Friday, May 27, 2016

Seminar on Wickedness

My friend Ben Bush has a fine Facebook site Politics of Heaven and yesterday he had a fine take on the mass firings of top personnel at Baylor, an erstwhile Christian university that is said to be Christian of some sort.

I was particularly taken by the magnitude of what is going on around the nation at campuses of all ideological stripes, this event was merely a symptom of what has been going for decades: the transformation of institutions of higher learning into breeding grounds for wickedness beyond the pale.

The sexual assault crisis is merely a part of that. For years now college administrators have been pulling their hair out wondering what they could do to rein in the effects of the sexual revolution. California has even passed a sexual consent law (other states may have these too, I am just not aware that they do) which declares some kind of meaningful consent must be issued before a sexual encounter may occur. It has whimsically been called the "No means no" law, and it is indeed a joke.

Colleges now are inundated with sexual assault complaints and are throwing up their arms about what they can do about it. Because the administrators/coaches at Baylor did not do enough, at least by virtue of what the board thought, they got fired.

But what of it?

What would you do about it?

As it is, there is one sure-fire way to end the problem right now. Make it a criminal offense to engage in sexual activity before marriage. If you engage in any sexual activity outside of the marriage bed, it is a criminal offense. Establish a law that respects the principle of Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5, and Ephesians 5:31.

That's the yes means yes and no means no principle that has been around forever.

Ahh, yes, but will that happen? Of course not. Too many people worship at the altar of lascivious sexual activity, grounded in a fully entrenched humanist mentality, so devoted are they to these gods that this will never happen -- at least not anytime soon. Just looking at that, "a law against sex" as it would be considered -- Too oppressive! Too autocratic! Too draconian! Come on this is the 21st century!

And please note, I'm not in favor of a law like that to put a bunch of people in jail, I'm in favor of a law like that because that law brings condemnation so people will see their wickedness in bright bold colors.

Then they can seek out a rescue from such death, and that rescue is Jesus Christ. He is where there is freedom, joy, peace, healing, wholeness, salvation, mercy -- all that.

Thing is, in the name of "tolerance" and "open-mindedness" and "civil rights protections" and all that other foolish casuistry, Caesar will still put in place extraordinarily draconian laws to govern the things they think are subject to prosecution. What do you think would happen to me if I should truly form a legitimate movement to outlaw sex-outside-of-marriage which would include the strict prohibition of aberrant forms of sexuality like homosexual acts?

What do colleges already have in place to prohibit that speech activity?

Safe zones and trigger warnings and microaggression classifications and so on and so on. If I'm not actually prosecuted I will certainly be completely marginalized, and this would involve inflicting tremendous hardship on my livelihood.

And what if I were to boldly share the gospel in vibrant, articulate ways -- speak about Jesus as the only way of escaping all this crap? That's a hate crime also, because of the criminal microaggressing against other beliefs systems considered just as valid.

They come strong against their straw-man Jesus, and can't see how the real Jesus is their only hope.


Still, followers of Christ can pray.

Maybe, just maybe the abject horror of this whole situation will sink in deep among so many that there may just be some critical number of individuals who will see Christ for Who He Is, and turn to him.

As I put this post together, I can't help but think about the insane irony of all this. A sexual consent law is already a law against sex outside of marriage. Really. Think about it. A sexual consent law is already giving Caesar the power to govern your sexual affairs, in whatever way that is. Indeed his is the law that is specifically targeted at putting you in jail for violating it. That law already is announcing to the world that sexual immorality is a horrifically destructive thing.

The key is that unable to see Christ and the freedom therein, most people believe Caesar is the only individual who may be their savior, so droves and droves writhe about in the most pathological rent-seeking to get his "loving and caring" government to favor their intractable wickedness. It involves power and money and tribalism and a lively adherence to postmodernist philosophy.

The answer?

The Kingdom.

It is the contrast to the World with its oppressive and draconian laws and bylaws, perfectly legitimate to execute justice as it must. The Kingdom has marriage blessings, the World has sexuality classification obsessions destroying the richly transcendent value of men as men and women as women.

And it isn't just some nebulous thing called "the Kingdom". It is the myriad followers of Christ authentically being the Kingdom to those who see the World for what it is and want, yes, for the 57,000th time...


Monday, May 23, 2016

The Kingdom Think Tank, Part II

In my last post I brought up a few more items happening in the financial world that ever-so expose the benighted state of the world and the System provocations that engorge it.

Right after I'd posed questions about the whys and wheretofores regarding negative interest rates and large cash denomination removal recommendations, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blithered on about what he would do with the United States financial footing once he's in the executive office.

Essentially, Trump said he's going to spend gobs of borrowed money to make America great again, ya-da ya-da, and if the U.S. economy tanks, well, he'll just "make a deal."


Lots of financial prognosticator economic brainiac pundit types went off on what this or that means regarding bonds and Treasuries and interest rates and reserve currencies and on and on and on. What Trump's blapitude does mean certainly is one key thing.

World inhabitants are worth waaay less than everyone is trying to make them out to be.

Trump seems to feel that he's such a big shot in bad-ass deal-making that he can just tell someone like China, "Hey, lend us money, but if we're really more crappy than you think, then we'll just give you a reeeally nice haircut."

Ahem. I can't see how this isn't a presidential candidate that a whole grip of people will vote for telling one of the other military superpowers in the world to just go to war with us. Go ahead, "make my day."

Oh but yeah, there's the 14th amendment, which says we can never default on our debt. Thing is, what does that mean if we simply don't have the capacity to make good on our promise? I guess we can cut a deal. Annnd -- that's what Donald Trump is for!

Thing is, now there're negative interest rates screaming we're worthless, there're calls for cash removal screaming we're worthless, and now the brazen announcement we're not good for our debts is screaming we're worthless.

What about the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing policy ad nauseum? That's nothing other than buying up shit no one else wants to try to prove it's not really shit. That kind of screams people are kind of shit. Um, reference my latest home page piece where Jared Vennett in The Big Short calls it nothing other than dogshit. There ya go.

How about this recent thing with the Panama Papers? You know, the revelations that rich powerful people are socking their dough in offshore accounts by the trillions. And not just rich and powerful people but rich and powerful political people -- so what kind of "rent-seeking" is going on there?

And then there are all the rich and powerful companies that are themselves sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. Ya know? I wonder where all that money is. Really. Where? I read somewhere that a lot of it is just being used to buy up real estate, something in which they can hold the value somehow, someway. They sure aren't investing it in anything. Why? Really, what is there to invest in?

I'm convinced these companies aren't spending the money because they don't see anything worthwhile to invest in.

There was a recent piece I glanced at, I think it was Time magazine about Larry Summers and his blithering, and the question was asked, something like, "Why is deflation always hovering about?" They gave all the standard economically erudite responses, but I know why.

It is because all these people with gobs of money know they can't hide, information technology has prevented them from keeping in the shadows. It is too easy to see what a loser you are, so the money is simply not getting out there! Money is just being hoarded because of the terrific fears of being found out.

While I confess I am just a mild-mannered Economics teacher, I'd love to get deeper into all this

from a Kingdom perspective.

Oh how I want to do that. But who has that? What institution of higher education is not a 501c3 non-profit of some sort? What think tank knows about Christ and believes fully on Christ to the extent that it would dare to have in its employ scholars and lawyers and business managers who would actually articulate the truths that every dollar spent is an investment in someONE and that the World does "investing" through human sacrifice and that a Kingdom organization fully abandoned to Christ can never fear.

And that followers of Christ would do miracles in the lives of all around drawing people in droves to God and the truest riches one could ever have.

Yes, there is truly only one reason I blog and webzine and all the rest of it, and that is to draw people to Christ who is The Salvation and The Joy and The Eternal Life and The Mercy and Grace and Wonder.

I bring up things for people to think about here, and in my webzine.

I just pray it can all emanate from a bold, smart, courageous Kingdom think tank, I really do. I don't for a second decide who's worthful or not, I just see what people are doing and what it means. I just read Scripture and see what it says about the human condition...

and of course what God does in His love.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Kingdom Think Tank

As you know I'm very interested in value. What is the measure of a life, of an occupation, of a profession, of an achievement?... Anything we say has value is merely the projection of somebody. Could be a porcelain tea kettle made by a human, could be a blooming azalea made by God.

How does a thing -- a person -- have value, and what happens among us in and around all of that value assigning?

The latest System bastardizing of the value assigning activity today comes in a few items of note bopping about in our world.

Negative interest rates are being offered or are even finding their way into the financial system, which is really designed to discourage people from saving.

Since people can't save, retirement of large denominations and restrictions on what can be purchased with cash are happening, which are arranged to discourage people from hoarding.

Then there's this gem, being bantered about at the highest levels of academic bantering-about: universal basic income. This idea holds that every single individual in the nation should be handed a sum of money, say $10,000, each year. "Here ya go. Do with it what you want." We simply don't want anyone to suffer from lack in any way, now.

This, of course, would be implemented to make sure people with no value feel like they have value.

What in blazes is all this?

Lots of intellectually spasmodic blithering could be had with it all, but what's happening at its core is a vivid demonstration that the World System doesn't know about Value. All it is doing is laboring viciously to keep people gripped by the System. Promising really cool things to people suffering from economic illiteracy and Scriptural catatonia is a good way to do it.

And yeah, it seems more and more people are suffering from those things.

In my Los Angeles Times this Sunday there was a huge front page feature story about a guy named Nicolas Berggruen, some gazillionaire divorcing himself from his beloved wealth generating interests and devoting the rest of his life to building a think tank on prime western Los Angeles property, not too far from the Getty Museum. Yowza.

The story is mostly about his life as a rich guy, benefactor, cool LA dude, along with neat stuff about the plans for the building and all the rich smart people involved with the project. Yeah, there is a modest bit about his approach to the whole thing -- the thing his think tank will be all about:

Um, there's some philosophy and culture and some policy recommendations and just a lot of boffo meetings with lots of rich powerful people.

But there's just not a whole lot more than this bland mishmash of golly gosh hifalutin good things that'll help make things really good.

I thought, hmm. What would it be like if there was a real think tank for the Kingdom? Oh yeah, churches should be that, but so many are so tied to the System with their 501c3's that they just make for nifty God clubs.

But what if smart followers of Christ got together and did stuff to really introduce the Kingdom to people?

Yes, it would involve a good number of people, including a lot of rich lawyers and business people who authentically know Christ -- and yes, genuinely understand what the World System is about and how to share Christ with others from the Kingdom and not just another impotent subdivision of Rome merely spitting up the authorized mythology except with a more novel twist than the last time.

Oh, and the approach? A bit more substantive than most think tanks. Check out my webzine for more, but here's a page with a brief but robust prospectus.

Make no mistake. There is only one reason I write anything in my blog, webzine, anywhere...

It is to introduce people to Christ. With a lot of others -- from the Kingdom, everyone doing Kingdom things.

Wow. There are just so many people introducing people to the devil.

It'd be nice to see that change a bit.

I share this also to let you know about my latest home page piece, this one on paying attention to the rentier dominated world, getting more and more rentier dominated.

Are you paying attention?