Thursday, June 28, 2007

Useful Political Idiots

The political idiots were out in great numbers today, and while what I saw just about made me want to hock my lungs, I still weep for the abject folly that still sweeps through this land.

First, the widely debated Senate immigration bill did not get the procedural vote to move forward. It blows my mind that so many say so much about it, but no one ever says why it failed. I honestly don't think they can because they just haven't the teensiest of clues as to what that could be. I wrote about about what I think it is on my webzine's most recent home page article, which is here.

Second, a debate/forum-type thing was held for the Democratic party's presidential nominees at Howard University, a prominently black college. Needless to say the entire tone was about what these candidates would do for "people of color" if elected. The very first question was essentially "What will you do with the issue of race?" and the convenient springboard was today's announcement of a Supreme Court ruling that declared race alone cannot be used as a criterion for admissions to a public school.

You may be wondering what this is all about, since we all thought that was decided a long time ago with decisions like Brown v. Board of Education. The issue here, however, was that today some of the finer schools have been looking at whether or not an applicant is white or black, and admitting the black applicant in order to "foster diversity" and "provide opportunity."

So yeah, you'd think that a ruling that stated, "Hey, what's this with using race as a deciding factor? Let's stop that kind of unequal discrimination right now" would be applauded by all forward thinking peoples, but ahhh... we got wind of what the real sentiment is at this debate/forum thing.

Virtually each and every one of them assailed the ruling. Huh?

Now, I didn't expect anything less. It is the typical hypocritical idiocy that one sees in politics. It is obvious why, and it is supremely pukifying. The Democratic candidates essentially said to a cheering crowd of oblivious voters,

"We support anything that makes you all more of a class of whining helpless victims. This makes it so you'll like us more, because the more you are exploited and manipulated by powerful people, the more we get boffo political perks. If people discriminate against you based on your race, we'll fight that! If people discriminate for you based on your race, we'll support that.

"We just want to do what you want even if the most unprincipled ridiculous thing, because you're black and we're Democrats and that's the way it's supposed to be." (Whoops and cheers all around)

Again, the vomitory pandering going on there was, well, quite vomitory.

But ya know? That's how it is with the World. I could vomit my guts till the cows come home, but it won't change, it will never change, it has always been that way.

I only share this just by the chance maybe someone will see it for what it is, and perhaps realize that, yeah, the World does operate that way-- that is kind of crappy. They may even well ask,

But what else is there?

I have kind of an idea. It's there, at my webzine.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So, Yeah... Are We Really Our Brother's Keeper, or What?

Everyone waited with great anticipation as the Senate today-- pause for suspense-- passed the "Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to Consider S. 1639, Comprehensive Immigration Reform"! (Hearty applause from the gallery)

Ahem. What this blap does is permit the debate to drag on for what will ultimately be a completely futile effort to manage the immigration issue. Doesn't matter what happens, the bill passes or not, it's pointless.

I've devoted my latest home page piece to the real meaning of it all, and if you'd like to look in on it, it is here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Body of Death in a Nice Graph

An AP teacher in the College Board's email forum sent this out to everyone. A link to the "U.S. Budget Poster." There it is in all its glory, every discretionary expenditure of the federal government, graphically resplendent for all to see. Note that you can zoom in and peek around. It is at

What struck me is that the very first word at the top left corner, bright and large, is quite the appropriate term for what a World System tribute truly is, a human sacrifice operation in which huge shards of value are hacked off of productive individuals. Do you see it there? That term...


A bit more on human sacrifice is here.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"One Thing I'm Absolutely Not is an Absolutist"

A recent front page article in the Los Angeles Times featured the efforts of some in the pro-life camp who want to do away with all abortions completely once-and-for-all forever and ever in all cases.

They're called the absolutists in the abortion battle.

The perception of them is quite common: "Ooo, those evil absolutists, they always think in black-and-white terms about whatever it is they believe in. They're just a bunch of intolerant extremists."

Um, ahem, do you believe that, absolutely? Is this the extreme version of what you think about absolutism or just the pointless mealy-mouthed one we shouldn't pay any attention to?

The article speaks about the minority of pro-lifers who actively denounce the beaming endorsements of such government rulings as the upholding of the ban on partial-birth abortions. They do so for a number of reasons, among them the way the incrementalist approach still condemns thousands of babies to death, and the qualifications in those rulings that sustain other protections for murderers of unborn children.

While these things are very true-- they do indeed give a false impression of victory when babies are still slaughtered left and right-- what the anti-incrementalist voice doesn't understand is that

They too try to use the World's ways to stop abortion, and they too will ultimately fail in their efforts to save babies.

In other words, because they enlist the services of World devices, most notably the 501c3 non-profit incorporation, they proclaim themselves as just as much a part of the World that engages in the human sacrifice they so decry. When they do this, they effectively emasculate themselves in accomplishing what would get them to their goal:

No abortions ever for anyone.

As it is, the World marginalizes them as absolutist extremists, and whether they are or not, they are still portrayed as mean narrow-minded busy-bodies. And even if they did happen to do more than the incrementalists, let's say they cut the abortion rate from 21 per 1,000 births to 15, while the incrementalists get it to only 17, then what of it?

The incrementalist will cheer "Hey, we saved 4 babies! Woo-hoo!" But the absolutists can't exactly cheer the 6 they saved because their whole approach was zero to begin with.

Yes, yes, it should be zero. No babies ever aborted ever. Period.

But how do you accomplish that?

Think first about the new strategies the pro-lifers today are working on. Look at them, there at the end of the article. (These are the latest offerings of the incrementalists, by the way.) One, have laws that require women to be told how a fetus dies during an abortion. Scare tactics are fine, but what do you do then with a scared, lonely woman? That's nice.

Two, get government to sponsor warnings that abortions cause psychological harm. They need to be told this? I just don't think so. This'll help neither the ones who are sociopathically numb to it anyway nor the ones who know all too well already. Pointless.

Three, mandate doctors report detailed demographic and medical information about patients to the state. Good, good. Lots of counting and keeping track of things. That's what government does very well. I think those very small children with their limbs yanked off will appreciate that indeed.

All these people committed whole-heartedly to state management of the abortion issue, absolutists and incrementalists alike, obviously haven't a tinker's arse of a clue as to what the actual thing is that would get rid of all the abortions, every one of 'em-- really truly actually.

How about this radical idea?

How about they all get introduced to the God who loves them so much that He'd rescue them right out of this body of death?

If the abortion-minded individual knew there was Someone who loved them so much that He died for them, then maybe she wouldn't get an abortion.

I know, radical idea. Radical. Or, oh, sorry-- yeah-- absolutist. Ooo. Extremist. Yow.

But see, if I were a child in the deepest comforts of my own mother's womb-- yeah, wow, here it comes...

I'd want an Absolutist Extremist on my side. Someone who'd absolutely extremely keep me from being murdered.

Yeah. Someone like Jesus Christ.

Or maybe even just someone who is His flesh and bones, just someone who does not abide in the World with all its laws and requirements and all that, but someone who very simply says they follow Him and actually believes it.

That's what'll give us all the babies, born to those who know Love. It's the only thing that will.

For a bit more on this and the idea of cobelligerency in the abortion issue, look here.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Commencement Address: The Tazmanian Devil

Hooray for Mark Danner! He is a professor at UC Berkeley who so boldly exposed the true nature of political activity in his recent commencement address, reprinted in the Los Angeles Times.

Hooray for his honesty! Hooray for his sincerity! And above all, hooray for his folly!

His folly? Well, you can often learn a lot from someone who says foolish things.

To his credit Danner elucidates what government is all about, through the glowing transcription of a conversation journalist Ron Suskind had with a Bush administrative aide in 2004:

“The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’”

Danner is downright giddy about this, because he thinks he’s somehow discovered the secret modus operandi for the president’s nefarious schemes. And he is correct that they do these things! There it is, in black and white, the breadth of institutionalized deceit in a full confession straight from the horse’s mouth (this mouth was believed to belong to Karl Rove). In essence the government is saying “We lie as a matter of practice, but you are so jaded in your ‘reality’ that you’re not just impotent, but you look silly too.”

But, this is where the hearer of this monumental truth tends to take a huge bounding leap into folly. The entrenched World inhabitant goes into a pious rage, off to do his best Tazmanian Devil impersonation. You know the Tazmanian Devil, he’s the spinning growling creature that goes nuts whenever Bugs Bunny (who bears a striking resemblance to George Bush) does something to rile him up. Taz chases after ol’ Geor—er—Bugs in quite the foolhardy way, and every time he gets the whacking he deserves.

Danner is just another Taz, for while he does lay out the truth about deception, he commits three critical errors in his response. That’s okay— World inhabitants do it all the time. These mistakes are nothing new. Just had a thought, however, that much like the Warner Bros. cartoons, pointing them out here may enable those who happen to come across this blog to see them for what they are and humbly avoid the folly.

So without further adieu, I present each error (identified by the appropriate Taz signature rasp). Cartoon episode fanfare, please!

No. 1—“Rarr-garg, whaarll, yabble-rrrar!” Danner presumes this “strategy of pretense” is all brand spankin’ new, referring to George Bush as the first rhetoric-major president. This comment almost made me fall off my chair. Is he serious? The first? Does he really believe that anything any dutiful potentate has shared with the general public ever in history has not been mere rhetoric?

The truth is, Danner just doesn’t like George Bush, and he needs some novel rationalization to be really really angry with him. (Whoops, that’s Marvin the Martian, sorry.) Because it is so unfathomable that such an oaf as George Bush could wield such power, the Radical Selfists whom Danner speaks for must insist that any power he avows has got to be pretend.

They’re completely missing the point of what the Bush aide said. He didn’t say everything they did was pretend. He merely said that their job is to convince the people that they are doing things they don’t really do. Their job is to make alternate realities for those who ask them to do so, and Danner’s elaborate protestation is the flowering of his own deception. He too is seduced by those realities, because he details some of those government facades as if they were real, when he was just told they’re not.

Well, oop, there he goes letting himself get bonked on the head with a dropped anvil.

No. 2—“Yopple-snargg, werrrgl, macclrogg!” Danner takes as the truth the government’s lie that he and his Radical Selfist crusaders are the ones who are thinking in terms of real reality. But how can that be when that itself is a grand government prevarication? “Yep, they’re right, we’re the ones with the truth and they aren’t.” This is much like telling a slug he’s an eagle and then hearing him say “Isn’t that the truth, look at me flying above the mountaintops!”

Now, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Are you thinking of the statement “Everything I say is a lie”? Were you thinking of that? I thought you were.

Here’s the tricky part of it: Is the government saying this? Could be. The point is, if you knew about the government and what it does, you’d know that nothing it says can be trusted, even that confession of deceit. As much as you get sucked into this game, you are just as much deceived and in turn deceiving. Danner tries valiantly to declare himself above it all, but he’s just as much the rhetorical blitherer. He’s sloshing around in the Culture War with the rest of them, and he is, indeed, the honest and sincere deceiver.

So, whup, there he goes, devouring the dynamite disguised as chicken. Blam.

No. 3—“Frggle-dghoggrl, flrAH-erAH-erAAAAAAHHH!!!” This is the most dangerous error of all. Danner sends off a jillion college graduates with nothing to trust but their own benighted thinking. In a profoundly humanist-driven society, this seems so noble. Danner closes with this (Ooo it just sounds so, um, so real…)

"Graduates, you have chosen a path that will let you look beyond the rhetoric that you have studied and into the heart of reality. Of all people, you have chosen to learn how to see the gaps and the loose stitches and the remnant threads. Ours is a grim age, this Age of Rhetoric, still infused with the remnant perfume of imperial dreams. You have made your study in a propitious time, and that bold choice may bring you pain, for you have devoted yourselves to seeing what it is that stands before you. If clear sight were not so painful, many more would elect to have it."

Well, clear sight isn’t painful, only to those who try to get it by poking their eyes out with the World's sticks. This is, of course, what they do— sadly what they’ve probably done for years at UC Berkeley.

What gets you clear sight is the One who gives healthy eyes— the very One who made them. I just can’t help but laugh at conclusions like Danner’s. They are so idiotic, but quite commonplace— indeed virtually every commencement speech has them. Which means, yeah, after a chuckle, I weep a bit because they are so destructive.

“Go out and try real hard to see what the truth is because there are so many liars out there,” he says. In other words, “Slugs, go out and try real hard to fly. We’ve taught you really well to see what wings aren’t. So off you go where you’ll have toughness and goodness and, um, you’ll be out there and, um, yeah.”

The problem is, you won’t fly.

You can’t fly without the wings.

In real reality.

Jesus Christ is the wings.

He is the One who gives eyes that see. And with those eyes, you’d see that anything government says cannot be trusted, but that’s the way it is supposed to be— it's just doing its job. It’s been doing it that way for millennia. It does it that way for people like Danner who can’t see but must be convinced that they can so they don’t leave the fold.

If Danner actually wanted reality he’d turn and converse with the One who is Reality itself— the only full measure of truth. Not only that, but from Him are all the things it seems Danner wants all along: peace and joy and exhilaration and phenomenal abundance of all the things that are meaningful.

Instead he wants to spin and growl and spew and garble and sneer at a foe he can never defeat.

So, yeah— WHAM. There he goes, slamming into the wall with the painted-on tunnel entrance.

Or did that only happen to Wile E. Coyote? My bad.

For a bit more on the Culture War, go here.