Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Selective Reality Show

This past Sunday’s Doonesbury strip highlighted the great folly of buying into Caesar’s ruses. Please don’t misunderstand me, I think much of Garry Trudeau's humor is much more lame than progressives think it is, and I am instinctively repulsed by what the federal government is doing with the “ObamaCare” mess.

But Trudeau nails it here. All “tea-partiers” are doing with their vicious protestations is demonstrating their devoted allegiance to Obama and his power over their affairs. Oh Trudeau is just as much beholden to Caesar as the tea-partiers, he’s just got his own ideologically profane spin on things. Trudeau tosses his grenades in the culture war, much like the media recently have succeeded in launching their missiles linking Republicans with the most obscene tea-partiers.

I do respect the principled stand tea-partiers are taking, but it is just as veritable that they don’t realize how much they’re being played by forces they refuse to identify much less understand. In fact the most visible ones are merely stooges who inflame those passions, sentiments which only mean anything if indeed the object of their scorn was significantly meaningful to them.

Seriously, if the tea-partiers actually cherished authentic freedom, what could anything that Barack Obama and the Democrats do have to do with them? If they were genuinely free to live richly and sustain a thriving, loving, charitable community, why do they need anything that Obama offers? Why complain about a legitimate service he is selling to those who want to buy it?

I believe the unequivocal answer is that they want Obama, they need Obama, they even worship Obama. It is easy to see how unequivocal it is simply by looking at the expanse of their objections. Not only does their expressed disdain give them away, but it testifies to how much they are being played by those powers. The more rebellion, the more Caesar is justified in doing his job. Everyone wants job security, and Caesar is no different. As long as people work to rearrange the terms of their contract, he can mercilessly prosecute them for doing so.

The same Sunday the Doonesbury strip came out the Los Angeles Times had a review of a book about conspiracy theories that was pukifyingly smarmy—I mean what World megaphone holder’s approach to the plain conspiracies in front of our eyes isn’t. In it was mention of an interesting technique Caesar’s operative uses to manage the System's profound influence over World inhabitants. It was called “selective revelation.” It is the idea that the government controls what information gets out about what people (cough cough "terrorists" cough cough...) Not really a surprise, but it is a very cool euphamism. “Selective revelation.” Oooo…

Funny thing is the media already do that with everybody and everything. In fact that this is firmly declared to be a sinister government thing is just another ruse to keep people thinking that the media don’t do it. And this universal health care vs. tea party battle is a classic case of selective revelation. “People!” the World megaphone holder bellows. “Get really riled up about how much you’ll have to pay for other people’s needs! People! Make sure you're sneering at this bad thing here, here! Over here! Look!”

Never mind that the real issue lies in the hearts of evil people. That Barack Obama and all those legislators are doing precisely what much more powerful but deftly disguised powers are requiring that they do. That the more you complain about them the more you reveal your true loyalties and the more they are justified in cracking heads. That those heads to be cracked are yours if you’re the ones who’ve signed on with their enforcement policies and as such willing to pay handsomely for them to make it a bit less painful.

Much much farther away from these minds is the truth that there is One who frees from this body of death. That Jesus Christ rules in the Kingdom and there is where beauty and grace and joy and peace reign. That these things reign with the deepest and widest vengeance, so much so that Jesus spilt blood to see them manifest—His own blood.

And that the Kingdom may be experienced right now, among people who’d just let Obama and whoever else is Cain’s sworn minion do their thing—right there in the midst of the World. Is Obama the enemy of the follower of Christ? Of course he is. But if the follower of Christ did precisely what his Lord asks of him, what really is he or she expected to do with that? You know the answer…

Love him.

What that means, however, is understanding what he does with clarity and insight, and leaving him alone. It also means abandoning all the contracts and debts and obligations you have made to him and sharing the Kingdom of God with others by Christ’s love and only that love. It means sowing every dime you have to meet the needs of any and all around you, who’d see how sublime His love is through you that they’d find hope and meaning and life. (“ObamaCare”? Pshaw, what’s that?...) And this means you’d stop paying gobs of your income in tribute you wouldn't otherwise owe to all these people who have seven-fold power to slam you against the thick marble walls of justice but also can't hold a candle to the searing light of Christ. That is, unless…


Unless you are still just a Catholicist, someone pretending to be a follower of Christ and merely enabling the World System to continue its ruthless dominion over you. Then forgive me. Please. I sincerely do not want to be presumptuous.

I really don’t mean to intrude on the pleasure you have of screeching at the U.S. president whenever he comes on the TV. I don’t mean to barge into your enjoyment of the selective realities that command your attention. I don’t mean to derail your prefered lifestyle of fear and paranoia about how much these people can actually do to you.

And hey, it does make for a truly fun show. Just look at the Doonesbury cartoon.

Very entertaining, I must say.

Still contemptibly vile and reprobate, but still good for a nice show.

Some thoughts about the trudging through life in this Nation are here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The World Dynamic is All About Human Sacrifice

Sunday night I went to a very nice dinner with my folks and my daughter. As such I missed 60 Minutes, which I like to look at every once in a while to see what the World is blaring through its megaphone. I did want to catch Michael Lewis' take on the financial meltdown of '08, so I watched it online.

None of it was anything I hadn't seen or known about before. But I'd venture to say a few million or so who saw it were either (a) stunned about the inner workings of what happened or (b) further enraged over things they'd already been steamed about. What gets me is that nowhere do I see the true meaning behind all of what is going on. All I see is the rage, a lot of bewilderment, and quite a bit of shoulder-shrugging because so many know that they just want to be exploiters too.

In fact, one online commenter said about the 60 Minutes piece, somewhat sarcastically I'm sure but not entirely insincerely, "Where can I get a job where you get million dollar bonuses after your firm fails?!"

See, this is precisely where the World meets Kingdom Reality. The meaningful truth that Michael Lewis and hundreds of World pundits won't and even can't divulge is that no matter how much they say it's really just a few fat cats who are exploiting us all,  it is actually


Everyone is in on the scam. From the lowest of the dregs to the highest of the powerful.

Anyone who doesn't have the Son is a human sacrificer.

What gets me is that so few people see this, much fewer have the ganas to say anything about it. I know too well that very few if anyone will read this blog post, but I just have to write, I just have to, I can't help it. While it may be the case no one will see a tittle of what I write here, there is no excuse for people to refuse to heed God's word in the Bible.

I'm not trying to brag or be a big shot, but I was writing about the horrors of World value assessment long before Michael Lewis started putting the pieces together. FYI you can look here and here and here. But enough about me. Again I really don't give a rat's nard about people seeing what I say.

I just want to see people actually truly really seeing what God said.

And doing it.

And so what's really what with all of this? It is simple, really.

It is all about human sacrifice. No, this isn't some crazed blithering from an insane mind, though I've been accused of that enough times. Go ahead, call me a loon, I'm okay.

But I simply cannot see how stripping value from millions of people no matter what powerful hegemonic institution is doing it for however many patrons is any different than some official priest hacking the pulsating heart from a POW at the top of some ziggurat in the middle of some jungle. That the latter takes about two minutes (okay, ten with all the chanting and swaying thrown in) and the former takes dozens of years shouldn't make a lick of difference.

It's still human sacrifice.

It's still a whole bunch of people worshipping mammon and doing nothing other than hauling their victims onto the altar of investment returns and systematically hacking away with all the legal and constitutional protections they are afforded.

I read a piece today called "Five Lies About the American Economy."  It goes a long way in elaborating on some of the same things Lewis shared on 60 Minutes. I'm sure those who read it with only the World perspective filling their craniums will certainly rage and stumble about, as usual. Thing is they always forget the one lie that applies to everyone.

The most important lie of all:

You are a god.

Only by confessing to believing this travesty and extending a heart-rendering request for God's forgiveness can anyone see what's really going on. Entrenched World inhabitants will never see the human sacrifice for what it is because they are too much a part of it. It is only when they appropriate the Son's sacrifice for them can they give it up, step into the Kingdom, and look upon the horror with the most lucid understanding.

Until then, they'll just be gods battling it out for blood at every level--not just physical but emotional, spiritual, financial, commercial, political, ecclesiastical, institutional, everywhere and anywhere.

Hey, the newest film rendition of The Clash of the Titans comes out this week. But hey! Save yourself $11! You can see it all over the place, even in Michael Lewis' feeble attempt to expose things (and he will get a few million $$$ for his miniscule efforts).

I'm not jealous, really, I'm not. I don't care. Good for Michael Lewis. He did a lot of work to point things out. At least there's that. But the 60 Minutes piece ended with this statement from him that is exactly like every other statement at the end of every other "Errrgh-those-drated-Wall-Street-big-shots-I-so-hate-them-and-you-should-join-me-in-hating-them-too" expose. He said,

"And if you know you're gonna blow up AIG by putting $20 billion of bad subprime mortgage risk into it even though it's gonna be very profitable for you, you should stop and say this shouldn't be done."

Thuh end.
That's it. That was the end of the piece. Like that is so profound.
Well, it is actually. It is profound to the extent that Lewis is just confirming what's true, that these people are presuming they're gods. They're gods who really should've known better than to expose themselves so brazenly--they really should have lied much much better than they did. It shows clearly that these people are all still believing the very first lie of them all, and as all World gods will do, they will do human sacrifice. It is in their nature.
The only way out is by Christ.
And really truly actually giving it all up, going all the way over to Him in the Kingdom.
Completely sold out, thus losing yourself (and the World, by the way)
But getting your very soul back.
My most recent home page piece gets into human sacrifice a bit more.

Monday, March 01, 2010

If You Don't See Human Sacrifice Happening Everywhere, You Haven't Been Looking Closely Enough

My latest home page piece is all about vampires. The real vampires, namely all of us who go crazy stripping off the value of others trying to gain the world.

In other words, it's about human sacrifice.

Yes, even in today's modern, progressive, advanced, enlightened world human sacrifice happens all the time. In fact one of the most modern progressive advanced enlightened things done out there is to convince most people their human sacrificing is not really human sacrifice.

After perusing the editorial page of the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, I saw five great opinion pieces that serve as a great introduction to the piece. All five covering both the last pages of the entire section, all having something to do with human sacrifice. To wit...

First was Doyle McManus there urging president Obama to be brazenly partisan. This means get your one group to take over governance. He even called it "old-fashioned," intimating it's been around a while. Does anyone ever bother to ask who those in the enthroned group (in this instance the Democrats) are listening to? Who are they taking their orders from? What is the source of the world view that governs their decisions? And aren't those decisions -- particularly regarding rank value extraction to enable their exploitees -- just a form of human sacrifice?

Just underneath that on the page was a piece by Niall Ferguson, and he always gets right up to what's going on and does it so eloquently. But he only gets up to it, not at it. He writes, "Neither interest rates at zero nor fiscal stimulus can achieve a sustainable recovery if people in the United States and abroad collectively decide, overnight, that such measures will ultimately lead to much higher inflation rates or outright default." Come on, is this not simply saying that lots of people involved in human sacrifice are always on the verge of actually seeing how much of someone else's value they've hacked off or how much they've had hacked off by other more powerful exploiters? Why can't Ferguson or any other smart thoughtful individual see that? Oh, forgot, these are top-class World operatives -- forgive me...

Over to the next page is Chris Ayres moaning and groaning and moaning some more about taxes. It is actually a somewhat fun whimsical piece, but it screams with the pain of politically instituted oppression by taxation. The convoluted tax system makes it more likely people will rage against it all, perversely keeping the ragers more tied to Caesar so he can check their rebellious proclivities. The question here: how much more like human sacrifice can this be? Tell me, why isn't encouraging whatever allowances you can get anything other than "Chop off a finger every year for us and we'll give you a really good discount on how many toes you have to give us"?

Ralph Nader chimes in with a note about the whole Toyota crisis, and how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has failed to prevent this kind of thing. Yes we'd like authorized officials to help keep Toyota's from killing us, and most of us believe Toyota is not deliberately out to kill us. But everyone is asking, were there indeed things the company could have done to prevent this? If the answer is yes, then they should be prosecuted to some extend by a law enforcement entity instituted to crack heads over such matters. Nader is simply saying that enforcement should be even stronger, which simply means someone is doing really horrific things to someone somewhere. Not only that, but why be too draconian about it since they're such good business for head-crackers? Human sacrifice anyone?

Finally Marcia Meier writes of her schizophrenic brother, and while the piece is heartbreaking, the headline says it all: "Schizophrenic: Who Will Care?" As it is he's got some of his mother's estate, some payments from government, but in the end she asks what will happen when that runs out? "Who is responsible?" she asks, "Who is responsible for them all?"

Wow, those last two questions are the best ones of all.

After committing the most notorious act of human sacrifice on record, Cain asked "Am I my brother's keeper?" at which point God sent him out of His presence to make the greatest city ever to stomp around and be his brother's keeper for all those who refuse to call upon the name of the Lord. Those presently working and striving and governing in that city will prop up their brother, enable his reprobate behavior, and hack off their cut. This standard form of human sacrifice was all over this Times editorial section.

Those who've left it and gone into the Kingdom under the lordship of Jesus Christ have already had the sacrifice taken care of. Jesus shed His own blood to free them to sow beauty and wonder and goodness into the lives of those they encounter. Their love abounds because it is self-sacrificial, and as such the bounty of ecstatic joy and abundant provision is overwhelming.

The difference is elucidated a bit more in my March-April home page piece, where all the questions above are given some more penetrating consideration. I'd love for you to read it and share with me what you think.