Saturday, August 27, 2005

What We're Supposed to Think About Origins of Life

In the Los Angeles Times this morning there was a feature piece and an editorial of note regarding the origins of life. The Times is pretty set on ridiculing anyone who doesn't buy into the story of evolution*, and today's episode was no different. The interesting thing is that in smugly dismissing those crazy creationist young-earthers, they are indeed revealing the inadequacies of many Christian's understanding of what really happened millions of years ago. All this makes for more fun in the Culture War.

The feature article was about the people near Palm Springs who've built some large dinosaur models we can all see from the freeway, and with their expanding "Dinosaur Park" they're making the case that dinosaurs and humans lived together at one time. Again, the entire tenor of the piece is that these people are really stupid for not getting the realtrueactual science of the issue.

The editorial is from columnist Rosa Brooks who takes her shot by revealing the hypocrisy of a religious community who is asking for intelligent design (thoroughly ridiculed in the piece, as expected) to be taught in schools along with evolution. Her point is that the very same people who assert the truth of their view are now being relativists by saying a variety of views should be taught.

What Brooks doesn't get is that the people who truly know--one of whom, Hugh Ross, was quoted in the dinosaur story-- firmly posit that Darwinism is false, and that it is true that God created the world and the life in it with no help from something that never happened, namely evolution. The problem is that at this point it is very difficult to get misled biologists (and newspaper columnists for that matter) to see the plain flaws in Darwinism, and that we must settle for at least putting on the table the much more reasonable prospect of God--yes, I'm not afraid to state it is the God, not just some "intelligent designer"-- setting it all up over millions of years of creation that are described in Genesis as "days" only as a literary tool.

Perhaps when the sound arguments of intelligent design are indeed taught in the classroom next to the fantasy of evolution, then people who truly want to know the truth will see it. I really believe, however, that people like Brooks, the publisher of the Los Angeles Times, and all those beholden to Cain and his city will continue to brainwash children with World System theology further destroying their souls. They like to live in and around the destruction of their own souls, and can't fathom anyone not doomed as they are.

Oh, and what would Brooks say about this? That I'm the one who's stupid and not paying attention to real science and all that? Well then, let's talk about it. Let's look at exactly what happened millions of years ago. Let's look at exactly what the "truth" of evolution is, and why then intelligent design is being offered to consider. And yes, Rosa, to your credit, a lot of Christians should do exactly the same thing, because it is indeed sad that people who unwisely blither about things like dinosaurs and humans living together do a great disservice to the gospel.

But then, that's probably why they're interviewed all the time and show up in the newspapers and on the television. They can be made to look stupid by the media powers-that-be, and that's just fine with them.

BTW, astrophysicist Hugh Ross has some awesome things to say about all this. Check him out at Reasons to Believe. He's got the biblical and scientific case for what really happened millions of years ago.

To know who the power brokers are in the World System ("Cain and his city")-- the ones that are so phenomenally successful in getting so many to believe in things like Darwinism, go to this page of links.

(*By evolution, I'm using the standard definition that elaborate life forms developed from other earlier more-primitive life forms by purely naturalistic means. I am not refuting natural selection, which has clearly occurred throughout natural history to some degree or another.)

I don't presume to be an expert in biology, so please let me know of your expertise! What do you think?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

"We're Not Afraid! Really We Are!--er--Aren't--er..."

I just put up my latest webzine home page piece about the novel web gallery of all those who "Aren't Afraid" in the face of grave terrorist threats. Click here and it'll take you there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What Is It That She Really Wants?

I am fascinated by the attention Cindy Sheehan is getting. I'm not surprised, because she is the perfect tetherball for both armies in the culture war to slap around the pole. I am reticent to blog about it for fear of getting sucked in myself. I offer just a few additional thoughts on it, only because I believe no one, the least of whom is Mrs. Sheehan herself, knows what it is exactly she wants. In fact I don't believe anyone who is on one side or the other knows exactly what they want.

I noted the other day that she wore a t-shirt with "I want the truth" above a peace sign. Does she really want the truth? My conjecture, and please correct me if I'm way off here, is that the truth she wants is to get her grief assuaged after a good scolding of George Bush. She's literally expecting some sort of cathartically emotional massage afterwards. As such, maybe it would be good for her to give Bush a thorough "what's what," because then she will get her truth: the profound realization that whatever she says will mean squat, that after any sort of purging she'd be precisely where she started.

Maybe at that point she'll actually see The Truth.

Later I caught the blogged message she offered to the bloodhou-- er-- media, who gobbled it up like giblets and gravy, in which she declared that it wasn't about her but it was about the war. I must say that, yes, quite a bit of truth is here. It is about the war. It is about the war each of us wages in our hearts against one another, a brutal conflagration without which there would be no other wars. None in Iraq, none in Sudan, none in Sri Lanka, none anywhere else. So...

Yes Mrs. Sheehan! You go after The War! You tell the Peacemaker to use the only diplomacy that ever worked, the Son of God dying for you to end your war--and then-- you go girl!-- then you go tell the world about this Peacemaker and what He did. And what He does.

And what He will do to take out all wars forever.

But be careful. Because when He takes out all war, those who wage it will go with it.

And it's not just George Bush who's in trouble.

For a bit more on the culture war, visit here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Niger:How Many Times Has This Happened Now?

I was thinking about the situation in the African country of Niger, currently enduring a famine the media typically term a "humanitarian crisis." As I looked at the sparse attention given to it, I noted how much even the most well-intentioned people just don't get it.

I'm going to go out on a limb and assert-- I know, this is daring-- that the reason for the abject ignorance is because they all refuse to look in the one place where they'd get it, and that place is in the pages of the Bible.

What does the Bible tell us in light of what is going on all around us?

It tells us that God put Cain in charge of the World System to mitigate the sin of those who refuse to put their trust in Him. (You can read about it in chapter four of the book of Genesis.) The way Cain and his agents do that is

1. Build a city and command allegience to receive the benefits of its glory.
2. Entice people into destitution in order to rescue them.
3. Gratify the wide demand for violence among his followers by engaging in war and writing profound mythologies.
4. Use the humanist modality that man alone can be good enough to solve all problems-- philanthropy, community service, and the like.
5. Keep religious people in state-churches through incorporation as non-profits, thus grafting them to the World, oath-bound and fearful.
6. Exploit that fear in dozens of imaginative ways to keep people in subjegation. (Just look at the dazzling campaign of terrorism-counter terrorism.)
7. Mobilize people with the spectacular media extravaganza, the idea: "Whatever the media cover is worthy of our attention, what they don't is meaningless."

This is in contrast to Jesus' way, which is to
1. Take out the one thing that causes the problem to begin with: man's sin.
2. Interact vibrantly with those whose trust is in Him.
3. Demonstrate real love so they'll know and express love themselves, driving out fear in the process.
4. Pour out blessings upon blessings (material and spiritual) that exceeds anything Cain can offer.
5. Mobilize His followers to step out in His love, and with His gifts change the hearts of those they encounter.
6. Use Cain and his city as a footstool-- the key idea: people will see the horrific bankruptcy of the city and turn to the Kingdom.
7. Establish a community of those who truly care about one another, and will sing hymns and praises to Him out of the fertile joy that results.

What does all this have to do with Niger? It is simply that the Niger famine destitution problem has happened a million times over history. Why does it keep happening?? It is because no one ever considers trying the One thing that would work! Christ!

When asked to consider this option, as I am asking right now, the humanitarian powers-that-be almost invariably say, "Oh but that's just religion. We need more than pie-in-the-sky piddle. These people need to get fed!"

Of course they do! But you've tried food banks and World Banks and foreign aid and all the other things for years and years and years and they still come up short. No one has ever tried Jesus--the real Jesus, not one of the fake ones that abound in the World. The real Jesus fed 5,000 people with a half-a-basket of fish and bread. Another time he fed 4,000 with the same amount of capital. What is interesting about these stories is that when the people came back for more, do you know what Jesus said? He said no. He said no! Oh my, how mean and cruel of Him.

Why did He do that? He explained it very clearly. He knew that they needed more than just food. They needed understanding. They needed wholeness. They needed healing. They needed to be assured their souls were safe in the hands of the Living God. With all of this, ahhh, then they could use those wonderful gifts God gave them to work and plant and sow and harvest and feed themselves for a long time.

This is what the people in Niger need right now. As much as they need any food, they need The Word, and then from Him come a whole bunch of "little" Words who sow.

It's funny, the director of the Inter Region Economic Network in Africa, James Shikwati said, "When aid money keeps coming, all our policy-makers do is strategize on how to get more. They forget about getting their own people working to solve these very basic problems. In Africa, we look to outsiders to solve our problems, making the victim not take responsibility to change."

Mada Roufa, an employee of Doctors Without Borders, added, "We need to find other long-term solutions. We can't just address emergencies."

There you go. Cain's way is to keep people in that destititution so he can keep rescuing them and showing everyone what a great guy he is. People who don't try Jesus keep buying it, and keep going hungry.

But then there's The Long-Term Solution.

What do you think about that Solution? Why don't people try it?

For a bit more about how to be a part of the Solution, click here.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Misguided Siege

Who in blazes is Cindy Sheehan? She's exploded onto the news as the woman who's camped outside President Bush's Texas ranch and will stay there until the president meets with her for one hour to explain why her son died during combat in Iraq. And why do we know all about her? The media have grafted the most powerful, muscular legs on the story, and it is now running all over the country. If anyone with any mind thinks about it, though, what exactly is going to be said should the desired conversation take place? It would probably go something like this:

Mrs. Sheehan: "Mr. President, why oh why did my son have to die in a war waged with the most deceptive pretense, for a cause that at this point in time is extraordinarily questionable?"

The President: "I'm sorry you feel that way and I am very sad about the loss of your son. But we are winning the battle for freedom and democracy for which your son died, and if we stop now the terrorists will win."

Is there possibly anything else that can be said here? Would anything be added that we don't already know? Does this amount to anything beyond the provocatively violent psychological pugilism with which the media and their patrons satiate themselves?

What I'd like to do is camp just outside of Mrs. Sheehan's entrenchment and ask her for an hour of time. What would that conversation be like?

Me: "Mrs. Sheehan, the fact that you grieve so viscerally over your son means something. I don't think you'd dismiss knowing exactly why that happened, but whatever George Bush tells you will mean nothing. That is because whether you want to accept it or not, George Bush is assigned the task of kicking evildoers all over the yard, and he will do that job no matter what you or a billion anti-war protesters do here or anywhere. In fact, right now you and your emotional turmoil are being prodded and played and spun--none of these people care about you. They'll pretend they do, but they don't--it's all just a game and you're the football.

"If you'd really pay attention to who George Bush really is and what he is about, you'd see that the only way for you to find solace is to end your addiction to the World, and enter into genuine joy and peace in the embrace of the One who actually loves you. If you stay here, you'll continue to be kicked around. If you go to the One who invites you into His kingdom, you'll be free."

Mrs. Sheehan: "What are you talking about--who is this 'One' who actually loves me?"

Me. "He is Jesus Christ, the One who died for you, and is the Way the Truth and the Life."

Mrs. Sheenan: (She could conceivably answer just about anything, but let's assume she does say...) "But I believe in Jesus."

Me: "Really? You may be trusting in a brilliant straw-man Jesus, because you are here trying to find answers from the World System of which Jesus is not a part. This here is Cain's domain, Cain, a murderer and liar from the beginning, his contemporary charges also murderers and liars as long as God allows the System to thrive. And it does so every time someone commits a sin and doesn't seek the forgiveness of Christ and wholeness in Him. Yes, God put this System in place for those who don't want Him and His offer of true freedom. With Cain the World was put out of His presence, signified by a mark that gives it the power of seven-fold vengeance. George Bush has that power now, and he is just carrying out his sworn duty to prosecute habituated evildoers-- here, there, wherever."

Mrs. Sheehan: "So you're saying the war is good? My son is dead because of that war."

Me: "Please don't misunderstand me. The war in Iraq is a wretchedly horrific thing. It should not be happening, period. No one should ever die like that in those kinds of things. But those things are there, because sinners are not only around, but they like sinning, and lay waste to everything in their path. Only two options are available in this scenario: Cain or Christ. Bush does the Cain thing. For you to presume the president will do anything different because of your little siege here is nothing less than misguided. To believe that anything he says to you would not be the most abject deceit is downright foolish. Unless, of course, you are just as much part of the World System and enjoy the game you are playing. In that case, please forgive me, I'm speaking to the wrong person."

Would Mrs. Sheehan understand this? If she allowed Jesus pull the scales from her eyes she would. If she stayed blind she'll keep being led by blind people. So yeah, in that case I'd be just as much of a fool for talking to her as she is for talking to the president.

What's more, if she were to ask Jesus to free her, guess where the media goes? They're outta there in a flash. Which is why, of course, the media would never in a million years cover my conversation with Mrs. Sheehan. They really have no clue at all about His kingdom, they want the prize fight, Sheehan vs. Bush. But, that's okay, they're doing their World thing.

At least Mrs. Sheehan would find True Joy.

What do you think? Would Mrs. Sheehan see it? Or am I indeed talking to a brick wall?

And if you're wondering, Why Jesus? <-- Click here.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Are You Afraid?

No, really, are you afraid? If so, why? What exactly is it you are afraid of? We all have fears of some things, certainly. But have you ever noticed that someone may be genuinely frightened about things you wouldn't even think of fearing, while you may express great fear about something another shrugs off.

The fact is, we are all afraid of some things, and in a very real sense, all of our diverse fears are surface manifestations of those core universal fears. Funny how it's always pointed out that more people fear speaking in front of a large audience than they fear death. But there is great truth in this phenomena: It's not that we fear death, we actually fear something else.

We fear loneliness. Really, that's it, that's the core fear. We don't want to be separated from those things that truly give our lives meaning: being with another and liking them and them liking us. The most simple and definitive reason some commit suicide is that they fear the abject pain of loneliness, despair, and boredom that they are now enduring more than the imminent death they are about to impose upon themselves.

But how is it possible for us to have that vibrant interaction we so desire, when there is death and the end of hope for that interaction? There is a way, a very real route to relationship and away from death, but sadly too many don't seriously consider taking it because clever people throughout history have disguised it and driven people into their ultimately worthless world. The Catholicist Nation is about exposing those designs and perhaps even helping to convey some idea of Who that Way is.

To find Him, first look here.

Then for a bit more on the Catholicist Nation and its vast deception, look here.

What is fear? Is there another option to cope with it than Jesus?