Wednesday, January 03, 2018

What The News Media Want To Tell Me

Starting off the new year here I saw on the Internet news about what's going on in Iran. Thousands of people are filling the streets to protest Iran's government. Already two dozen people have been killed in the violent demonstrations. I don't know the details of what precisely is happening, but I do know a bit about how Cain's Agency led by the Society of Jesus is the most instrumental force in shaping government policy in every nation and forming what every citizen of each nation thinks about their government.

Iran has always been some kind of theocracy, at its core ultimate leadership is held by the oldest wisest Shia Islam minister of some sort. The core purpose of government is to crack heads, and when the people feel it is cracking heads of the right people they are fine. Trouble is when World Operatives disrupt that process, and right now it is being upended, as it has any number of times in Iran's history.

The mainstream news organizations led by the New York Times refuse to cover it all sufficiently because they are given over to their still fervent adulation of Barack Obama, whose pathetic foreign policy was such a catastrophe that the seeds for this current revolution are now sprouting.

But then, that's Cain's objective.

Disruption. Destabilization. Desolation. Death on some scale enough to draw enough people's attention back to Caesar's rule.


I heard on the radio news about California's new recreational marijuana law taking effect. They covered it profusely, and every individual interviewed about it was a stoner elated that he or she could now buy pot. Not one interview was with a scientist who knows about the horrifically detrimental effects of the drug.

I'd even heard that a benefit of the law is that now real studies may be done to determine the effects of marijuana. I guess. The only thing is research has already demonstrated how destructive it is, it is just that is still rarely broadcast, and deep politics handlers will still generate a narrative that does the most to mess with people and their communities.

I wonder: why such extensive coverage except to behave as one big advertisement for one of the most hideous activities an individual can practice? Why are loud blaring news organizations giving it this much credibility?

I know why.


I saw on television a promo for a new TV show. "The Chi." I knew nothing about it before seeing the ad. I imagine the "Chi" is short for Chicago. But here's what I watched for about a minute.

Very brief shots edited together very deftly, all showing black people in states of desperation or violence or sensuality. It was all strung together so fast, you know, the Michael Bay effect, that I couldn't tell you one thing about its intellectual value. It was all just gut emotion.

But what was in my brain was people pointing guns at other people, people running, people looking very angry, and dancing women in meager outfits -- and I'm pretty sure every one of them was black. Now this may not be exactly what this program is about, I understand that, but the truth is what was in that ad is what I think it is about.

I did peek around on the web at what they say the show is about, and the idea is that it is about the South Side experience.

And the South Side experience is all about that -- whatever it was that was in that commercial that now resides in my psyche.

This is what we're supposed to think of black people. Oh don't worry, white people have already degraded themselves with their wretched programming, I agree.

But still, this is the picture the mainstream media powers want us to have.

It breaks my heart for black people, or any people for that matter. How much their souls are being poured into the mouth of a ravenous devil.

This last item is one I take a bit more time exploring, with my latest home page piece. Would like to invite you to look it over, see if I've shared something of value with you. Email me with your thoughts, would love to hear them.