Saturday, August 01, 2009

Value Assessment Regulation - It's Expensive!

I've been seeing a lot in the news about executive compensation, particularly for those in financial industry companies. Apparently there is quite a snit about the hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid to employees of the major banks and investment firms.

As I watch this I think about the righteous indignation expressed by both government officials with microphones and jealous complainers having microphones shoved in their faces. And then I wonder...

Who's paying them that money?

I just find it funny that there is so much railing against it that Congress is weaving bills together that would put limits on that pay. But then, why do they feel that they have to do that? Sure they consider that since these institutions have receiving some amount of government bailout money they should be subject to reasonable oversight by those in charge of the rescue largesse--namely the feds.

But that still doesn't answer the question. Remember it?

How do the bankers and investment giants get the money into their quivering little hands to begin with?

You do know there can only be one answer. That answer is--oh this is too easy--people willingly hand it to them. Yes, it is that simple. But there does seem to be a disconnect.

Millions upon millions belch, "Here's gobs of money I must pay you to manage my value." And then in the very next breath, "I hate you for having that much money."

The key comes in understanding the reason these guys get that much. The answer to that is in that very first statement there. There's what it is all about, do you see it there?

The management of one's value is a very expensive service.

Really, that's all they're doing, managing the value of those who ask them to do so. Some of that even involves asking the value assessors to take the representation of their customers' value--their dollars--and turn it into more. Nothing wrong with honest capital movement, but far too often "capital movement" is merely shifting around ownership claims of large considerations of value.

Indeed, it is a very very very very very expensive service, because much of it involves making sure the required deceit that must be used is not as much kept out of sight but marketed as authentic respectable capital movement. I'm afraid this does require very very very large monetary incentives so those who do it so well will stay on board to keep doing it...

Yes, keep doing the thing vast numbers of World inhabitants demand.

I mean, really, is not the gobs of money going to the Goldman Sachses of the world just a plain testament that people cannot manage their own value? In other words, isn't this just proof that most people just don't have a clue about what is right and true and good?

And isn't it further proof that because there must be laws put in place to regulate it all, people are plainly doing things that are not right and true and good? And in this sense, is this not a bold indication that people are just really, ultimately


What difference does it make if you can swing the big salary with the big bonus and the big retirement account held by a big investment firm and you can be a big shot with all the big people pretending to do big things for big groups of customers and getting big government to do a great job of waving its big finger at you so everyone thinks you're still really big?

Sounds great, except that...

You're dead.

Oh I don't have to prove it. It's already proven, but you haven't been paying attention. Or maybe you do know, but like Cypher in The Matrix you're simply too captivated by the fake steak and fake wine.

There is a real-life red pill you can take and have your value assessed so phenomenally that you'll easily discover that the fake steak is rancid cardboard and the fake wine sewer water.

His name is Jesus Christ, and He assesses value so phenomenally that when He died for you for crap that you've been pulling ("I want to be a big shot with a big salary and a big..." Heh! What a crack-up...) He was doing the one thing the most authentically genuinely truly ultimately anyone can do for real true genuine ultimate value assessment:

He loved you with His very life.

So on the one hand you've got rabid covetousness at every World level, which is just death, really, no matter how big everything around you seems.

Or, on the other hand, you've got love. And life. And Him, the best thing you could ever have--the phenomenal interaction with someone who values you, really does value you...

(I elaborate a bit more on the whole value thing here.)