Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Cult of the Mainstream

I read a very disturbing piece today from The Atlantic about the International House of Prayer, a controversial church organization in Kansas City. Don't even remember what it was called, but you can surely find it online pretty easily. Was something about the seven signs of a cult.

The article presumed that the ways this church identifies a cult actually applied to them because they exhibited cult-like behaviors exactly like the ones they censure, and it all involved a young woman who killed herself with the implication that she was just in too deep with all the overly devout religion stuff.

Now please, I'm pretty much with the idea that intense emotionalism in church settings, no matter how expressive the devotion to Christ, often covers for lack of conviction about truthful things. Got that. I also acknowledge the concerns about IHOP, I too have read and heard things that could easily be considered "cultic". Got that too.

But the reason IHOP gets in trouble has nothing to do with it just being too damn religious, which is really the upshot of The Atlantic piece, and it is the upshot of a lot of what the World spews out about how those pesky deluded fundamentalists are just so criminal -- I mean look! A bright young woman committed suicide! That has to be their fault in some way!

One of the main reasons IHOP is off base with whatever considerations there is about what it should be doing to behave more righteously is because it is already connected to the World System in ways that do compromise its true devotion to Christ. It does this by being a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. But frankly just about every church in the country is, so it is either speaking from both sides of its mouth -- World or Kingdom? Caesar or Christ? Which is it? -- or it is so cowtowed to World System mainstreamism that anyone who actually says and believes that this Jesus fellow is real -- and that sin and Hell and Satan and World System evils are real for that matter -- are to be punished with the most vigorous objections in the loudest possible terms.

My question is this.

What does The Cult of the Mainstream look like? Where does this guy, the author, go when he needs to know the authentic truth and grace of things? In the piece he even said after enduring the extremism of the IHOP environment he'd eventually sauntered off to some mainstreamish type church to just get his head on straight -- that was the idea anyway. I just wonder, what did he find there? Authentic fulfillment from the World System Stepford people who simply parrot the System dogma in the name of rabid rejection of dogma?

Don't get me wrong. He may have surely met very nice people who genuinely have Christ's heart in their devotion to Christ. I'm not that cynical.

All I'm saying is that whenever I read stuff like this, I just feel great sorrow. It is just more of the Jesuit fed slop that smart, wonderful people just keep schlurping up, and I grieve at where that is leading. Check out this from Raiders News Network. I don't think Cris Putnam et al truly see the origins of the massive human sacrifice scale they so deftly identify, or how much people are being played with it all, but they do a great job of elucidating much of what's happening with it.

The Mainstream. Just the holding area until people get dumped right into Hell.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The 3,000th Human Sacrifice - Eh, Whatever. Err, Wait! I'm Supposed to Care? Well, Okay Then! Oh!

I had to post a follow-up to the last post about the wretched condition of a world consumed by darkness. The latest was the recognition of nearly 800 forgotten deaths of children born to some the most tragically marginalized people, sexually abused women.

I had gotten the idea that the remains were physically discovered, but apparently they were merely found by someone filing through the records kept at the time. Still, apparently there have been anecdotal tales along the lines of "Mommy, look what I found in the empty field down the road" as the skull of a small child is held up for inspection by an adult expressing the requisite incredulity.

I simply had to add a remark about something the author of Philomena had said in his op-ed in the Washington Post, something that more fully reveals his own intractably Catholicist sentiments. What does this mean, Catholicist sentiments? It means that as much as he and a huge portion of the world rage and rail and rant at the Roman Catholic Church, they are just as much in its throes until they actually volitionally get out. But getting out can only mean something without extremely agonizing discomfort if one does so in the embrace of Christ. Buuut... these people are convinced the Catholic Church is the repository for all things Christ -- even though that Christ is a phenomenally ingenious counterfeit -- that they consider all they have is that, so they continue in their hopeless, hapless crusade to make things within it all better again.

Crushing. It is. So many, so lost, so sorrowfully drowning in a cesspool of World death.

This author, Martin Sixsmith, said that one of the key problems is that the Church always stigmatizes unmarried sex. There you go. For one, unmarried sex is the problem, not the stigmatizing of it. For two, the stigmatizing of it is and has been done by an institution that is and has always been about rigid law enforcement. Have unaccepted sex and the law comes down hard. Put these two things together and what do you have.

Powerful men sexually abusing women and being allowed to get away with it because they are the ones using the weight of the law to protect themselves. They've got tons of help from the Society -- that military ecclesiastical organization that works it all out so these power-brokers can stay in power enabled by the very people who are exploited. It is indeed, a horrific body of death.

Sixsmith and the typical Catholicist's solution is to unstigmatize sexual relations by empowering women through humanist solutions, in this case letting her have just as much sexual "freedom" as the exploitive men have had. Oh, that's nice. Keep people, men and women, stuck in exactly what is so benighted about the whole thing to begin with.

The gospel solution is to introduce people to Christ from whom people can know what is true and righteous about things, including what the proper relationship between men and women should be. This way women are not only empowered as they should be by way of understanding who they were created and redeemed to be, but also it holds men responsible for their actions, in this instance to actually love others as Christ did, including treating women whoever they are with the deepest respect, care, and understanding.

Wow! What a concept! Thing is the Catholicized individual knows nothing about this idea, because, yeah, it actually treats Jesus as if He's a real person! Someone who actually knows what's going on and wants to be in the mix to heal, restore, and save. Wow! How about that! You mean, Jesus is... Jesus is real?! Not just some fairy tale religious figure?

The key is something I cannot emphasize enough. I really don't think anything will change until people start to more fully grasp the idea that World inhabitants moved to think and feel and behave by World operatives in Cain's employ will always do human sacrifice. They must. Always. Acts of sexual aggression against marginalized women are acts of human sacrifice. Leaving the products of such unions to the worst conditions contributing to early deaths are acts of human sacrifice. They still happen today, as Sixsmith and so many others themselves insist. Why don't we hear so much about these kinds of things? Well, because the media don't share them with us, and today it is so much more sanitized because in many cases these children are just murdered before they are even born. Abortion -- standard human sacrifice practice.

Don't think it qualifies as human sacrifice? How about these stories that seep past the megaphone-holder screening grunts of the System: that aborted fetuses and fetal body parts are being fed into refuse-to-energy processors. Damn, if that isn't modern-day Molech feeding I don't know what is.

How about this feature of modern-day human sacrifice related to children? This story about all the underage migrants just showing up in Texas and Arizona immigration detention/processing centers. Hundreds of them, just showing up. Overwhelming the system.

My question is, how did they get there? For cryin' out loud, where are the parents? The guardians? Any adult with any consideration of these, yes, children?! Nothing from the media. Nothing. Just that they showed up, as well as gobs of information about golly gosh how noble and helpful all us American are.

Apparently what's been happening is that people in Mexico and Central American have been so inundated with the reality of how much our ribald codependence is as real as it is that they literally shuffle them off on any vehicle conveyance they can find, railroad cars heading north seems to be the one I've heard about the most. That sounds melodramatic, but I don't know! The fact is they are transported some way, with the help of some adults, and they make their way to the U.S. border. Along the way are helpful contacts willing to feed them and keep them on track until, viola! Here they are, across the border and in U.S. hands for the proper care, feeding, clothing, and processing of further attention.

I actually heard on the radio an NPR tease for a story about the situation: how heartbreaking it is for a child in immigration court sitting in a chair, his feet can't even touch the floor, it is so sad, so very sad. It is all designed to pull on the heart strings to keep promoting the humanist idea that the U.S. must be the rescuer of everyone.

This is human sacrifice. These children are being sacrificed on the altar of powerful people working industriously to look like they are doing something wonderful and honorable and splendid. The parents of these children -- wherever they are -- are being heaved on the altar too, being exploited by their home country's government officials who won't step out of their Catholicist sewer and be accountable for governing. To their credit (as it were) they can't because they are being played by the powerful business interests pulling their strings -- all of them being played by the elements of Cain's ecclesiastical agency which people refuse to acknowledge because it is indeed that very same Roman Catholic Church right around the corner from where they live -- my goodness it can't be that -- they are so nice and wholesome and nice.

Yeah, they are. They're supposed to be that. Nice and wholesome and nice. That's what Cain's agency is supposed to do -- I understand. I got you. You're right. No argument from me, please know that. It is unseemly to actually acknowledge all this because, well, because it is just so difficult. Addiction to the World System is so gripping, and that it hits so close to home, so close to what we're so used to.

Speaking of children, one last thing, one thing that just makes me hurt about all this, one more thing about the core facets of contemporary American human sacrifice.

I happened to catch a few, just a few, televised scenes from the 9/11 Memorial Museum dedication ceremony a couple weeks ago. The one that caught my eye was that of a children's choir singing "Somewhere" from West Side Story to the gathered masses. Right smack in the middle of this quasi-auditorium was a long concrete column from the remains of one of the original buildings.

There it was, standing erect, just like a modern-day obelisk. It was all so somber, all so severe -- but the whole thing was just a picture of the horrifically desolate Body of Death. The song wasn't even anything related to God, just "Somewhere there's a place for us" -- where? The worship of an idol, yes, this new obelisk idol was lit up and given great prominence -- don't think it wasn't given the proper reverence by the faithful. There was even a boldly displayed quote from Virgil, not from Scripture, but from the writer of the greatest literary work of World glorification there is.

And the quote doesn't even truly fit the context of the whole endeavor, as classics scholar Caroline Alexander, writing in the New York Times no less, points out. The quote, from The Aeneid: "Fortunati ambo! si quid mea carmina possunt, nulla dies umquam memori vos eximent aevo," as in "Happy pair! If aught my verse avail, no day shall even blot you from the memory of time," referring to two dutiful Trojan crack military officers who fought valiantly before being captured and brutally executed.

But then, why the criticism? All who live by Catholicist principles strive in Catholicist war. All who commit human sacrifice no matter how rigorously sanitized are themselves subject to be sacrificed with the commensurate proclamations about how lasting one's existence is in the memory of time.

Sorry. But I don't want to live in the terribly nebulous "memory of time." That's all the World has to offer.

I want to be in the embrace of the One who died and shed His blood for me simply because He loved me with His own life.

But damn.

Gotta go there.

Gotta go where He is.

And it just isn't anywhere near any of this.


I've put up some things on my webzine about The Culture War, and Human Sacrifice. Just some thoughts, including some on this Catholicist Nation thing, as well on The One Who Loves. Seven years ago I also wrote a home page piece about immigration and what I think it is really all about, that's here as well.

I've also long ago enabled the comments feature in my blog, but Blogger just doesn't have it enabled for me there for some reason. Don't know why. Would love to hear from you though. Email me if you have a sec.

Friday, June 06, 2014

The 800th Human Sacrifice - Yawn...

I simply cannot neglect to put a quick blog post down about that "discovery" of nearly 800 bodies of children dumped in a septic tank near a long-demolished convent that once served as a half-way house for unwed mothers.

I did put that word in that first paragraph, discovery, in quotes because one of the small items in mix of all of it is that people had already known about this mass grave of sorts but just shrugged it off as this thing or that thing -- I don't even remember the excuses, the whole thing was so wretched.

The deal is that babies and small children who didn't exactly receive the best care at this place and as such died, were pretty much just dumped, and since it happened so frequently those bodies just kind of piled up over a 30+ year period over 50 years ago.

Today on NPR's All Things Considered, journalist Alison O'Reilly elaborated on it all, and she echoed all the ferocious "It's appalling" sentiments. Sorry, but it made me think about Captain Renault in Casablanca. After the raid on Rick's he sanctimoniously bleats, "I'm shocked, shocked that there's gambling going on here" as he's handed his latest winnings. How many times do we see shit like this happening and watch people do the Captain Renault bit.

Thing is, how many times are we courageous enough to see that it involves human sacrifice?

I have my gmail account jiggered to get me any news or remarks around the cybersphere about human sacrifice. Right there -- an alert for anything labeled "Human Sacrifice." I want to know about it. Guess what I get? Plap. About half of what I get is about some song or musical group, looks like some kind of anime thing, Alice Human Sacrifice, don't know a thing about it. What's with that. Most of the rest is just tedious rehashing about what ancient primitive tribes did what kinds of pulsating heart yanking things.

Umm, excuse me, but where's the stuff about contemporary human sacrifice? Real meaningful commentary on how the most hifalutin out there are habitually throwing people on that altar all the time? In fact, there it is, in bright brilliant colors in front of us, and we just keep going "That's appalling."

A piece about all this appeared in the Washington Post of all places, by Martin Sixsmith, the guy who wrote Philomena -- I don't know anything about Philomena but apparently it is about a woman who was one of those unwed mothers, essentially considered trash. He wrote nothing other than this is not an isolated incident, and that the whole filthy mess is woven throughout the whole Catholic Church environment. The problem is that whole swaths of humanistically minded society already hate the Catholic Church and are fully aware of these kinds of abuses. Perversely they reveal their committed devotion to the Church they say they revile, however, by working to try to change it reform it fix it improve it censure it or do anything with it at all.

This is really what Sixsmith's conclusion involves. He details some of the more visible machinations, and then just whines. Those dastardly Catholic exploiters, we've got to do something about them. 

I'm actually very sad for them because they are being so viciously played. They will never grasp the truth that the Roman Catholic Church is Cain's ecclesiastical legacy and it will always do its business of keeping sinful people in line with the greatest religious fervor, fully authorized by God who sent it in motion completely out of His presence to do its thing, millennia ago. Cain was allowed to have free reign to reign, not just to build a city and set up an entire culture of awesome things so people can make an idol of that awesome culture, but to employ expert military-style deep-politics operatives to ensure that enrapture is fully entrenched.

Something O'Reilly said in that interview struck me. It was something megaphone mouthpiece holders regularly say to divert attention away from the crimes the Church commits, you know what that is...

"Society is just as much to blame. Ordinary people just let it happen." That's pretty much what she said.

It made me think of two things. First, who are the ones who are teaching people in this society of ours to do that voodoo that they do so well? Who are these men so adept at not just teaching people but to hypnotically compel them to believe and think and feel the way they do? These teachers are not only geniuses at girding the human sacrifice hell that thrives all around us, but they are super-geniuses at convincing us to fiercely dismiss all the ways human sacrifice is committed today. Here's a catalog of all that, by the way, but, alas, I've never seen this webpage or any like it referenced in my gmail alerts.

Secondly, she said "Society" is responsible. I truly think that reference, Society means something a lot more specific than just a nebulous glop of people.

If it is responsible, this Society, then she's revealing a lot more about what's going on.

Want to know?

Then ask Christ to let you see.

Yeah, without Him, forget it. And then after a few more proud "I'm appalled" blurts, we can go back to gleefully heading off to our benighted Alice Human Sacrifice obsession or whatever it is.