Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Your Human Sacrifice Representative on the Job

I just had to put in a brief blog post about this past Sunday's Pearls Before Swine strip. You should read the whole thing to get the idea, but these two frames are golden.

They nicely elucidate in very graphic detail what exactly happens when World devotees go bananas enlisting fine smiley articulate well-groomed agents of Cain to try to make things the way they want things to be around them. Again, it doesn't matter who it is. Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi. Jerome Powell or your friendly mortgage lender. Pope Francis or the fiery pithy minister at the non-profit church next door.

It. Doesn't. Matter.

Revere them revile them embrace them crusade for them want them assassinated in the most cruel way




Your allegiance is fully with them to do the job of Lordship in your life.

Scripture makes it pretty plain. So many don't get it, but here's the truth.

You may think you're pretty cool (don't worry, I do too) but you're pretty much a major league asshole (me too!) Don't like that? Go ahead and keep rationalizing it away -- no, go ahead.

If you accept that you have nothing to give to please a perfectly holy and righteous God, then look and see what the law does. Law makers and law enforcers and law adjudicators and law processors and law administrators and law anybodies are put there by God Himself to keep assholes in line. Go ahead and call on them to rescue you from the "Greed Monster," but they'll just do the ordained work of the World System Operatives who themselves empower the beast to keep extracting your value from you. Hey, this is expensive work!

Thing is, you'll inevitably be dinner for the Beast. Yeah, capped there because there is indeed a Beast, representing the very authorized earthly authority to do the work of the powers and principalities that eat you.

Want away from that? Don't want to be on the way into his yawning chops? Then do what some did, cited there at the very end of the fourth chapter of Genesis.

"They called on the name of the Lord."

This means Christ and only Christ. This means the Christ Who Saves, not one of the hundreds of silly concoctions that float around out there trying to captivate the minds and hearts of those incessantly beating their breasts about how much they're not assholes. Those "Jesuses" are there for them, they're supposed to be. God does give them over to their delusions about what's actually real, and true, and righteous.

But Christ tarries. How merciful is He in that. He's waiting, give Him a call.

How long are you going to wait?

Friday, July 27, 2018

Why The Algorithm Cannot Replace Christ No Matter How Much People Want It To

The biggest news of the week was how much the value of Facebook tanked in the swirl of conditions afflicting the powerful social media company. It dropped 20% in one day wiping out hundreds of millions of dollars of value assignments given it by those obsessed with finding connections with people through a computer interface.

Thinking through this roller coaster phenomena related to what some call "The Masters of the Universe," I've come to the conclusion that any widely used social media platform is in a no-win situation particularly if it emanates from the World System.

And Facebook does. There is no shred of evidence that the people who run Facebook or any of these other platforms have any idea who Christ is, who The Only One Who Delivers From Evil is. No wonder Google had as its motto for years "Don't do evil." They don't know what that really means and they must keep browbeating themselves with some benighted humanist conception of how to achieve that. They've since dropped it, probably because they realized that just spouting that phrase gets people to wonder, hmm, is there some evil there you must more thoroughly address?

Here's the dilemma. First, Facebook is a private company and as such it can have any rules regulation requirements procedures protocols it wants to have. If it wants to ban posts related to lime green polka dotted rhinoceros culottes, it can. It is its own company with its own boundaries as they want them to be. If you don't like that, then go to another social media platform! Go make one of your own!

The trick is that it is a bit of a chore to do that. After working through an Internet-of-Things lifetime to assemble a good solid friends list, now you'll have to go through and do it all over again somewhere else. Many organizations have some measure of success with a thriving Facebook presence. Add to this the uncertainty that any such media platform will be as prolific as Facebook.

On the other hand, what happens if Facebook does nothing to limit whatever people do with their posts? Straight away you'll have people posting the most vile things, and Facebook indeed has a posting policy because of that very thing. The problem is once Facebook writes a single thing about something considered unacceptable, then they are establishing their own conception of what is and isn't acceptable, even if wholly justified.

Back to the freedom thing, shouldn't then that be okay for them to do that? Facebook decides. On the other hand who cares if some people put up horrifically objectionable things, just don't join those groups! Why can't we use Facebook for our community and let them have theirs? Then the user decides.

The problem is that Facebook requires an extraordinarily huge user base for it to be meaningful. The neighborhood BBQ block party only counts if you have all 100 people showing up, but that means mean ugly loud smelly Bob from down the street should be able to come too. He shows up then no one wants to show up.

And since Facebook has sort of adopted this role of public social media platform because of its size, it does take its cue from the World System Operatives authorized to make it feel as such. And then it starts to censure material it finds politically objectionable, most notably anything with which ideological conservatives are serious and articulate and influential.

This then is why Facebook does its data trolling -- the very thing people cringe about the most with these enterprises. Facebook is just trying to protect its reputation. While trying to keep objectively wretched things out it is muting political discourse -- and I understand! Some political statements are indeed horrendously evil, such as anything people say endorsing institutionalized theft (socialism), adultery (sodomism), and false witness and coveting (racialism).

The Facebook people haven't a clue about the evils of those things because they don't know Christ from Whom the wisdom to discern comes. All they have is the endorsement of those things -- they go to the mat defending socialism, sodomism, and racialism because those three things are the key components of their virtue signaling crusade. Their commercial headaches come from the fact that many Facebook users are seeing that, seeing what they're trying to do, seeing them lie about it, and ultimately you'll get what you got this week:

Facebook ain't all that.

But I pity them because they are in that bind. Either be totally open and free and let anybody post anything but risk having the most grotesque filth show up, or be closed off on some things but risk ticking off people who disagree with you being shut out because you simply cannot tell what's really right and wrong.

I will tell you I'm starting to read a book I picked up at the library for this weekend away in the mountains. I'm just starting but it looks fascinating. It is called Swerve, and it is about how Lucretius' polemic of Epicureanism pretty much led to full-on modern conception of humanism. Already I have an idea of how that all came to be -- the Roman Catholic Jesus was simply too overbearing and burdensome and the Renaissance provided an out: Man being really really really good on his own woo-hoo! And look what we found! This epic poem by some Roman dude who says all the things we need to know about worshipping nature!

I know I'm oversimplifying Lucretius, but his work isn't much more than a splendidly lyrical but egregiously silly blab about how we're all just glued-together particles and someday you'll be nothingness so get over it already. I still want to discover how this got so woven into the mainstream, I might pick up some insights about the process. I already know who's responsible, I just want to find out more about how Christ is being so summarily dismissed in favor of Hell's prospectus.

Looking at Mark Zuckerberg flailing about trying to gird that philosophy, pusillanimously squealing to the world that is is worth the billions he says it is -- it is very sad.

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Tale of Two Johns (Jons)

I read recently that John Schnatter has been summarily kicked out of Papa John's Pizza, the company he started. The reason: at a company conference call he uttered the n-word in reference to how, many years ago, Colonel Sanders used the n-word with impunity, after which he spoke a bit about racism and society and that racism is a bad thing in society. Several people took offense, the mainline racialist media ran with it, and it was off to the races.

Goodbye, John Schnatter.

He is now thoroughly ostracized, even demonized, and will never be seen or heard from again.

Then there is Lil Jon. He is a famous rapper with the real name Jonathan Smith. A number of years ago he and the rest of his musical group known as the East Side Boyz put out a song called "Real [N-word] Roll Call." Just about every line in the song has the n-word in it. I'd even seen a reference to a Guinness record number of swear words, 295 of them they counted.

I didn't see that this particular song got very high on the charts, but I gather this Lil Jon and his group are pretty popular. This year he and his band are touring, he even has a concert coming up this Saturday in Ohio. Listed tickets show up at $55.00 for the least expensive seats. Lil Jon has a net worth of $28 million, not that much by the standards of the more high profile entertainers, but still --

Seems like Lil Jon is doing just fine.

And I'm not just picking on Lil Jon -- point of information, I'd never heard of Lil Jon until just now when I did a search on songs with lots of n-words in them. Thing is I'd seen many others, almost as bad. Take a look at half the songs on Billboard's Top 100 list, right now. In fact the musical artist known as Drake recently made news by having seven of his songs in the top 10, tying the Beatles for that achievement. Drake, by the way, is worth $90 million.

Don't just look at Drake's songs, look at many of the others that appear on that list. Take a look at the lyrics. Almost every single song features any combination of loose women (many of whom really tick off these guys so they have something to sing about), guns, drugs, loads of bling, fast cars with bad-ass rims, dollar bills flying about, and the people who fight for or against the bad things in and around all of this, known mostly as, yes, n-words.

Peeking at the urban dictionary the phrase "Real [N-word] Roll Call" very readily means lots of those n-word friends ganging up to fight for the cause against the bad things. This means the use of the n-word in many of these songs refers to people who desire to carry out violent acts against anyone who distresses them in some way.

Racialism-immersed college professors -- and it does seem like most of them are as immersed -- will be quick to point out that these particular individuals' use of the n-word is justified because they legitimately feeel such oppression generated by the white-privileged systemically racist society in which they slog. So when they act out on these feelings because the courageous use of the n-word inspired such lethal psychosis, well, at least we can all understand.

When young people listen to these lyrics they may gain a sense of identification validating their profound disaffection -- they're lonely, bored, desperate, liable to do drugs to numb the pain... and of course they're oppressed, particularly if they are a classified minority. This music helps them cope. And those young people, very impressionable. Youth pastors do seem to be quite absent, at best relatively impotent, so let's let academia and media have their way with them.

Meanwhile -- John Schnatter. He should have known better.

I just had to blog on this absolutely preposterous condition of today's society, a tremendously wretched beast birthed from the heavily Jesuited university network throughout the nation. I weep for the millions of souls being sent straight to Hell because they will not turn to Christ The One Who Delivers From Such, because there just aren't enough followers of Christ ungrafted to the System that makes this all happen, people who actually love with their gut to minister truth and grace and healing and peace and contentment and wholeness and righteousness to these people.

And when I speak of this thing, racialism, I am speaking of something very specific. It is the wholly evil now quite rampant program of accusing people of racism who haven't a racist cell in their bodies, merely because the accused belong to the zeitgeist-classified oppressing group. That group is almost always registered as the conservative, older, white males who've earned too much money from producing good things people want to buy.

And the purpose of that, really is for the purveyors of such destabilization -- the politicians, the television journalists, the Hollywood big shots, the showcased university experts, the liberal church leaders, and anyone else spineless enough to refuse to see what's really going on -- to stick out their chests and boast loudly "Lookit how wonderful we are reaching out to lend a helping hand to these poor disadvantaged people ::crocodile tears::" It is also designed to keep people fearful and obsequious, liable to bow to the reigning social hegemony about how much they must surrender their souls to them.

I'm not saying people are not horrifically wounded deep inside, and I'm not saying we shouldn't step it up and be charitable. I am saying that trying to address people's real needs through Cain's way of human sacrifice is just as destructive as what they're saying they're solving. Indeed Cain's city was established millennia ago to mitigate the effects of man's murderous, fraudulent, lecherous behavior towards one another. But smothering it in sweet-smelling lawfulness still keeps people lost in their sin.

Cain does what God sent him out of His presence to do. That's fine. But that doesn't mean we can't point it out, see it for what it is.

And perhaps, yeah, perhaps some followers of Christ will step out and minister His Truth and Grace to these people who desperately need it -- even those purveyors so hypnotically entranced by the whole thing! They need His deliverance and salvation too!

Here is a webpage with the way that Christian churches are grafted to the System that perpetuates this body of death.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

A Hell That Is Very Real

"I tell you this so that no one may deceive you with fine-sounding arguments."

This morning I read the second chapter of Paul's letter the Colossians, and I can't find a better response to the abject idiocy that is being spouted by so many, showcased by the most benighted television news journalism organizations.

Recently the New York Times put out an article essentially saying the principles of free speech don't apply to conservatives, because they are saying bad things. I wrote a home page piece on this very thing two years ago, but the truth is the ones saying free speech doesn't apply to some are the ones to whom free speech shouldn't apply. In the piece I noted some of the more prominent ones. Here's one that gets a tremendous amount of airplay:

"It is best to enlist government people to to fix income inequality by rearranging wealth in the name of charity."

People are being browbeat with this terrifically destructive argument over and over and over again. It is so ferociously blapped only because those blapping it, namely the politicians and talking heads who nod and smile at them, can look reeeeeeally good as they blap these things -- it sounds so splendid and wholesome and righteous and good!

"See that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy."

This is propelled by an monolithic widespread mentality that features at its core the belief there is no God, the idea each individual should be able to express whatever "autonomy" they have to do whatever they want, and the principle that an expressed belief in God should be met with a response that depends on the particular believer's classification -- if it is someone of color then whatever that belief it is -- whatever it is -- should be embraced wholeheartedly at risk of being charged with racism; if that person is a white male then he must be firmly reproved because he is unjustly exercising oppressive power over another.

Where do people get this? Scripture gives us an idea, again from Colossians.

"[God] having disarmed the powers and authorities, He made a spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross."

It may seem as if nothing can stop these glorified mandarins, but they've already been shown for what they are -- by Christ and what He did at Calvary.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a political rock-star now, a young vibrant woman of color who is making the grand publicity tour and when interviewed she says... nothing. Her words are completely devoid of any meaningful substance related to public policy. They are only vain platitudes gushing from that humanist, atheist, materialist world view.

I do feel sympathy for her, really. It isn't that she's too young -- she's a sprite 28 years-old -- it's that throughout her relatively short upbringing she's been consistently told a load of crap. Very few with authentic wisdom and insight and knowledge about the way things really are ever told her anything. It breaks my heart for her, really, and the millions of young people like her.

I've been meaning to post this photograph, taken at a Universalist Unitarian church I drove by one day. I'm sure things like this are displayed outside thousands of these venues. It is just a list of those vain platitudes. I'd love to get going taking each of these apart, eviscerating what they think they're trying say here, but I don't want to take up too much memory space just for this post. How about just that first one? You hear it all -- the -- time:

"Love is love."

Please. This says nothing. It isn't even a fine-sounding argument, it is definitely hollow and insidiously deceptive. Love is something. While it may be a number of things, it is still specific and may be defined and understood for what it actually, objectively, transcendently is. For someone to make "love" something it isn't just because they feel good about it is to make it not love anymore.

We all know when they say this they are actually saying homosexually-minded people should be able to commit sexual abuse crimes against one another. No, real love is actually identifying what it is that is causing same-sex attraction and address that appropriately and minister with the deepest love to someone caught up in that. If someone wants out but struggles, the love is to offer the most kind, charitable help.

Those forces working to keep people in that lifestyle are not loving, they are doing them a horrific disservice. Indeed in California a law is powering its way through the legislature that would make "conversion therapy" illegal. Here's the problem with that.

There is no such thing as conversion therapy. There is very much restorative therapy, that's really what they mean: a way for people to get Christ-centered healing-based counseling to bring back one's original whole and healthy sexuality.

The conversion already happened, when a sodomy-intentioned person was overwhelmed by emotional and spiritual forces from his/her past -- mostly from dysfunctional childhood and familial relational forces that were very real, very powerful, and very much originating in Hell -- not only making them wildly confused about their sexuality but now encouraging them to join the crusade to force everyone to celebrate their immorality.

This is the truth that is smothered and silenced by people who are caught up in the World System's designs on them. Those captivated by them are subject to those "powers and authorities." I like what Eugene Peterson calls them in The Message." It is easy to chafe at Peterson's rendering, I got you -- but this is a fine reference to those powers and authorities:

"Spiritual tyrants."

That's them all right. Yes there are certain people sworn to do their work, I'd even mentioned a few of them in my home page piece from May. Every one of them doing their job as they should. None of them should be censured in that they are doing their work for Cain as God sent them out to do millennia ago. It is gruesome and it is distressing yes, but in the grip of Christ one cannot be moved. There is the law to govern all of what they do, and Scripture says the law is good. But for those genuinely following Christ, there is a domain that is far greater.

Grace and Truth.

We are merely to pray and be kind and offer the most abundantly charitable aid to terribly wounded, hurting people. That includes everyone, from the richest to the poorest, from Donald Trump to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from the grandest spiritually hifalutin to the most desperate sexually wounded -- grace and mercy and forgiveness poured out and overflowing.

But that doesn't mean we cover our eyes and ears and mouths and fearfully refuse to speak truth. The New York Times knows it can't do battle with truth, so it makes up its own version, tells those with concerns about it to shut up, and urges lawmakers to further enable the empty philosophy to flourish.

The culture war rages on when well-meaning Christians try to stop Caesar and his main mouthpiece from doing that. No, make no mistake, they will think entering into Caesar's domain and remonstrating with fury will be of any value.

This web effort isn't at all about urging anyone to join the rebellion. It is about saying truthful things, and merely encouraging the follower of Christ to be His word with the deepest, richest, highest love.