Monday, May 31, 2010

One More Wish

I blog because I really think I have something to say. Right now I know not a whole lot of people read this. I still write for a number of reasons. Maybe someone will come across it. At some point in the future my children may actually read some of this and think deeply about what their dad was about, what he was thinking and feeling. And I do this simply to "put on paper" what God has shared with me. "Share all good things with your instructor." I like that a lot. Here I may do that.

My last two blog entries were simply about things I want. Yes, call me selfish, but I don't think for a second God didn't put deep passionate acquisitiveness into each of us for a reason. After living many years in the World, I found its treasures profoundly lacking. What is still a bit amazing to me is how well the World fools people into thinking its things are the things to acquire. Oh I understand it. I understand why it does that, and I see at least a little bit of how it does that. I do understand.

Which is what leads me to that one more wish. I've already mentioned that the bulk of my wishes are oriented around hanging out with people who understand. I'm not so arrogant to say I'm the only one who understands, although some may take that away from what I've written. But the Holy Spirit does counsel me about all the things said to me. And He does give me a pretty good idea of what is of the World and what is of the Kingdom.

So yeah, I do very much want to hang with those who understand, even have light years more understanding than I do. I do so long for that. I'm even great with hanging with those who may not be there but do have the tiniest desire to get there -- to that understanding. What breaks my heart is that I see so few of them. Oh my, I so enjoy the company and devotion of my family and friends. God has blessed me immensely in that, I thank Him every day for them.

But they don't even understand. Again, I love them, I revel in being with them, but they along with most everyone else just don't understand. Even though, yet again yet again yet again, one of the key critical things that keeps me moved to share, to write, to effuse as I do, is that I have three beautiful young eager enthusiastic exhilerating children -- maybe after time, maybe they indeed...

Will get it.

And what is it I want them -- or anyone to get?

The one real wish...

That all things are answered in Christ. Anything you think you want is in Him. Things attacking you from all sides? No sweat -- if He's yours you have everything.

Thing is, the World is filled with counterfeit Christs, and they take so many different forms and are so powerfully compelling that they are no match for those who don't simply every morning say to Christ that He is theirs exclusively.

As I've learned more and more about the World's modus operendi and that contrasted to Scripture's description of what the Kingdom really truly is all about, I believe the only way to behave as Christ's in the midst of this World is to "abjure the realm," so to speak. This means getting out of all the contractual obligations one has with the agents of Cain, yet still explode using all the gifts God gave to all those in His community to bring the most phenomenal abundance of all good things for everyone. All of this I've laid out plainly in my webzine.

But to make it real, to make it so radical to a puny putrid World System, it requires those people to get together regularly and not remonstrate against anything that Caesar does, but rather do those things that would be truly abjuring the realm. Firmly covenant with God and one another, and then shed all those agreements together, the W-4's and 501c3's and debt contracts and voter registrations and government pension pyramid scheme extraction plans and all the rest of that sewage. Then with that covenant in place set up arrangements with one another in which the seal of Christ in their hearts is the only expression of their commitment to work hard in a self-sacrificial way, essentially "dying" for others simply because they love so much with His love.

What are those "arrangements"? Churches that have no incorporated status with Caesar. Businesses that are not incorporated as a way of evading responsibility to love those with they have to do. Schools (also completely unincorporated in any way) that are so vibrantly filled with overwhelming joy and purpose that people flock to them.

Are you given over to Christ, or do you just say you are?

So yeah, it is simple. My wish is to be among those who actually are. If I'm not one of those, then I want to be one too. I pray and pray and pray that I am -- all the time. I truly think some of this is that I'm around others who are. And I wish I could be right their with them being the Kingdom. Blowing everyone away by actually doing it in reality, no matter how much those in the World want to put us away or even execute us along the highways.

Jesus said so utterly plainly that this is what it should be like.

Can we love so much with His love that we'd really be ushering people into the Kingdom no matter what it costs?

So there it is. My wish. That's it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

More Wishes

In my last blog entry I kind of went off on rank disunderstanding, if I may coin a phrase. Just thought I'd add a few more thoughts around the visceral feeling about it all. Yeah, I know. It was yet another time I laid it out there. My good friend from work with whom I pray is a very even-tempered guy, he's awesome. He said don't sweat it, God's got it, it's all good. That's fine. I know.

But I still feel it.

Today in the news/opinion aggregator that I habitually scan were these link headlines.

"What If It's All a Lie?" This was from blogger Edward Harrison, who is himself a financal advisor of some stripe. But look at that question. It actually makes me laugh. I mean, come on, how many times can you say "This guy/company/country just ain't payin' us back... um, aren't they?..." without actually getting a clue.

'Scuze me, I've got the answer to your question. I'm no genius because it's the answer that's been around for millennia, staring us plain in the face. It's just those who must deftly sustain the human sacrifice bloodbath keep so many from looking at it. The answer is

It is.

It is a lie. But wait. If Edward and all those waddling about with big fat question marks hovering over their heads are actually sworn value extractors themselves, then the question is merely asked to keep people hoping that it isn't, that the ones systematically hacking their spiritual limbs off are really not lying after all. Or if they were really lying, then the sales pitch is all ready to go: "Get hooked up with me and my value extraction services so I can get you ahead of the game!" Or yeah, get you a head from the human sacrifice game we all play. Okay, a bad pun, but not many people should be laughing anyway.

Then there was this gem, from Investors Business Daily no less. "Big Government Takes Over." Really. Like, when did this happen. This morning? Hurry, run for the hills. Hurry now. Go faster.  ::Yawnn::

Crimeny, people, how many times can you say "The government now runs percent of y part of our economy whatever whatever OH MY" and not keel over with laughter (or a bout of serious ulcer pain depending on your degree of disunderstanding).

Yeah yeah yeah, I do have the answer. But why write it down. Same thing applies that no one is getting here. These guys are screaming "The sky is about to fall" to get anyone they can to believe it isn't yet anyway, at least not without some valiant World System thing to keep happening. Or some novel World System thing to be employed. But the World System has already had everything taken over, yeah yeah, you got it (or not) -- for millennia.

So bazillions will never understand. I know that. I accept it. Jesus said it a long time ago, even quoting prophets who said it long before that. Nothing new there.

But I still want to talk about things understood with those who do. See, I so want to go to Jeremiah's lodge just to talk about things with people who get it. That's what happens at the lodge. But I think sometimes I expect too much.

Sometimes I think the lodge is just when I can read a book with my daughter. Or talk about the ball game with my son. Or watch my students really doing their damnedest to get what I'm teaching them, that's very sweet. Or revel in any of those things happening that just tell me, as my friend said, "It's all good."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I really wish I could blog more. I work ten hour days and spend lots of the other time I have with family.

'Course I really wish for a lot of things, like mixing it up with people who actually understand. Not to brag that I'm the one who does understand necessarily, or even that they'd read my blog. That's kind of the point. I do very very very much wish I could talk with people who get it -- I just want to be getting it.

Thing is, paying attention to Jesus' words, you'd get it. When I pay attention to Jesus' words I get it. Paying attention to Jesus' words and seriously getting out there and doing them, I already have the answer. That may sound arrogant, but as I've emphasized, it ain't me for jack.

It's Him.

Know Him and know the answer.

Don't know Him? Don't spout about how much He isn't or that I don't know the answer. It only means anything if someone else whoever that is gets it and knows Him and understands.

What is the reason I spend whatever time I can soaking up what the World megaphone holders say about things? It's simple. I want to know what the questions are. I want to form in my noggin the questions juuuuuuuust right and put 'em out there so that maybe someone'll come to see Christ as He is and not as their straw-man god.

Like this book I'm sauntering through called Fool's Gold by Gillian Tett about how JP Morgan messed up the financial markets. Turns out her solution is just that we all practice much much much more holistic thought. She's into social anthropology and how everything is intertwined and that if we just kind of got together about these things we'd be much much much better. Nice.

'Course, the only reason she gets a little megaphone is that she's blapping just what everyone wants her to blap. What she says is nothing new -- Let's just damn stop doing bad things damn it come on let's just stop being rotten to one another already damn it gosh. Really? That's a surprise to me.

Then there's this piece from today in the Financial Times. Great parable about the way the financial world works right now. It's dead on. It really is, I commend the guy for doing such a great job laying it out like this. Dead on.

But you see, that's just the problem.

It's all death, and he can't see that. The one thing he forgot to add is this: Really, all the ants and the grasshoppers really want to do is eat each other. Everyone without Christ is just doing human sacrifice. Without Christ all someone has is the endless pursuit of spilling someone else's blood because maybe-just-maybe that'll absolve them of their sins. Gallons and gallons and gallons of blood. The ministers of Cain simply do a really really really good job of lying about what they do. But if everyone is a liar anyway what difference does it make?

A guy was interviewed on NPR today, I think it was NPR, I don't know I'm really tired right now. He was the owner of some furniture store in South Carolina. He says he's just now learning about Greece yet he thinks the economy is picking up. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about but all but confessed he really doesn't. He may very well be a very good guy.

But one of the things he spoke about was that he was talking with others, and the idea he was getting across was that he was trying to get cues from them about what's happening. That's cool. That's fine. What I thought was...

Do they really truly actually understand?

Or are they all just listening to the World megaphone holders who tell them they aren't worthless without Him, this Jesus character is of no matter, or that the truly fake Jesus they believe in is just dandy? That you've got to hold yourself up by those bootstraps until your fingers bleed like a good American? That when you go to your Caesarian church on Sunday it's good to smile and say happy things with friends but to keep slitting other people's throats on Monday? Oh, and your church belongs to Caesar if it's a 501c3 incorporated entity.

So yeah, I do wish more people would read my blog. I know they won't because they are smothered in a zillion other web things, and cell phone things, and whatever else. I even wish someone would read my blog and go the distance and call me on my claim that I have the answer. Great. But I just get too discouraged not so much because of the vastness of the web universe in which my writing gets lost. It is simply because I have found so few people who understand. Again, this has nothing to do with me or my blog, it just has to do with rank willful blindness and deafness and muteness by virtually everyone I encounter.

Oh? Is that too harsh? Too arrogant? Too cynically dismissive?

Then understand with me and let's talk about it. Don't understand yet? Then take a few not-so-difficult steps and commit to doing so. But don't complain about a piddly little nobody like me. All I want to do is point people to the answer they all say they want.

Or 'scuze me, The Answer.

But I get discouraged. There are just so so so many people beholden to the World. They wouldn't know The Answer if it dropped on their heads like an anvil from the sky. That really shouldn't discourage me because intractable Catholicists will never stop being so. That's fine. They do the World thing, that's just the way it is.

I think I just see so much of it that it gets disheartening.

Sometimes I so need to be at Jeremiah's lodge. Okay, yeah, fine. I just need to be there. I so need to be there.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Honest Thinking

I went with my family to see the film How to Train Your Dragon the other night. It was fun, and worth a couple of remarks to introduce my latest home page piece.

Much of it was about the idea that people can make mistakes about things based on their preconceptions. Vicious flying dragons frequently "raided" the vikings' village, but the vikings didn't understand the reality of their predicament. They honestly considered the dragons evil combatants, until a young man discovered what was really going on and learned how to benevolently interact with them.

This theme is often repeated in cinema, and it parallels my latest webzine feature. People honestly trust the Roman Catholic Church to save them, really honestly rationally because all they see is the World System in all its glory. There are too few Kingdom people out there to share Christ with them because so many who say they're Christ's are tied to one World god club or another.

I also thought about how World inhabitants would interpret this theme--taking the presumption from what I hear so many of them say so often.

"Look! What a terrific moral: we think we're seperate when we're all just the same! If only we'd all just be friends! Walk in one another's shoes! Chuck all those minor inconsequential differences! It's easy to get along if we just try!"

This denies the fact that the film still had a horrific adversary, the largest meanest dragon who had to be defeated in the end. And for those who think religion doesn't really matter after, the vikings still worshipped Odin, or at least he was mentioned. Why would the viking god (the real life viking god, not just the film-story one) be mentioned if he didn't have some significant role in their lives?

What I found most interesting is that the dragons were essentially victims of "dragon" sacrifice on the "altar" of the giant "god" dragon. All the other dragons very honestly, very reasonably, very rationally complied.

It was all they could do because all they did was fear.

Just like dutiful World inhabitants.

Want to get off the altar of habitual human sacrifice at the hands of sworn World operatives? Want to truly live and sow bounty into the lives of others? Want to pull yourself away from the codependent clutches of Cain's domain and instead experience the widest deepest love and envelope yourself in rapturous joy?

Thing is you'd need help.

The One Who Is Joy is right there at the entrance to the Kingdom to let you in. His nail scarred hands beckon you. Thing is...

He won't allow all that World baggage in with you.

To find out more, read here.