking at the way the World works, it is obvious that each of the World's Culture War factions has its own Navy Seals crew, ready to take on their opponent's offensive agendas.

A classic example came up recently when a former NBA player "outed" himself, announcing that he was gay, and another former player, Tim Hardaway, made remarks about how he hated homosexuals and didn't want anything to do with them. Naturally, the Radical Selfist Navy Seals went to work on this.

"How intolerant! How bigoted! How whatever-whatever!" They used their most potent weapons, widely broadcast censure and social ostracism. Any time I see this, I long for the conversation I'd like to have with them.

"So Tim Hardaway's comments were intolerant?"

"Yes of course!"

"Isn't your strident censure and insistence on some form or ostracism a form of intolerance?"

"Well yeah, but it's justified."


"Because homosexuality is a fine thing!"

"Oh? Why?"

See this is where they get stuck, and precisely why the Radical Selfist's always push the war into the battlefield of tolerance. It makes them sound so above the fray. What they don't realize is that by endorsing homosexual behavior, whether they are homosexuals themselves or not, they are enabling people to engage in behavior that destroys them. It is indeed another form of human sacrifice.

Yes, sexual sin is just another form of human sacrifice. It is indeed a bit more subtle and incremental than the full-on slashing-the-heart-out-of-a-slave-atop-the-Aztec-temple, but it is human sacrifice nonetheless. It involves nothing less that consuming a part of another's value for the purpose of one's personal spiritual gratification.

For the Devout Romanist's part, their Navy Seals are hard at work as well, launching into expansive diatribes against the evils of homosexual behavior. While Tim Hardaway's comments were sincere, they were also tremendously boorish. Great for condemnation, and for stirring more hatred among the homosexualist camp.

You can even see a microcosm of this at work in what's going on in the Anglican Church today. Take a peek at what's going on there. One side is all about "inclusion" while the other side is about "respect for the tradition." In other words, inclusion means institutionally embrace homosexuals and their homosexual behavior, and tradition means deny them the communion. Because the whole organization is hopelessly of the World, they haven't a clue what to do.

So we've got lots of raging Culture War violence. Macro and micro-- it's a pandemic. Lot of condemnation from all sides. Lots of gratification for everyone who feels they've got it off their chest... aaahh...


Now what?

When's the next round going to start? As it is the Navy Seals are back into intensive training. The Romanist ones are out there working on some further strategy to stop homosexuality and homosexualism (which, by the way, is merely the endorsement of homosexuals being permitted to do their thing) and the Selfists are out there zealously enlisting all World institutions (notably the government and the media) to snuff out any hint of objection (so much for "tolerance")...

Does no one want reconciliation with the One who'd make them whole altogether? Does no one want to actually have truth and grace in their lives and interactions? Does no one want resolution to their conflicts, or are they fine with more and more spiritual and emotional violence?

Such is the World.

It is not the Kingdom. If you want that, then ask the One who can get you in. The only thing--oh no, tough to do, whew--

Gotta leave the World.

Here's a bit more on the Culture War. And on human sacrifice. And hey, if you're interested, on leaving the World.