Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ron Paul Meets the Press

This morning the news interview show Meet the Press featured Ron Paul. I'd imagine all those who consider themselves true blue dye-in-the-wool conservative Constitutionalists were paying close attention, for this was the first real mainstream press exposure for Paul to elaborate on his quasi-libertarian perspective.

What I saw was a typically deft and well-prepared Tim Russert tear apart Paul, who appeared to hem and haw even in-and-around what many see as quite principled positions: dramatic reduction of the scope of government, ending the income tax, limiting our business in the affairs of other nations, and so forth.

Paul's problem is that the Agency of Cain must by nature behave in unprincipled ways. The primary functions of the World System's government are all murderously deceitful. Countless times in the past Paul bellowed about his disdain for that perfidy in very concrete ways. Russert was ready, pounding him with it and demonstrating that you can't be fully principled and be a governor at the same time.

Paul was questioned about his plan for reducing government in light of the massive earmarks he accepted for his district. Paul responded by saying he still wanted to get his share of the government largesse, but it came off as being extraordinarily hypocritical.

Paul was questioned about his call to amend the Constitution to keep illegal immigrants from having babies here on U.S. soil making them automatic citizens. Russert then reminded Paul that natural-born citizenship is constitutional, and Paul said changing the Constitution was constitutional too. It still leaves unsaid which parts of the Constitution Paul particularly likes and doesn't like.

Paul was questioned about his past rejection of the Republican Party, going so far as to demand his formal disassociation with it. And yet here he is running for president on the Republican ticket. Is this not simple pandering, being purely political for personal gain? Sure he knows he doesn't have a chance with another party, but this again reveals Paul's hypocrisy.

Please know that I am not anti-Ron Paul. I've known about his fine thoughtful ideas for years. But a number of years ago I discovered what government really is, and Ron Paul is swimming in a vat of sewage that only gets him more caked in filth. This year he's just seeking to get to the more slimy, fetid, churning whirlpool in the center.

What is most telling is to look at what that, oh, ten percent of the electorate who fawn all over the guy are thinking now. First, the ones who think he did well on Meet the Press will never take off their rose-colored glasses no matter what they see. The ones who think he did poorly will blame Russert for blind-siding him-- ooo, that evil mainstream secular media.

Really, the firmly Catholicist Russert was just doing his duty. The people who like Paul just don't get that if Paul is as unprincipled as Russert showed him to be, then he is perfect for the job of president. But I have the idea that many Paul devotees may look at that truth and chafe quite painfully, for haven't they desperately wanted a principled man in the White House? But then... but wait... but, um...

Imagine the abject bewilderment. Ron Paul no better than Hillary Clinton?

Maybe the agony of such an epiphany will make them so uncomfortable that they'd turn and seek a place nowhere near there.

Where is that place? Look here for some ideas about what it is. Excuse me, Who it is...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Baseball Like Us

I'd written a lot about how major league baseball was a scam because of free agency and something I've called "competitive duplicity," the idea that the powers-that-be in baseball set things up so that certain teams are guaranteed to have an unfair competitive advantage to ensure the continued viability of the game. (Just as a heads up, some of my work is at EEEEEE! a San Francisco Giants fan site run by a very good friend, and my seminal writing is here.)

Recently lots has come out about major leaguers using steroids. Indeed just today former Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte confessed he's used them, but not to build up but to better heal from an injury.

I think the first thing that I feel, being a Giants fan and, as such, a great admirer of Barry Bonds, is how silly the whole asterisk thing is now. I was hurt every time someone would blithely speak about an asterisk next to Bonds home run achievements, and then laugh as though they were all above it. Now it is revealed that a whole crew of juiced players contributed to a lot of baseball's recent success, and I just wonder how much of the game are those same smug fans going to insist is accompanied by asterisks. Anyone for putting an asterisk next to each Yankees title from 1998 to 2000?

The other thing that gets me is how blind everyone still is to the real duplicity involved here. I must commend Los Angeles Times media pundit Tim Rutten for really nailing some of it, but he sadly doesn't get at what's really criminal about the game. His piece, by the way, is here.

I was quite taken by a quote he shared right off the, excuse me, bat. It was from historian Jacques Barzun, "Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game."

To me, baseball is indeed one of the wonderful matters of life. Even though, yes, I'm a forlorn Giants fan, I still love the game and will always root for my team. But I found out a long time ago that powerful forces were at work to keep my team, and dozens of other teams as well, from ever truly having a chance to be consistently competitive. Indeed any advantage my team would have would mean another team would suffer and that, quite simply, is not fair.

What would be the true meaning of a championship in this environment.

In 1998 I stopped paying any attention to any of it cold turkey. I have firmly held an earnest, complete boycott of anything baseball since then. I admit I did break that for a spell in 2002 when my Giants were in the World Series. Hey, had to get some small, brief whiff of success.

But what Rutten said is quite telling. "The Game = Our Life," he says in so many words. Hey, I didn't say it, he did. Here's a bit of it:

"That fact alone [the media being clueless about the steroids story] raises disturbing questions about whether most of our sporting press has become too much a part of the sports/entertainment/industrial complex to give its readers and viewers an honest account of what transpires on our courts and playing fields. Increasingly, the vast majority of our sportswriters and broadcasters appear to have looked away while drugs corrupted the highest levels of the pastime we Americans honor with a simple appellation -- The Game."

Well, yeah, for years I had been saying the media can't objectively get to the heart of the problem because, well, they are part of the problem.

Then there is this from Rutten, after he waxes eloquent about why the game is so great:

"Unfortunately our sporting culture, like our society as a whole, has bitten too deeply into the forbidden fruit -- not the grandly evil produce of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but that of its stunted and stunting stepsister, the tree of profit and loss."

But this is where Rutten can't get it, because the desire for profit, the need to have some recognition for success, is simply not inherently a bad thing. It is a wonderful thing, but it is such only in God's economy. So it is that one Tree after all, isn't it?

It is in the World economy where it is deceitful duplicity. It is fraudulent, exploitive, twisted, and underhanded. There are as many cheats in the World as there are on the diamond (oh, and to be fair, up there in the ivory tower boxes).

Yes, that is the World.

And it has been baseball for years.

They're just figuring that out now?

Could it be possible that they'd find the Tree of Life after it all?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"My Good Bud, Mr. Christ, and I, Off Shopping for the Next Good Leader"

A wonderfully hilarious opinion piece appeared in the Los Angeles Times today by humorist John Kenney, "Mr. Christ and Me." It was the absolutely perfect satirical exposition of the political Catholicist's devotion to his own Jesus.

You may know that recently Republican Mitt Romney felt the need to rationalize his "faith" as being quite within the mainstream. For most of U.S. history Mormonism has existed as a pariah religion outside the boundaries of Americanist religious culture, but over the past many years it has gone to great lengths to market itself as being as normal as any other Christian faith.

The silliness of Romney's attempt can only truly be seen through the eyes of Scripture, which cuts so incisively that nothing is left to doubt. One of the things it divides quite nicely is the World and the Kingdom.

The Kingdom's monarch is none other than Jesus Christ. He reigns supremely, majestically-- and still considers His own as beloved children of a doting father. He has no rival at all, ever, much less one like Caesar.

The World's potentate follows a long line begun with Cain. All are murderers, liars, and racketeers, so who is selected to be a governor in that vein should best do those things well. And since Mormonism is merely a concoction of elaborate Roman Catholic design, Mitt Romney should be a perfect fit.

Many felt that Romney echoed the strains of John Kennedy's similar speech in 1960 when he had to defend himself from the anti-Catholics. One thing they both shared is noteworthy.

Each one proclaimed boldly that he would refuse to take orders from any authority within his "church." For the Mormon that would probably be an old guy in the ivory tower there in Salt Lake City, for the Catholic that would seemingly be the pope.

The problem is that they both do take orders from the one who runs the World System, the one most qualified and best trained to do so. This individual is neither of the aforementioned ones, but he is indeed the highest ranking military officer of the Roman institution. It is also true that neither could confess that it is who it is, and that may even be because this powerful individual has used Sun-Tzuan arts so deftly they don't know themselves that they do his bidding.

One of the ways he does this is seen in a common elaboration of the confessions from both Kennedy and Romney. It goes something like this: "I think the most important thing is to do what Americans want and what is best for them." How noble that sounds.

But when the populace is mostly made up of World inhabitants sworn to World behavior and in great need of having their sin managed, the president of the United States doesn't have to dial up ol' Peter-Hans at all. This is because Peter-Hans has already made the people so wholly Catholicized that whatever they ask of the president is what they will get.

The people essentially say to all presidential candidates, "We are about to select another lord over our lives and affairs. Lots of things are negotiable, but one thing isn't: We all belong to the Americanist Civil Religion, and we insist you don't disturb that which gives us comfort in our sinful conduct."

Romney is effectively saying, "Let me manage that conduct and assure you that I will keep your belief in the Civil Religion vibrant and your rituals constructive. I will promise to keep my more discomforting Mormon views close to the vest for they are meaningless anyway."

Really, this is a dance that has been done for ages. The people and their World papa, the World papa and the people. Very few can see the puppeteer way up in the rafters there.

It is sweet indeed to read a delightful piece like Kenney's today, just highlighting the abject folly that is the Catholicist Nation.

Who is this "Peter-Hans" fellow? For an idea look here. Far more significantly, who is that character who reigns in the Kingdom again? Some thoughts about him are here.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Outbirthing in Europe

I am just beginning a new book called God's Continent about the expanded presence of Islam in Europe. I'm just at the first few pages, and right out of the gate there was an interesting note about Muslim's designs on a religiously moribund Europe.

It is simply that Muslims plan to "outbirth" the people of other religions, notably Christianity. It is now well-known that Europe's birthrate has leveled off and in some places has gone negative. Lots can be said about that, but the thought I had about this outbirthing strategy of Islamic dominance was this:

Children do follow closely the things parents do, even if those things are quite ungodly. One could easily say that Islam is an ungodly religion, and in many ways it is, but much of the derision of it comes from those not in the Muslim God Club. They are zealots for the "Not-Islam" religion, and that religion is often quite Catholicist.

One very good thing about Islam is that it is very law-oriented. The law, that's a good thing, keeps people in-line and smacked up-side-the-head any time they get outta line. What Christ tells us is very clear, though, about that:

You can never be justified before God by the law.

Muslims live their whole lives working striving surging laboring to keep that law. They painstakingly do it all the way up until they die. So when children are brought up with intense law-abiding indoctrination, they too will continue into adulthood living by the law.

The problem is that all the other God Clubs in Europe do exactly the same thing. And when they are not having as many babies as the Muslims are, at some point most of all the law-abiders in Europe will be Muslims.

What is the way to not be in a God Club, Christian or Muslim? What is the way not to be burdened by the requirements of the law, the Christian kind or the Muslim kind?

That is to give oneself to Jesus Christ-- ahem, The Jesus Christ, not one of the many God Club counterfeits.

When you give yourself to Christ, you are moving from the law, and into truth and grace. It is the same as moving from your parents disciplining you for doing wrong-- use of the law to govern your behavior-- to living unchildlishly, as an adult, doing something right and good because you love another.

Here's the key: a World religion, Christian or Muslim, is never out from under the law. What you have then in Europe is competing God Clubs, and when one of those clubs will outbirth the other, then what do you expect will happen?

If you'd like to read a bit more about how Christian churches turn themselves into mere World God Clubs, go here.