Friday, April 22, 2011

Liberation from Bondage

Last night I attended a Passover seder demonstration, and while I'd been to one before, I was still blown away at how everything God does points to Jesus Christ. Anyone who even slightly contemplates the meaning of Passover can't miss it: God loves us so much that He sent His Son to be the very sacrificial lamb for our sins, simply so He could have deep, abiding fellowship with us forever. It is just as the Elijah whom Jews seek every year once said, as he gazed into the eyes of the One Savior, "Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world."

It is only through Christ that one may have freedom. He's the One. That's it. He's it. Any other kind of freedom is not a freedom at all, but merely a way to keep people slightly happy while still enslaved to their sin and the head-cracking hegemony that only goes so far to rein it in.

He is the "liberation from bondage" as the seder presenter said is the theme of the Passover commemoration.

The most prominent way World operatives go ballistic spewing out all kinds of pseudo-freedoms is through two key institutions: higher education facilities and mainstream media outlets. The people who work there hold the megaphones to seduce a World population whose psyches are filled with the virulent precepts of humanism drilled into them by those given the immense power and authority to do so: the Society of Jesus. Before you think these people have anything to do with the real Jesus of Scripture, know that this is part of the grand ruse. A fake Jesus marketed by fake disciples from a fake church hawking a woefully fake freedom.

An example of this occurred one night when I happened to catch a bit of "The Newshour" on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumter marking the beginning of the most seminal point in U.S. history, the American Civil War. Three guests appeared, all celebrated college professors, all touted as experts on all things Civil War.

They were introduced after the results of a survey were shown, indicating that most people in this country believe that the war was much more about federalism than it was about slavery. The three experts all dismissed the findings with disgust, gushing that the real cause was slavery and effectively implying that anyone who thought otherwise were idiots.

Oh how boldly and fiercely must you lie when you hold the World's megaphone. This PBS forum extended no alternate view. No professors were given the opportunity to graciously and articulately offer a perfectly reasonable contrary view. The reason is simple.

These people have to convince you that slavery does not exist anymore. It is their very reason to live. These professors have been taught, indoctrinated, brainwashed with the idea that whites must persistently wallow in the most consuming guilt for the rank oppression of the antebellum black population, and that all measures must be taken to keep that flame alive. It is their zealous crusade to stridently shout "That group of people were oppressed, we've been the ones to free them, and we enlightened ones are the ones to continue to fight the cause of liberating any who are in any kind of bondage today!"

The problems with this benighted thinking are manifold. For one, not only is the world is racked with all sorts of modern-day forms of slavery -- you know them: human trafficking, overwhelming debt burdens, frightening tribute obligations -- but those things are put in place by the very same people who claim to work ever-so valiantly to end it. It is actually a very profitable racket. These professors are part of keeping the slavery thriving, then they can hop on their high horses and get paid extraordinarily well for the pretense of rescuing people from it.

The most insidious problem is that the "It was all about federalism" people and the "It was all about slavery" people are both right, but they haven't a clue about how they are. As devotees of Cain's legacy, they too are out of the presence of the Lord and just can't get how it all works. Like those professors, they're puppets moving their lips to blap whatever it is they are supposed to blap to make themselves look like they really know.

The truth is that the Civil War was a finely choreographed, deliberately managed affair to expressly consolidate more power in the hands of Caesar, a perfectly legitimate duty of Cain's agents. More power to the federal government would eventually mean more intimate administration of the means to disseminate humanist doctrine throughout the populace. Ostensibly ending a scourge like institutionalized racist enslavement would direct the people's attention away from the plethora of other equally abominable compulsions that are just as rife today as they ever were.

But this is all the way it is supposed to be.

A nation of sinners requires the most ferocious head-cracking by a force with seven times more power than anyone challenging it. In fact, take a peek at the 13th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the one that supposedly ends slavery once and for all. Take a look at it, go ahead. It essentially says, "No more slavery, except..." Not very conclusive as an item that truly fully takes out slavery.

Which leads to the only real liberation from any bondage...

The Subject of the Passover.

His blood is the only thing that frees.

From sin. From Caesar. From the psychological terrorism used against everyone who rejects Y'shua's merciful love and denies His saving power.

Look at what Elijah says and pay attention.

Your freedom depends on it.