Saturday, January 05, 2019

"Impeach the M----------r!"

Recently a new Congresswoman inaugurated her term with a quite celebrated commitment to begin her federal government work by moving on impeaching Donald Trump, or as she called him, that "m----------r!" Why of course Trump is a m----------r! He's racist, he's uncouth, he's chauvinistic, he's imbecilic, and of course he's an angry old white male. "Why of course!!!" we're all supposed to gleefully affirm.

Thing is, when this young lady, Rashida Tlaib from a district that includes part of Detroit, calls Trump a m----------r! is she herself perfectly absolved from being one herself? If you're going to call someone a name, better be sure you can't be guilty of the same. Seems to me Jesus said something similar, something along the lines of "Let she who is not a m----------r! cast the first m----------r! slur."

She is wedded to the Democrat party, and as such I presume -- though forgive me if I am wrong -- a progressive liberal who believes in forcing people to cough up much of their hard-earned income to give to others no matter how irresponsible they've been or how much they've been exploited by well-meaning Congresswomen so there will be no "income inequality" ever again. I'd say she is probably for "women's reproductive rights" which is code language for mothers murdering their own children in their very wombs. I'd venture to say she's also in favor of keeping Trump from having his pesky wall at the border -- how could you keep anyone from a developing country from enjoying all of the fruit of your labor while contributing little, even if there are five billion who would enter our country if they could to benefit from this largesse Tlaib and her cohorts will ensure you provide?

At this point you'd think the phrase "She's the one who is the m----------r!" would be rolling off my lips. Well, you'd be wrong. For one, I can't say she's anything like that because I've been one too. I simply can't cast the stone either. This brings tremendous relief, a joyous sense of freedom from the pressures of defending myself from the m----------r! claim. You're right, I confess.

For two, while the things Tlaib favors are indeed heinously evil, she does so at the behest of System Operatives who've put her in that position to fulfill her duties as such. I have nothing to say about that. Those things are ordained by God Himself to be done by the legacy of the first human sacrificer. Ironically both Tlaib and Trump are charged with the very same task. Tlaib does it her way, and Trump does it his way. In fact for the most part all they spew to revile one another is just part of the show. Trump is a fine reality star, and Tlaib is getting her first taste of the spotlight.

But everything the System does is already established. Has been for millennia.

All this is just theater so those who refuse to be in the embrace of the One Who Frees From All That may have their affairs proficiently managed. Tlaib and Trump make mollifying the effects of our sinfulness a bit more entertaining. It doesn't make it any less destructive. The lapdog populace thrill to the antics, but the many who do not have Christ are still subject to God's judgment.

Jesus is the only way to not be a m----------r! He's it. Tlaib and Trump and all the others will do their thing, certainly, but whatever that is pales in contrast to the beautiful, glorious Kingdom.

It is simple. My devotional this morning featured the third chapter of John. It just isn't that hard:

"The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in His hands, whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on them."