Saturday, May 21, 2011

Following Cain By The Millions

Found this photograph in the home page of a major news outlet. It is an image similar to others that profoundly illuminate the state of the Catholicist Nation, which appears to be very healthy.

It seems a bazillion people in Spain have violated the rule about being up past midnight the day before an election. I imagine Spain wants things to be decided at the ballot box and not in the streets. It does seem that people are bit disappointed with the ways of proper enfranchisement, beings they're pounding the pavement so enthusiastically.

Upset with high unemployment and certainly other abuses of all sorts, they've taken to let their exploiters have the what's-what. Stop exploiting us so much. Many in the throng even taped their mouths to "make the statement" that their marginalization is unacceptable. I guess they want their exploiters to notice them a bit more so they can...

So they can do what?

A few days ago the Roman Catholic Church came clean about their pandemic clergy sex abuse problem. They got right at the heart of the problem.


It is society that is to blame. The sexual revolution originating with the whole Woodstock generation and all that stuff has captivated the hearts and minds of priests to get them to do bad things.

Don't get me wrong, I chuckle a bit at this also. But the truth about all of this is something that is rarely mentioned. Many will deride such gutlessness. Others will consent with some measure of resignation. Most all of them will yell a lot at people who say such things and keep yelling at them to simply get those guys to keep their pants on the presence of children. Everything shoved into the World's megaphone will reflect similar sentiments.

But that's understandable, because all those remarking about it are also victims of society's plap.

The truth is that society's plap -- whether motivating the lascivious behavior of the priests (and pretty much the lascivious behavior of everyone else of the World) or informing the words about it -- is all generated by the Agency of Cain, most notably its ecclesiastical branch, the Roman Catholic Church.

Yes, indeed.

When the Roman Catholic Church says "Society made me do it," they are indeed saying "The Roman Catholic Church made me do it."

Quite a noteworthy facet to this truth is that the organization charged with the task of molding and shaping society's hearts and minds is officially titled The Society of Jesus. So yes, if the experts say "Society is the reason," they are indeed sharing an extraordinarily profound truth.

For any dismissive detractor, I offer this simple challenge, based on the simple fact that society isn't some nebulous haze of neuron-twisting electrons somewhere-- it is people.

The real question is, which people? What people out there that make up SOCIETY are the ones who have the most power, the most authority, the most legitimacy, the most wherewithal, and the most expert training and industrious proficiency to get people to do things that would keep them in the hegemonic institution of oppressive sin management?

How on earth is it the case that those ten thousand people demonstrating in Spain could be so moved to brashly approach exploiters who'll continue to exploit them? It doesn't matter how much they get to them, they'll still be compelled to slog through the World System no matter how much more smiley they can make their exploiters or how many other more smiley exploiters they enable.

The Answer is even simpler.

Go to the One who moves His followers to simply turn to one another and say, "Hey, I have a God-given gift and you have one too. Let's get together and love one another with the breadth of our talents. I'm giving up myself and all my selfish desires to hack off something from you so I can have it. I'm done with that.

"And how about we leave these exploiters to exploit those who like being exploited. Really, do we need them? God's already sent them out to crack heads of those who refuse to call on Him, what do we have to do with that if we belong to Christ? He's given us something far, far better."

At that point people would go do their business simply because they love one another. Everyone in community would be free to revel in the beauty, glory, and wonder of God's Kingdom. Their words can never be muted because they speak of those things with bountiful joy and effusive praise to the One who gives His own everything anyway. People will either listen and also come to Him, or they'll murder those who speak and live in such ways.

Huh? Murder them?

Jesus said it would happen. But if it does...

Then what?

He said nothing could separate us from His love. Not a single thing, not even death.

I look forward to being among the ten thousand -- nah, the ten million (or more!) who'll be gathering simply to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

No matter what happens.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Following Someone, Who It Is Says a Lot

Today in the news I happened to catch a couple of stories that highlight the pathetic nature of following someone other than Christ. Hundreds of millions do, you know. No matter how pathetically pathetic, they still do.

There is the lead story everywhere about this French guy, the head of the International Monetary Fund no less -- oh, I hadn't heard of him before this -- Dominque Strauss-Kahn, who was caught with his pants down. Everyone was so startled that the euro dropped a bit. I thought, hmm, this guy must be a pretty major leader-guy -- you know, lots of people following him and his moral guidance -- for the entire currency to take a hit, however mild it will ultimately be.

I also wondered, why all the shouting about his sexual exploits? People in power do this kind of thing all the time. Was he just that stupid to let himself get snagged in such a foolish way? Sorry, but this is just too stupid. Please don't misunderstand me. Any sexual assault is demonically reprehensible. But the simple plain real world fact is that powerful people do sexual assault all the time, and they get away with it all the time. How come this guy is different? I haven't looked deeply into it, but anyone who knows how the World operates can't presume this incident was about anything other than taking down someone who was in the way somehow.

Then there was this nifty little bit. Lady Gaga was the first to get ten million Twitter followers. It is perfectly understandable that a grandiose performance artist like her would get such attention. Say what you want about her "art," she is popular for it. Understandable.

But ten million people are following the vapid exhibitionism of an insipid celebrity, and I can't count on one hand the number of people I see really truly incisively sharing and expressing and elucidating the contrast between the World and the Kingdom.

Oh yeah, some come close. And yeah, maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I have looked around a bit, but I see no clues that lead me somewhere deeper or farther along to get to who is actually speaking of the Kingdom in ways that are moving people to get out of the Catholicist Nation and into Christ's embrace.

In my last post I mentioned that I'd like to write and write and write, and perhaps someone will also see the things I'm seeing and be a part of the expression. But I thought after I'd written that, hey, I'm great with just finding and reading someone else share it just as expressively.

And I wonder now, in light of the very profound truth that you are who you follow, what the lives of those ten million Lady Gaga followers are like. Do they have the deepest, inner contentment? Yes I know everyone has problems and everyone has issues and everyone feels pain. But ten million people think they'll have life from Lady Gaga? In any form?

At least her performances are honest, we all know they're a put-on. How many know the Strauss-Kahn episode is one as well?

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Galleon Verdict Revelation

I wish I could blog nonstop here. I wish many more people would read what I would be writing here if I could write more. I wish I wasn't so tired all the time from all my regular commitments, simply because there is so much I see out there that confirm the brutal realities that exist in a very oppressive World in such striking contrast to a vibrantly liberating Kingdom.

I'd keep writing and writing and writing until perhaps at least someone would also see those confirmations. To be honest I wouldn't even be writing now but for the fact that one of the more elucidating of those really quite common revelations was made this week in a standard piece of financial punditry. I just have to remark about it, if only for a brief blog post.

Check out Frank Partnoy's "The real insider tip from the Galleon verdict." He addresses the very common concern of all who are paying attention that insider trading just isn't really anything defined, much less something that can be efficaciously prosecuted. He simply writes that the conviction of hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam only gives value extractors the precise instructions they need to carry out the most proficient human sacrifice. To wit:

Don't let yourself be recorded. Be cryptic. Don't buy lots at once. Buy derivatives and swaps. And have lots of excuses for why you did a thing netting you a few extra millions-of-dollars when it really looks like you exploited information to whack off a nice juicy chunk of someone else's value.

The key is to make a note of who the guy is writing this all down for you.

A professor of law at the University of San Diego.

A Jesuit institution of higher learning.

Yes, there is something of great significance there, something quite plain and obvious to those who have asked God to drop the scales from their eyes so they can see truth and grace in its profound glory.

Indeed, if they genuinely knew the One who is Truth and Grace, they'd know. With an inner peace and steady contentment they'd know what is really going on. The best thing going on is that -- in the midst of this kind of harrowing revelation, in the whirlwind of so many others allowing this abjectly incessant body of death to ravage them, in the sorrow of the pain they endure no matter how much authentic followers of Christ seek to share His abundant mercy with them no matter how much they are virulently reviled for it -- they are firmly in His deep abiding care.

Without Him, you're on the altar of human sacrifice.

Now that so many know how best to do it, don't count on getting off any time soon.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Essence of Value Disassessment

Just putting in a blog post to announce my latest home page piece. It is on a subject that I truly believe hits at the core of life's meaning and one's eternal destiny. You'd think that little is said about value and what it really is, but there is actually an amazing amount of information out there. It is just most of it is vomited up by a World System that can only do value disassessment in its duty to sustain rich, vibrant human sacrifice.

Recently the widely celebrated and declared supergenius of economics, Joseph Stiglitz, joined with a number of other economists to officialy propose that Special Drawing Rights issued by the International Monetary Fund would suffice as a means of keeping the World's value assignments stable, you know, beings there've been a few financial crises recently.

Just so you know if you don't already, SDR's are merely specially authorized value assignments as a way to measure assets and thus facilitate financial transactions. They are used by whole nations depending on their need, and they are not really much different than a standard currency. The special feature is that instead of trying to peg value to an internationally accepted reserve currency, like the U.S. dollar, SDR's are pegged to a basket of four different currencies.

Otherwise, the IMF is really doing nothing other than that which any central bank does.

Pretend like they can actually do value assessment.

The problem is that they never can, never will be able to, simply because you cannot assign value to an individual if that value is simply not there. And if those individuals say it is when it isn't, then they are lying. And when World institutions try to pronounce that those individuals have value to keep them in the fold then they are also lying.

That's the World.

A lie.

Don't get me wrong, it is all a very useful lie, put into place by God Himself so that the behavior of sinful individuals may be gallantly constrained. Check out the fourth chapter of Genesis to see this all set in motion. Make sure to note that God has nothing to do with the lie, He only necessarily sends the liar out and away from His presence to build an entire nation around which to commence his duties. Central banks, even ultra-mega-super-duper ones like the IMF, are simply doing their job of lying magnificently, as they should for those who buy its service.

The reality of this institutional deceit rests in the simple question: How're you going to get the true value of things from four liars trying to make value assignments instead of just one of them? Seems to me the IMF is setting itself up to be four times more confused. Or to provide four times the strength of the lie. Or both, really.

I could have added this development to my home page piece, but when I thought about it, I really don't need it. As I elaborate in the piece, it doesn't matter what method of value assignment you use, if it isn't based on the blood of Christ, it is ultimately worthless.

Sure you can be a rich guy and have a yacht and a mansion and an island in the Pacific and even a Bombadier Global 5000 private jet to get you there.

But if you're dead, what difference does it make.

Again, the piece is at my webzine The Catholicist Nation at Would certainly like to know what you think. Give me your take. Put a comment here in the comments section or send me an email. Would love to hear from you.