Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The World: Its Fools and Its Diners, Part II

That thing in Indiana is still going on, with everyone up in arms about it all one way or another. Much of that is in response to the presentation, not the truth about things, but then this is something I wrote a bit about in my latest home page piece.

I felt like adding a bit more in this post, just some things I'd thought about since my post of yesterday.

1. The idea of "discrimination" has become such a sacred cow that the mere mention of it is designed to stir up passions, mostly negative. The reigning rent-extractors send the word right into the bilge pump of presently splattered cultural nomenclature and voila, they get what they want.

Too bad there are too many who refuse to think carefully about it. Fact is we all discriminate about all kinds of things all the time. Restaurants may not discriminate against blacks, but they certainly will discriminate against someone sitting at a table but firing a loaded weapon into the ceiling every two minutes.

This is precisely why the incessant bleating about "religious liberty" is so pointless. It is about as huge a partial hangout as there can be, perfectly convenient for the World Operatives whose job it is to proficiently foment the culture war. Think about it, can someone get away with whatever they want just by saying "religious liberty"? The answer is an unequivocal no. In fact the people who are railing against homosexuality have to face the fact that homosexualists also say "religious liberty" about the things they feel privileged to be able to do. Then what? So what?

The thinking thing to do: Identify what may be discriminated against, but make the case that it works, that there is something there, that there is a good reason. Think that's not a good reason? Then give your best take. Let's talk, that's cool. But if you don't have a reason, if you don't want to talk graciously, if you only intolerantly whine "tolerance" and that is it, then shut the heck up. There is indeed some point where the truth about a thing does emerge, and all the blithering about it is just that.

Yes, no question, 98% of the discourse about "gays" and discrimination out there is just blithering.

Let's just be honest, if I were selling something to someone who happens to have homosexual feelings, I'm not going to discriminate against them. I'm not! They're just making a purchase for cryin' out loud. Note that I'm talking about people who may have a measure of same-sex attraction. Everyone has their own issues. Everyone must deal with their own sin. So what? Should I be privileged to share Christ's grace and truth and mercy and word with them -- wonderful!

On the other hand, if someone brazenly, loudly, unabashedly boasts about committing sodomous acts in my establishment, I'd summarily and justifiably take that into consideration regarding my interaction with them. How is that response any different than the one directed at someone boasting about having sex with children, or animals, or relatives, or some other means of using sex as an abuse crime? When someone makes a request of my product in order to sanction that abuse -- such as a same-sex "marriage' arrangement -- this is a fine example of precisely that scenario.

Do I have a right to discriminate against them? Yes, but it can only be truly understood if we establish that the reason for that is not some pitiful claim to some kind of religious liberty. The truth is that a sodomous act is an unrighteous one, and deserves to be duly censured. That we now seem to clutch this idea that we can just lean on this "religious liberty" plap has resulted in the most damaging -- and I believe irreparable -- losses in the culture war for those who value righteous integrity in society.

Indeed, if you haven't noticed, those struggling and grappling and bumbling with this milquetoast bleating "religious liberty" are the ones who are getting the tar beat out of them in this thing.

2. Here's the part that is even less considered by these people. All of this is precisely what the World Operatives want. The most successful of them can proudly boast that they accomplished what Iago did in Othello. Doesn't matter what anyone does, it is a victory.

If the victimized homosexualists win, they will continue to push for more government sanctions of their reprobate behavior, and Caesar's power is more fully employed for that purpose. The worse part is that ultimately more people are destined for hell as they continue to idolize sex. On the other hand, if the enraged anti-homosexual Christian family groups win, they'll foment more rebellion against the established powers that are at a point of no return regarding general acceptance of homosexual activity as normal, and Caesar's powers will be more fully utilized to manage all of that.

World Operatives love to convince people that those are the only two camps in which to rage. Doesn't matter to Caesar which one you're in, again, he wins either way. It is, however, quite the body of death. Look at how salaciously the homosexualist enablers are dining on those holding true to their religious convictions. The idea: If you don't like homosexual things, it is you who are the ones with the crazy religious beliefs. The Indiana law and ones like it are unwittingly arranged to portray the religious people as the evil ones. States start backing down, further endorsing homosexualism!

What a body of death!

The only antidote is the deepest spiritual wisdom drawn from Christ Himself. I just wonder -- who has that? It seems there are so few. I'm hoping there are a lot of them and that we don't know of them only because the mainstream media will never talk with them or about them. I pray they're still out there ministering to hurting homosexually-minded and homosexualists alike.

3. The idol thing cannot be dismissed. I'm reading Nancy Pearcey's new book Finding Truth, and it does an extraordinary job of laying out the main thrust of all this stuff. It is really not very complicated -- she uses as her text the first chapter of Romans. In what I've read so far she hasn't even addressed the "men giving themselves over to unnatural desires for one another" part yet. The much more significant truth is that

Everyone has an idol.

If you aren't actively acknowledging God and His transcendent standard for human behavior, then you have an idol. Pearcey even comprehensively identifies the most common ones, and they aren't little figurines made of wood or metal. They are reason, matter, science, religion, government, and yes, even sex. There are certainly others, the point being if you aren't worshiping God, you are worshiping one of those.

Is "religious liberty" an idol? I truly believe it is. It is an easy way to skate away from your convictions about the nature of sexual abuse because the rabidly strident homosexualist movement has browbeat you into conceding the discourse to them.

4. Finally, where am I, myself, with this whole thing? Yes, it is true, I confess! I am a backwoods Neanderthal narrow-minded bigot -- against anything that destroys the souls of the ones with whom I have to do. And yes, wanton homosexual behavior and willful homosexualism destroy human souls. Thing is, there are a lot of things that destroy souls, so I'm not just picking on this stuff. Adultery does. How much do we go to the mat against that? How about the dozens of other major things church-minded people may call sin?

My son plays on a high school baseball team, and two of its players got suspended. For drinking. For drinking. Seven games -- gone. The team lost its game today as a direct result of not having one of those key players in a key position at a key moment. These young men sinned, and it affected a whole bunch of other people.

When a whole society says "Okay" to violently wicked behavior like homosexual activity and its wholesale endorsement, millions of people's souls are hanging the balance.

Thing is, the agency of Cain is supposed to be there to do its standard thing: ruthlessly prosecute crimes. But World Operatives have pushed it to the point where it doesn't really have to do that anymore, at least with homosexual activity. It allows it for a more important reason to them: to poke and prod and provoke all of this so it can squeeze and squish and shape society as it pleases.

Look at it. "Freedom to be who you are" smashes up against "religious liberty." "Anti-discrimination" slugs it out against "wholesomeness in society". The minions of Cain's legacy sit back and watch the conflagration with glee. More and more and more legitimacy for them. Look at Indiana. It is punching bag right now.

But back to, where am I? What is my position? What do I want when it is all said?

It is simple. I will make this as clear as possible.

I'm a sinner too, but this isn't about me or that a whole bunch of other people are sinners too or any of that. It is just that I know how much someone can destroy souls by what they do because I've done it. Seems pretty clear to me.

So yeah, I am in need of a divine rescue. Also pretty clear. But I can't get it unless I see who I am and what I've done. Once I do that, I so viscerally grasp my need for a Savior. As it is I'm destined for judgment and a one-way ticket to a place I really don't want to be. Nothing else but me and what I've done get me there, and it isn't some nebulous religious make-believe thing. What I've done is really shitty and very real.

Then I see the love of that Savior, poured out for me in His very death. I can't help but turn away from those awful things, and tell Him that, and let Him make me into a new creation. I can't do it, only He can.

The upshot is that I want homosexually-minded people and the homosexualists who tell them to stay that way to see what they're really doing and turn around. Yes, those other people screeching about them and how objectionable they are do that for a reason, but they're in the ministry of condemnation.

Where is the ministry of reconciliation?

This is the place where hurting and wounded people can come and kneel at the nail-scarred feet of Jesus, and be healed. Not only that, be in His family.

And there they will find the love, the true lasting fulfillment they want. This is the rich love that makes so stultifyingly empty the futile attempts at proving how proudly anti-discriminatory you are, or trying to find that fleeting physical gratification in some sexual encounter with whoever.

There's Cain, there's Caesar, there're the ministers of whatever grievance you have on whatever side you have your idol.

And then there is Christ.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The World: Its Fools and Its Diners

The latest culture war whirlwind comes out of Indiana, where lawmakers recently passed a bill ensuring that people who object to homosexual things have protection. It is now one of the top stories the mainstream media is running, showing protesters and showcasing all the powerful individual and business interests squawking and threatening to refuse to do further business in such an "intolerant and bigoted" place.

Did no one else see this coming? As soon as we're all convinced that the position to hold is: it is no big deal if someone does sexually abusive things in their own homes, just don't force us to approve of it, then we've lost the war. If it is just a matter of preference, then what difference does it make what anyone does.

The only way to make the case so it actually has meaning is to hold without equivocation that wanton homosexual activity is a crime, and that expressively willful endorsement of it is as well. Sorry, but society agrees that a number of things are crimes and most wholeheartedly endorse such positions. Murder, rape, robbery, vandalism, fraud, assault and battery are all crimes for which people go to prison. We even have laws that require prosecution of people who willingly aid and abet anyone who does those things.

Where on earth did we suddenly -- and in the long history of mankind it is pretty sudden -- get this idea that a homosexual act perpetrated against another individual no matter how much "consent" is given is okay?

When would anyone ever get away with saying it is okay for me, a married man, to have an affair with one of my female students right when she turns 18? When would someone ever say it is okay for me to proudly claim that it is fine for my neighbor to have slaves in his basement peddling stationary bikes to power his house, but I wouldn't do it?

Furthermore, if two guys can "get married," why can't I marry my dog, my lamppost, my dead grandmother, my four year-old daughter, or all of them at once for that matter? After the Justice of the Peace has awarded a marriage certificate to the two guys in front of me in line, and then they deny me my request, what do they legitimately have to say when I bring my lawyer along to charge them with discrimination?

This Indiana thing is bad enough, what is worse is that it just seems no one does the deep thinking related to why and how this is all happening.

God put the law into effect millennia ago to govern such behavior, and a very proper enforcement apparatus to carry it out, namely the legacy of Cain. That legacy is managed by the deepest politics operatives who are the powerful people walking amongst us, they smile and greet us and shake our hands and behave like the nicest neighbors. The most exceptional of them are best known as kindly professors of the most rigorous religious schools.

What they are doing is exactly what Cain was charged with doing, provoking provoking provoking the World inhabitant to keep making Cain legitimate. This is why railing against the World's now rampant homosexualism is so pointless -- when you do it by the World. It is the raging raging raging culture war.

I saw a news story about a new television show that is being introduced, a show by Dan Savage. Savage is a blogger who promotes homosexualism like crazy. I peeked at one of his advice columns, just to see what this guy was about. It was pure wickedness. It was so stunningly abominable, and yet, millions pay attention to what he says about sex. There is no question, sex is an idol to millions. I weep for them, I really do.

The response from family ministries was predictably vitriolic. "How could this guy have a TV show [or whatever it was] on a mainstream station ya-da-ya-da..." that kind of thing. Very principled, yes,

But tremendously foolish.

These people are just being roasted to be spiritually eaten alive by these people.

Dan Savage, by the way, was one of those people who showed up at Stephen Colbert's finale, something I wrote about a few months ago. All those people appearing on his very popular show are in some form or another highly paid provocateurs to keep people like those in these Christian family ministries enraged so Cain can continue to have something to do.

Dan Savage appears with the stripes in his shirt, just right of center

What is the solution.


It is Christ. There it is, right there. This is not the Catholicist Christ, which is either some pathetic "Let them do whatever they want" nobody or some straw man concocted by the group to rationalize its crusading agenda. Either one is pathetic nothingness.

The Christ of the Bible is God Almighty, yet He offers forgiveness by virtue of His shed blood, and in that: truth and grace and mercy and reality and peace and understanding and assurance and healing and salvation -- all given to us completely out of the crap that we do to one another.

What is so scary is that so many are still caught up in the idea there is no such individual who can free us like that, that Darwinian materialism is all there is, and that crusading about fighting and flailing and fleeing whatever ills there are about is the way to go.

It is very scary, indeed.

Thing is, while I grieve for them, I have great and joyous assurance because Christ is coming back soon. And that at the same time, maybe He's just waiting a bit longer for those people to get it, to come to Him -- maybe He's just waiting for us to be Jesus to these people so they can see that.

I just pray like crazy there'd be some who see it and will turn to Him. A lot of them for that matter.

I do pray for that.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Complicated Presentation

My latest home page piece gets into the truth that the truth is simple, the presentation is complicated. What does that mean, the presentation? Head on over there, read what I've written. I'd love to know your thoughts, email me.

As it is, I'm always seeing examples of this, and I thought I'd share a few. Each one of these represents a way in which the World System mouthpieces work hard to make the complicated presentation look a bit more easy to understand, while the truth is people who soak up the presentation are being put on greased slides straight to hell.

The first is about the 379 companies who've signed a "friend of the court" brief in the Supreme Court signifying their endorsement of the institutional sanctioning of sexual violence, more specifically same-sex marriage. All of the rigmarole swirling around this subject is all complication, and we could get deep into the discourse. I'm ready for that. But the truth is simple.

God made man and woman. Let man leave his mother and father and join with the woman, and they will be one flesh. The end.

It's that simple. Could we unpack that? Yes, but those things are simple too. The design for sexual relationship is committed adult man, committed adult woman. Is that always perfect? No, we're all sinners and subject to doing rotten things to one another.

Thing is, homosexualists want to have those rotten things done to one another by forcing everyone to believe that a man may join with a man, and a woman with a woman, and that this is just as well. Sorry, but because of the clear teleology that a sexual union between a committed man and woman is the only truthfully acceptable one, this other kind of union should indeed be considered no different than rape, incest, molestation, pederasty, bestiality, polyandry or any other kind of sexual union which 98% of people would also see as truthfully objectionable.

Do you know the companies are on that list? How about looking at a few of them.

There's Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Oracle, Intel -- there's 98% of the most prominent IT companies right there. Throw in AT&T and Verizon for that matter. How about Walt Disney, CBS, Viacom, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV -- the most powerful presentation transmission companies are in the mix. Delta, American, United, Alaska -- those are the major air passenger transportation companies. Marriot, so much for the Mormons meaning it when they say they're standing for moral integrity. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, American Express, Visa, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley -- most of the financial arrangements are made by these people. My heart breaks already, my favorite baseball team the San Francisco Giants appears on the list.

How about Starbucks, Staples, Target, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, McKesson, Amazon.com, New York Life, Coke, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, CVS, Pfizer, Kimberly-Clark, Prudential -- all of them brazenly declaring it is fine for one individual to sexually abuse another, that the government should codify that into law, and really, in the end, everyone should approve of this or... Or what?...

This a phenomenal testament to how much those of us who articulate the simple truth of sexual health are being further and further marginalized, until -- well, could it get to the point where we are prosecuted? How stunningly backwards this all is, but then, Jesus said it would be that way. Get used to it.

That list of companies? That's here by the way. See which ones you do business with. Want to boycott them? Good luck with that.

The second item was a statement almost Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said at a pro-choice event. She recognized "the importance of making sure that all of our people have a chance to live up to their God-given potential." Now remember, she's telling this to a group of people who are all about "keeping abortion safe" and all the rest of it. So what does this mean?

It is simple! Abortion is about making sure that people who we don't want around and who will have miserable lives and will not "live up to their God-given potential" should be taken out before they are even born. Yes, that is the simple truth.

As ghastly as that is, the more complicated presentation is just as much so. Clinton has recently been under the shadow of a scandal involving her private emails during a time when she may have done questionable things during her time as Secretary of State. That's getting tons of news coverage. That no one pays any attention when she talks about how wonderful it is to have an institutionally ensconced program in place for murdering pre-born children is harrowing, really, it is.

Here's the news story about Clinton's address, by the way.

The third item has to do with all this attention given to the 50th anniversary of the Selma march and to the civil rights report about the terrible police work in Ferguson, Missouri. The simple truth is this: People are people no matter what their skin color is, but every person is a sinner. Police people can do horribly rotten things, but so can black people. The law is in place to try to keep people from doing those bad things, but it isn't a perfect system. There is a perfect system in place, and that is the Kingdom.

Find Christ and His shed blood there, ask Him for that bountiful forgiveness, turn to Him --

And live.

The complicated presentation all emanates from the World System Operatives who mold and shape and ram down the throats the narrative that all black people are victims and anything they do wrong is the fault of white people. It is pounded and pounded and pounded down until either you buy into it and rage against the white establishment people, or you see if for what it is and rage against the powerful people for enraging you.

Either way the Operatives win! It is all about fomenting rebellion which is precisely what Cain wants. It's all about the culture war and the presentation. Keep the presentation out there -- the presentation the presentation the presentation...

Do you know who Kiera'onna Rice is? Do you? Oh I know who Michael Brown is. I know who Eric Garner is. But Kiera'onna Rice? Not hard, really, she even had a nickname, "Keke." Keke Rice? No? Can't recall?

Didn't think so. I actually thought this story would get some legs because it was about girls arguing on Facebook then going to a park to work things out, if you know what I mean. Keke Rice was a 14 year-old girl who was shot and killed in that fight, but you won't hear a thing about it because she was shot by a young black man.

And here's the tragic thing. I'm just cherry-picking one of these stories. There are hundreds like it, where a black individual murders another black individual. I guess that's why they don't get much coverage, because there are so many. Oh, guess that must be it.

Never mind that we hear over and over and over again how racist Ferguson police officers are and how heroic those Selma marchers were, which in and of itself is not a bad thing but the message is more about how hateful those white segregationist southerners were. All of this is just how the World narrative goes. And goes and goes and goes.

It is all about making it all very complicated then rearranging it all to sound so simple. The end game is simple, though, anything truly truthful is. It all ends up sending it's adherents straight to hell.

Here's the worst thing of all.

Where're all the Christians in this? Why aren't the airwaves being filled with remarks and comments and stories and narratives from those who say they have Jesus' name on their lips? Where is the explosive social media buzz about the 379 very powerful companies cheering on sodomy? About a possible president encouraging the genocide of children? About no one speaking on behalf of the Keke Rice's out there facing death at the barrel of gun any moment? (Here's her story, by the way.)

You don't need the mainstream media to say stuff. What about the power of social media? This past week people everywhere were abuzz about whether or not a dress was gold and white or black and blue!

I think that's what makes me weep the most. The World has so captivated the church, made it into just another World System club, that no one says or does anything. Sorry, I don't want to dismiss those who are out truly ministering God's truth and grace to others. There are a few.

But then I just behold all this...