Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tupper Saussy Remembered

I've recently taken a visceral hold on a particular verse in the book of Acts, chapter eight. Verse 31, to be specific. It is right in the middle of the interaction between the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip, the man God told to go to meet for the very purpose of sharing the beautiful news of Christ.

After reading a bit of Isaiah, the eunuch confesses that he needs someone to explain it to him, and he invites Philip to sit with him.

Philip is not as much The Evangelist, as many call him. He's really just plain

Philip the Explainer.

Tupper Saussy was one such explainer.

I'd grown up with all the accoutrements of genteel Christian comportment, but never really knew what it was like to live vibrantly in Christ. This was simply because I was so caught up in the crusade of making everyone around me into my image. It was only until I read Saussy's Rulers of Evil that I'd actually understood how much I was entangled-- wrapped and twisted in the midst of The War. The hyperviolent whirlwind of the World's machinations was toying with me like a mantis does with its little bug dinner.

The Scripture I'd been reading was the one filtered through the sworn operatives who'd already vetted the authorized version. Through it all I was crying for "someone to explain it to me." I can't thank God enough that I came upon this man's work in 2001.

Tupper Saussy used great vision and profound insight to elucidate what was right there in God's word the entire time. I just needed the figurative whack across the head to shake my senses, or, as it is said in Scripture, to have the scales dropped from my eyes.

Certainly I still fear a bit, and I still struggle with grasping how it all goes even in the mildest ways, but seeing the world through the lens of God's word as-it-actually-is is the most liberating thing one can ever experience as he travels on this pilgrimage. I can thank this gentleman for that, and thank God He allowed him to be such a wonderful explainer.

Tupper Saussy, I will miss you very much. Thank you for sitting with me.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

What's Goin' On, What's Goin' On...

Did you see this photograph on the front page of your newspaper? (This was in my Los Angeles Times.) Were these images highlighted as part of the lead story in your evening news? You'd think Congress were interviewing Helen of Troy with all the media attention. And you know? They probably were speaking with the modern-day equivalent of the face that launched a thousand ships.

Of course, the significant part of that is that it is--

All part of the mythology.

Valerie Plame is merely a dupe in the exhaustive efforts of the Legacy of Cain to manage the sinfulness of a vast Catholicized population. All cameras must be focused on her to keep everyone's attention off what's actually going on. And this isn't mere conspiracy theorist blithering. It's all laid out for you to see, quite plainly.

It's right there in the Bible.

How ironic that so many look at incidents like this as though it's the real truth, but consider the Bible a collection of fairy tales and legends. Funny. Whenever called on why they believe so, they don't have much to say. About insipid government machinations they speak so authoritatively, yet can never say why those are so meaningful.

I was listening to a morning radio newscast the other day, and a CBS "terrorism expert"--a former CIA agent no less-- was being interviewed about Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's confession that he was the mastermind of everything from 9/11 to Lincoln's assassination. A number of times he called it a "performance," moving one of the newscasters to remark, "Hmm, you keep referring to it as a 'performance.'"

Since then, people have been asking, "Was this guy's confession just a display of bravado, not really meaning much but a bit of perverse entertainment?" It is almost as if the disseminators of official Roman drama deliberately amplified the charade to draw people into the charade.

It's worth noting (oh the splendid irony of it all!) that last week the premiere postmodernist philosopher Jean Baudrillard died. He was famous for saying that everything is essentially a grand Walt Disney simulation. Everything is just simulacra, he said, the fake now more real than the real.

Of course lots of people made great fun of him, all of them certainly knowing what's actually real and all.

Oh. Cynical me. I just don't think they do.

Look at all the cameras in the face of Plame. They're there for a reason. Those news guys don't get the big bucks for nothing. And lots of cameras are in the faces of all the other mythological characters that drive society's "reality." Many of them are Jesuses.

There don't seem to be many focusing on the Jesus of Scripture, the One who reigns at the right hand of the Father, God Almighty. But then, that's probably a good thing, since He doesn't really want to be up there on the big plasma screen television.

He'd like to be in the heart, where it's meaningful.

To see a list of some of the mythological Jesuses, go here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

So When Will It End?

Today's Meet the Press political roundtable featured some discussion about the Walter Reed Hospital story, the one about the deplorable conditions at the VA facility caring for wounded service personnel. The reporter who broke the story in the Washington Post, Dana Priest, was one of the commentators, and she made this remark (paraphrased):

"The problems won't end, even with all the commissions formed and promises made to fix it."

The discussion continued in this skeptical vain, the consideration that no matter what is done, our country's fallen will still not be fully cared for.

After Priest made her comment, I thought of a very simple question.

"When will it end?"

They won't have any satisfactory answer unless it makes them look like they are the bright shining knights of rescue-- indeed there is no doubt Priest is now seen as a kind of Messiah-figure for our gallant men and women in uniform, used and abused by the nefarious Bush empire. All the eager sycophancy on Meet the Press confirmed that all the media toadies want to be on this bandwagon:

As long as people are disadvantaged, victimized, and exploited then I have a job criticizing the powers-that-be.

The horror of this reality is that they have no real interest in seeing that these people are out of their predicament, and the Priest comment confirms this truth. I just can't deny that I picture Priest (and I don't pick on her necessarily, you could put any of these people in her place) at a cocktail party basking in the glory of her codependent mantle comforted in the knowledge that many people out there wallowing in their pain and destitution brings droves of Catholicists from all around seeking her vast wisdom and paying the big bucks for it.

What is the meaningful truth that Priest et al will never share-- much more as dutiful servants of Cain's legacy will never even know?

It is that except in uncreated light, darkness can never be drowned. (Borrowed from C.S. Lewis)

So yes! What Priest and the Cain gang said is true-- it will never end,

Unless they find That Light.

Thing is, That Light is over there, way over there, in the Kingdom.

This here's the World. Where good fine service personnel are exploited, and where smart slick pundits spout about how much they're for them but really just keep them stuck in their hell.

That Light, by the way, He's God, just so you know. And as God, if you want, He'll get you to the Kingdom way way way over there far from the World, in a nanosecond if you want.

A nanosecond.

But, um, yeah, takes a bit longer if you want to take World stuff with you.

Who's That Light? Some thoughts about Him are here. Some thought about the World are here, too.