Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Why Did They Do Nothing?"

Right after the Los Angeles Times regaled us with the latest news of the day, at the top of the second page were these words, those in the title of this post. They were the words Sandy Banks used to title her piece, her remarks about the Penn State sex abuse scandal. In it are the typical laments along with all the "They had to know because..." stuff.

Well, Sandy, I can answer your question. In fact, I can even share why you even ask the question, and it doesn't have anything to do with your moral excellence or superior assessment skills. You ask the question because you are a shill for the World operatives whose job it is to get people riled up about things which they provoke, foster, and encourage as a matter of practice.

For you see, Sandy, if asked the question "Why does no one do anything about sodomy? Or adultery? Or promiscuity?" I'd venture to say that a progressive culturally hip individual such as yourself would say something like, "Well, people can just choose to do what they want. We are a sexually liberated society. Don't be intolerant."

As comical as this kind of response would be in light of her alarm at the Penn State affair, I actually feel a bit of anger at this brazen expression of iniquity, but I mostly feel sorrow. Tremendously visceral sorrow.

Last Saturday I went to the memorial services for a wonderful student of mine who I taught and coached eight years ago. He was an airline flight attendant, and he was murdered in his hotel room while on layover in Mexico City. News reports have claimed that he allowed a male prostitute to come into his room that evening. My former student was found the next morning naked, bound, and strangled with a belt around his neck. His things were strewn about the room.

I later discovered that he had been in a homosexual relationship with a gentleman, and it was said the prostitute resembled his boyfriend.

At the services there was grief all around. Completely understandable. But do any of these people have a clue about the extent to which their sexual sin or the wholehearted endorsement of its practice led to the death of my former student?

Do Sandy Banks and anyone who simply refuse to call on the name of the Lord have the faintest idea why no one did anything to keep my former student from succumbing to the world that contributed to his death? Why no one did anything to help protect the victims of the Penn State predators? Do they really? Are they just the most hypocritical fools on the planet, or is this more of the insidious apparatus of the World System and its operatives to get people to keep thinking that they are the only purveyors of good even in and around their sneering revulsion of them?

"Rahr-grr-arrrgh WE HATE YOU ___ [fill in the blank with priest, president, banker, top college football program head coach] but we know you manage our sinfulness so we have the most perverse affinity for you after all."

Are there just so many who refuse to see the putrid wretchedness of this state of existence? It is indeed the very reason to have an agency of Cain, the leaders and followers of which haven't the faintest idea of Who is the way out of this body of death.

This is all death. No matter how much ultrarighteous-sounding folk like Sandy Banks hold up their megaphone plapping out their faux indignation, it'll never ever stop. It's all death, the foulest ugliest death covered with sweet vanilla World frosting.

The only way to have The Kingdom -- and freedom from all this -- is to turn around, acknowledge that not only will no one do anything but they won't because the problem is the charred, smoking wicked hearts in each of us, the perpetrator and perpetrated alike. The only out is to take the hand of the One who genuinely and eagerly invites us into His Kingdom.

Even when we confess it's really really really hard to not be sinful anymore, He knows that, He died to take care of that business, and all we have to do is let Him do His work.

Stay with the World?

Then they will do nothing.

And it'll happen all over again, and other Sandy Banks types will ask the same question over and over and over and over and over again.

My latest home page piece has a bit more about The Answer.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

It's Just Not That Hard to See The Lie

Matt Miller had a piece in the Washington Post last week that basically said, in so many colorful words so it gets into the Post to begin with, that the world is imploding under the weight of its gargantuan lie. I wanted to include his remarks in my own latest home page piece, but the point can be weighed down a bit too much I think.

The Answer is already there. Just not hard to see. Unless of course your sight has been seared by the World and you are simply too blind to see it. Or your sensibilities have been yanked by the Operatives that it sounds like the ugliest blithering.

What is happening with Europe and America and any part of the world that is not already shredded by the poverty brought about by the immense value extraction practices of the most powerful exploiters is that the value claims for stuff-all-around have been being so overstated for so long that it is starting crack under the weight of the virulent deceit exercised for the required human sacrifice that it is.

It is as simple as this. Derivatives claims right now are at about one quadrillion dollars. The estimated actual value of all the stuff on the planet is $250 trillion. That's a $750 trillion overassessment. The math is really not that hard. (If you want the more complicated version and the detailed reasons why, that is here.)

Asking Christ to make your own value assessments true, that is harder.

That's because he'll ask you to sacrifice yourself, put your life in His hands, and then go love people like you mean it.


Unless the massive implosion of the World's financial system and resulting eruption of sin management oppression is less painful.

Suit yourself.