Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Come Quickly Lord Jesus"

Just feel like blogging a bit of eschatology here. I just feel like it. I'm not a date-predictor by any means. But among the very last words in the very last couples of verses of the Bible are "Come quickly Lord Jesus."

What a wonderful matter that will be.

Thing is, here's what I see right now.

I see Russia and China both moving big-time on a thoroughly destabilized Syria. I seem to remember some Christians with some reasonable eschatological sentiments saying that Russia is the "Gog/Magog" of Ezekiel and China represents the "Kings of the East."

Israel has a powerful army and terrific security unit, and they are now mobilizing big-time in response to this. Some eschatological minds have thunk that the reason the U.S. does not play a part in last days prophecy is because it just isn't there. With a completely arrogant, incompetent president and a stunningly spineless, impotent Congress I'm beginning to see some truth there. I seem to remember when the U.S. took pride in sending statesmen on the world stage. Now it has whiny squabbling children. This U.S. idiocy may just be what God envisioned for these events in the Middle East to begin ushering in those last days.

Last Thursday the abomination of desolation spoke in the "holy place", and I think I remember some Scripture that spoke about that exact thing. The pope spoke of every World System precept there is, but nothing of the Kingdom -- what a phenomenal contrast of the two. I know the presumption is that the "holy place" refers to the re-built temple in Jerusalem, but the temple of Jupiter, the U.S. Capitol Building, is just as holy to World inhabitants.

I see wickedness increasing and increasing and increasing with the unbelievable things happening with all the sodomy and abortion wretchedness, and how much more these things are celebrated or excused away in the most vile ways. Jesus said out of that love will grow colder and colder and colder.

No wonder, "love" is re-defined as anything one wishes, and as such it must follow that love means nothing at all anymore. Family relationships are then vigorously re-defined, and as such it must follow that brashly narcissistic people will rail against any other family member, pitting as Jesus said mother against daughter, father against son, and all the rest of it.

My oldest son is getting married this Saturday. I am very excited. Just for the record I love my son and we have a fine relationship. My point here is I simply cannot help but think about that phrase, "Just like it was in the days of Noah, people marrying and being given in marriage..."

I think of the two witnesses, who are murdered and everyone celebrated. Why wouldn't those witnesses by the two babies in the video evidence of organ harvesting among fetuses that comprise the essential elements of Carly Fiorina's remarks in the last Republican presidential debate? In a very real sense the abortion supporters are celebrating those deaths in the name of "women's rights" and "women's health".

Yeah, it's a stretch to say those are the witnesses, I'm just making the point. The Planned Parenthood head spoke at a congressional hearing yesterday and said those who want to defund it are misogynists. Then I read a piece that indicated from the statistical evidence, as a result their abortion practices, Planned Parenthood clinics murdered 160,000 girls in 2013. So who's the misogynist? This kind of stuff absolutely breaks my heart, but it also infuriates me that someone can say the completely wicked things this Planned Parenthood gal said and no one does a thing.

Oh people say stuff, but where's the action? Sure we can "defund" or protest or rally or screech and holler and shout, but how about divesting?

How about getting ungrafted?

How about setting up establishments that have nothing to do with any of that?

Here it is. Right here. Click this link in this whole line of writing right now.

That's what you do. Why won't people join together and do this?

Because they're too Catholicized.

But that's not unexpected. When Cain's legacy captures your heart, it is near impossible for you to see Christ. Calvinists go all out and say it is fully impossible, that some people are just too far gone. I look at some people, just so utterly clueless, I wonder, maybe it is impossible. When I see what is going on with what so many people are doing to one another, I wonder.

It'd be nice. It'd be nice if the Kingdom were manifest in and through this and people would be free by the blood of Christ.

But then again, maybe the U.S. is just too lost and gone.

Not trying to make any prophetic utterances here. No dates, no boasts -- some of this is just me sharing from my soul. I also think about earthquakes and rumors of wars and people saying "Peace and safety" and lots of other things Jesus said to look for, but I don't know. People have said a lot of these things, and lots of rotten things have happened long ago in world history that get people to think Jesus is a-comin' fer sure.

I'm just talking right now, that's all.

I am, however, hurting because I just hurt for these people. All of them. What happens to me doesn't matter at all. I'm already in His mighty grip.

I just want to be a Kingdom-bringer, that's all. I just want to worship Him in Spirit and Truth with millions of others doing the same.

That's all.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Seeds From the Evil One, Still Sprouting

I live in California where we are told if we water our lawns we're evil. Never mind that residential use makes up a piddle (puddle?) amount of the water used in the state. Sure we need most of that water for agricultural purposes -- we all eat. But I'm also great with reasonable conservation activity.

On the corner of my street a homeowner with a perfectly beautiful front lawn decided to drink the Kool-Aid, however, and tear up that lawn and install other more "drought-friendly" landscaping. Why? Even with incentive rebates (which are not a whole lot, let's face it, and I'm pretty sure that money dried up a while ago) I just can't see why so many people are buying into the overblown anti-drought message.

Oh, wait, I know.

People still live in the deepest guilt with the most crushing shame.

Hey! How about becoming more drought-tolerant! That'll make me feel way better!

I'm fascinated with Jesus' parable about the seed-sower. There in the 13th chapter of Matthew. Seeds from "the evil one" are sown among the good seed, and it all grows. What to do? He says leave it until the last day, when the harvesters will take care of business.

Ya know -- damn that's scary.

Here's the thing. Today the Pope spoke to Congress in the Capitol Building. Did you just get that?

The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church was given the dais in the House of Representatives.

Do you know how apoplectic Americans would be if that happened even 20 years ago?

No, right now those weeds are growing really tall.

In a Tupper group post on Facebook, I wrote this:

"A day of celebration for the Society of Jesus. The extirpation of American Protestantism is seeing its fullest manifestation here. I do not consider this a wholly bad thing, as Protestantism has been slowly carved up for decades, the Jesuits relentless as ever. But all within God's plans. The Pope's speech was all about law enforcement, and as Scripture clearly states, 'The law is made... for the lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful,' and the Pope is legitimately assigned the job of administering that charge. The Capitol Building is indeed his domain. I look for the Holy Spirit now to move mightily among those who see it for what it is, want out, and desire the deepest, richest liberation in Christ."

Just watching all those representing all three branches of the U.S. government, who really represent all the people of this nation, just beaming and applauding there.

With an anti-Christ feeding and watering his garden...

This screen shot, however, is the one that is most telling. From the NBC web news site, with the pictures juxtaposed as is. I titled it what it is precisely: Insane Irony.

So many people haven't a clue that this guy is in charge of the operation that governs the things that led to the murder that happened in Mecca, and the sexual abuse that happened in small town America.

But as I said in that post, all of the body-of-death stuff that emanates from people's wicked heart and the pontiff's obsessive desire to manage it all must reach some kind of heightened measure before people start to really see it for what it is and turn from it in genuine repentance and be healed and saved.

I believe that does indeed involve worship assemblies and church communities gathering together to become truly ungrafted -- to stop being subdivisions of this august organization that was, yes, put into motion millennia ago by God Himself to do exactly what the Pope is doing and saying he's doing and have praises heaped upon him by the reprobate for doing.

It does what it does.

God does what He does, rescue people from it all by virtue of the shed blood of Jesus.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Reigning Wicked Sophistry

Here's the latest salvo from the extraordinarily powerful pro-sodomy voice. This billboard.

It's gotten some news coverage, I'd say more to keep raging sentiments stirred than to make any kind of logically robust statement about how sodomy is perfectly fine or anything like that.

Apparently it was posted near Kim Davis' environs, Davis being the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses as a declaration that she'd like to stand by righteousness rather than submit to the loud wail for institutionalizing sinful behavior.

When I first saw this, I thought about the image before I'd looked at the words next to it. It reminded me of another billboard, just as idiotic and as such you probably hadn't seen much of it. It had a photograph of a dog going "Moo" with something about being who you want to be even if it doesn't align with what others think. That kind of thing, you know, the message clearly: if you want to be a girl in a boy's body then you just go right ahead, you enlightened forward-thinking person!

The problem with that is that a dog is still a dog. No wonder it was an epic fail.

This one is as well. The wording here, essentially, "You can no longer give your daughter as a bride for a goat. We've already redefined marriage."

Excuse me, but the epic fail qualities of this message are just not that hard to see. May I?

First and foremost, marriage is something beyond ourselves. It has what is called an "ontological" nature, that is, it is a thing, a thing we can't simply redefine. It is already defined. Yes, I understand the pro-sodomy crowd disagrees, but on what basis? If their insistence that marriage be redefined because that's the way that is, then how can they argue against our insistence it is what it is?

Secondly, because a bunch of people have wanted to inject meanings about how they treat marriage does not obviate its ontological meaning. Sure there are cultures that have dowries and family arrangements and all the rest of it. Do those things take away from that meaning? Of course not. Some of those things are abhorrent, yes, but marriage still is as it is.

The most abhorrent are the ones that make marriage something it isn't. Polygamy is a classic example. Marrying anyone besides a compatible adult single individual of the opposite sex invalidates that arrangement as a marriage. Anyone can call it a marriage, but it isn't. It is actually something that destroys the people engaged in it, because marriage is a thing for a reason -- it benefits those involved in that arrangement.

This is where the debate from the pro-sexual-health, pro-family-health must be waged if it hopes to have any success. The more the debate degenerates into an issue about "religious liberty," the more the pro-sodomy forces will triumph.

Indeed the argument about "religious liberty" is screeched at the behest of the Catholicist voices that seduce people into thinking it's anything worthwhile. Because so many are beholden to Rome in so many different ways, they don't have the courage to simply step up and say words I rarely hear:

Sodomy and its wholesale endorsement destroy lives, families, and communities. As such, it is public health danger, and measures should be employed to stop it.

It doesn't matter how much they roll their eyes, how much they call us Neanderthals, or how many of them are doing it together with great ferocity, this is the truthful reality.

Sadly, Caesar is now a firm part of the enablement of the now rampant homosexualist message and practice, and as such it can now exercise even more law enforcement against the people who simply don't have the spiritual strength to resist the worst sexual crimes. I saw in my newspaper the other morning a story about fears that in California prisons will swell because of bills passed making felonies of possession of date-rape drugs and parole violations of convicted sexual predators.

And I see billboards like this.

My heart breaks.

Of course, I should add that the very best measure against it is the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.

But with so many churchy Christiany religiousy people so damned Catholicized, who is left to share that?

My heart breaks.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The God Algorithm

I see the Dow dropped another 500 or so points today. This was after a brief uptick, and that was after a major fall a week ago. Oh the volatility in the market! Oh the opportunity for those who can manage risk -- cha-ching! Oh the rank exploitation of value assignments among a world populace who haven't the slightest clue about how to value anything!

I've just posted my latest home page piece, and I'm just posting here now to give you the heads-up about it. Seems now the trendy fad is to value things via The Algorithm. Bitcoin, blockchain, the black box -- oh do we got it now!

Let's just put our trust in The Math!

Damn, everything is just math anyway, why didn't we think of this before? And WOW with faster and faster and fasterandfasterandfaster information processing, it'll be easy!


Most don't know diddly about value.

Just look around.

In a prominent news story I caught a number of those championing sexual abuse by sodomy say the most vile horrific things to a woman in Kentucky who as county clerk refuses to submit to the idea that institutionalized homosexual activity isn't wholly destructive of mind, body, and soul. The problem is the Catholicized media narrative is all about how she stands by her religious beliefs in this area. What does the convey? The idea that it's all just her Neanderthal beliefs that are in the way of progressive forward thinking.

No, how about sodomy should be firmly rejected because it destroys lives, and how about we argue from that solidly truthful position?

Point is, these people don't know the faintest thing about how to value another. They say "love who you want." Really? Putting ones genitals in the most insane places of another person's body merely to gratify profoundly deep-seeded sexual woundedness needs really qualifies as love?

They don't get value.

How about the whole Planned Parenthood thing? Righteousness oriented people do see the horror that is revealed by this, and that is a good thing. But it required videos of Planned Parenthood personnel speaking about harvesting whole aborted baby organs to wake up NOW? The fact that people are up in arms about this now shows how pathetically Catholicized this country is.

Wait wait wait! I thought the Catholic Church is against abortion. They are! But they are only against it because it gives them a platform to stand on and shout "Look at us and how much we don't like abortion!" If a vote were taken to completely end abortion like the one in South Dakota a couple years ago, it would not pass, because too many still want it to be around just in case. Really, that's what happened, essentially, with that vote.

This -- is -- insane.

Even right now people hem and haw about making sure tax dollars are not spent on Planned Parenthood anymore. You mean the defunding hasn't happened yet? And that's all we want? You mean every single Planned Parenthood operation hasn't been summarily shuttered with the most extreme prejudice, like, now?

People say they see but they don't. People say they understand but they don't. People say they know how to value things...

But they don't, by light years.

They just don't get Christ's love.

And that's where this must head. Yes we can censure all these nasty things, and that is fine when and where it makes a difference.

But what about The War Room factor?

See, The War Room is a film by those Fireproof and Courageous people what has a terrific drama mixed in with love-that-wins-out-after-all and a powerful gospel message. I mention this because I'd never heard of this film until some passing news mention of box office weekend successes was shared.

It was like, "Oh, and this dumb Christian movie finished 2nd at the box office this weekend."

Really? The -- what was the movie again -- The War Room? -- Huh, never heard of it!

Well, I looked it up, watched the preview, and by-the-way saw that the Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic reviews were sparse and dismal.


Dense Hollywood glommers won't give it the time of day or write that it is melodramatic preachy pap when it is nothing of the sort.

They just don't get it.

And what is the Kingdom dweller's response?

Exactly what The War Room is all about.

Get in your "War Room" and pray like crazy.

How about this.

Pray like crazy they'd find the value anything and everything by Christ poured out by His shed blood.

I'm sure that's what the movie is all about. I watched that preview and was blown away by the little that I saw. Didn't even need the whole movie to get the idea.

People can only value and understand and -- the most important thing -- love, by Christ.

Will they get it?

Yeah, too many of them are so spiritually lunk-headed, but you know, that didn't keep Paul from preaching from place to place to place to place to place when he was up against it.

We can do the same.

Anyway, my latest home page piece gets into more details about what I think genuine Christ followers could be moving on to be more powerful Kingdom bringers. Would love for you to read it. Send me your thoughts. Here's my email. Thanks.