Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Slippery Slope to Hell

Felt like pounding out this post while waiting for 60 Minutes to rebroadcast its piece from last fall, the one that brilliantly illuminated the crushing drug problem in this country right now. There is an opiate epidemic that is literally killing more and more people. I have a feeling they're showing it again because there are reports of a substantial increase in suicides, especially among white middle-aged men.

I know why this is happening.

60 Minutes won't tell you why. They'll address the horrors in all their splendid glory, but they don't know why. There'll be lots of "Why?!"s through the tears, of course. There always is, but the saddest fact is these people abjectly refuse to see the answer.

It comes in the answer to the following question.

What possesses seemingly sane, wholesome, and very Christianly people to plan, organize, and prepare to participate in a Jericho-oriented demonstration at the California state capitol?

Whuh? What does that have to do with rampant drug abuse?

Now I only know about this event from a cursory explanation on a Christian music radio show. Here's what I heard. A bubbly lady speaking about how the church needs to be living in unity, all under the banner of one thing, "Jesus Christ!" Of course I ask, Which Jesus? (If you're paying attention, this starts to get at the answer to the question about the drug abuse connection...)

She went on to explain that everyone attending was going to circle the capitol building in Sacramento seven times, just like it happened around Jericho in the Bible, and that after that they'd blow the horn, just like in the Bible, and then they'd do Christian things, you know, pray, worship, do 501c3 non-profit kindness things...

All I could say to the radio there on the dash was, "Please don't do this thing. Please don't." All I could think about was what actually happened in the Bible story -- what happened with Jericho. See, God didn't have them do all that just to make a statement. No, he had them do all that to take down walls after which everyone rushed into the city to destroy everyone and everything in it.

Ahem. Are these wonderfully-intentioned people planning to do that? I know what their real intentions are. To make a statement! To take back our state! To get everyone to be Christian again!

But what they are actually doing is taunting, berating, indeed expressing a form of rebellion to God-ordained authorities that God clearly tells us is a form of witchcraft.

Yes, fine Christian people all joining together and doing fully Catholicist things. There is more to it, but simply put they are all -- with their calls for unity and activities in 501c3 non-profits -- doing what the Roman Catholic Church wants them to do. Doesn't matter what you think or feel or say about it, you are being a good, dutiful Roman Catholic.

And that is perfectly legitimate.

It is.

It is the legacy of Cain for the purpose of rigorous sin management.

I'm watching this drug abuse episode on 60 Minutes, and right now they're talking with a couple of kids who did drugs and are now speaking about the drug courts giving them a chance with requested commitments to stay clean and therapy and all that spiffy stuff Cain's legacy provides. They both expressed gratitude and the boy added he was introduced to life.


Which life?

The life the World System showcases and markets is not life. It may feel good for a while, but unless you get at the core issue, the sin deep in the heart of the individual, misery will still hammer you.

And this misery is right now exploding around the globe.

The only answer is Jesus Christ. No, not the pathetic Catholicist Jesus Christ, but The Jesus Christ, maker of the universe and sacrificer of His own life so people can have freedom from their sin and woundedness and misery and addictions.

The Catholicist Jesus is just some hifalutin guy in the clouds somewhere. But yeah, so yeah! I know! -- Where is this Real Jesus?

Oh He is sitting at the right hand of the Father, yes, and that may seem to make Him distant and meaningless and pointless. I got that.

Except that Jesus said those who follow Him would actually BE Him to those who seek Him and His freedom and joy and mercy and righteousness.

Those people shaking their fist at the people in the state capitol are not those people.

People so wretchedly wounded and so very liable to do drugs or get into some other horrifically destructive thing need people who are self-sacrificially Jesus, who know Him and love just like Him.

But where are they?

Where are they?

Out pointlessly walking around Jupiter's temple trying to get Jupiter to change things? What a joke!

In fact, I want to weep right now because the very last words in that 60 Minutes piece, just now, just as I finished typing that last sentence, was a woman who runs a drug treatment facility, a former addict herself, after being asked if there is an end in sight, said in the most firm, insistent way,

"I don't see an end at all, not at all."

If only she, if only anyone, would know someone who is Christ to them.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Failure to See Yet Another Truth: The Slippery Slope

Many try to make the argument against homosexualist things by claiming that if we as a society endorse homosexual behavior and enable the now widespread celebration of it, then there will be little one may say against all the things that come after it: polygamy, bestiality, pederasty, and other more abhorrent forms of sexual engagement. (For review -- homosexualist:  consideration that sexual activity between two individuals of the same sex should be accepted, embraced, or even celebrated, as well as consideration that censure of such behavior must be rejected, condemned, or even prosecuted.)

The idea is that there is a "slippery slope" down into things just as bad or worse.

It is as if the homosexualist voice is saying either "We're stopping at same-sex adults being allowed to have a fully sanctioned sexual relationship so don't worry about anything else", or "It really doesn't matter anyway because any form of sexual activity should be accepted in today's progressive world and ultimately it just isn't that big a deal -- mind your own business." The conclusion is that there shouldn't be any of this silly talk of a "slippery slope" because you can't be sure of anything that will happen from what has happened anyway -- it's a logical fallacy.

The problem is that what we are seeing today is precisely what the detractors of homosexualism have been concerned about. The latest rage is how transgender individuals are now expecting to be able to use facilities reserved for a given gender even if that gender is not the one they were born with, or their "biological sexuality" -- or some similar attribution.

The truth that never gets emphasized enough is that one's biological gender is the only gender one has. There is no other. You are either a male or female, period, all the goofy "cis" and "trans" characterizations aside. I could proclaim with the greatest sincerity that I'm a tiger and expect everyone to treat me as such, but it doesn't make me one. Furthermore when I screech about how vicitimized I am when people refuse to respect my chosen "species identity", others should not be subject to the bullying of those who refuse to live in reality.

What is so frightening is those who do live in reality have been so browbeaten by the politically correct mob that they've foolishly let that horse out of the barn years ago. The moment the number of people saying, "Wull I guess one could say he or she should be able to act on their sexual confusion without any repercussions" reached critical mass, it was too late.

In fact, to the credit of the "There is no slippery slope" crowd, when you think about it, it's not as much a slippery slope as a greased cliff with lots of jagged edges that we all keep hitting. We're already well down the sides of this thing, and all we're doing is smacking ourselves against it.

Last night I went with my wife and daughter to see this latest "live action" (mostly just spiffy special effects) The Jungle Book. Before the film there was a short called The Kite. A boy is fighting to keep his kite from allowing the wind to take it, but the string snaps and off it goes. He gives chase.

Eventually he finds the kite stuck in a crag, but next to it is a cave. He explores. Inside he looks around, and enters a part with some light.

He then lets the kite go. Turns out he is in a cavern with many kites swirling about to the wind and sunlight entering the cavern from above.

The tag: "If you love something, let it go free."

I like that. Who wouldn't.

The problem is that the implicit message is "Let people be free to be who they want even if it means being LGBT or whatever."

I then think, it must then be okay for me to be a Nazi and imprison Jews in my basement to peddle bikes to power my home. That's me! That's my chosen identity and it can't be helped!

The homosexualist will holler very loudly "That's different!"

How? The truth in all of this is that there is a moral truth that transcends all this. Just as it is very wrong to promote Naziism, keep slaves, or insist under penalty of law that everyone speak to me in growls because I'm a tiger, it is just as morally, objectively, ontologically, teleologically, transcendantally wrong to commit a sexual abuse crime upon someone else by acting on one's same-sex attractions and then shouting about how proud one is for it.

But again, the barn has been empty for years. Not getting the horse or any of those animals back in it.

As it is, there's just all of us sliding along the side of the cliff, smashing against the rocks and jags, falling and falling, bruising and bloodying ourselves on the way down.

The only rescue is the Kingdom.

That's where Christ is, waiting to share with you life, and offering anyone forgiveness for whatever sexual sins they may have committed or brazenly embraced, homosexual or not.

The World on the other hand is -- well, how about this metaphor. From The Jungle Book that we saw last night.

I really didn't like the film because it was just the cartoon movie from 1967 only with a little more spice. It was still slow and plodding, and with way less of the fun panache of the original. But this one scene made me think.

It was when King Louie gets buried under the collapsed temple ruins after he smashes all the supports in pursuit of Mogli. Right away all the monkeys and apes under his charge abandon keeping an eye on Mogli and his compatriots and start pulling rocks off the pile in a frantic effort to free Louie lying underneath the rubble.

Whuh? Louie was a dictator. But he did get all the monkeys and apes lots of nice cool things. When he himself was incapacitated, his people panicked.

I could only think, wow, how the typical Catholicist hypnotically needs some secular authority to manage their affairs. Look at the presidential election season right now, all of the spiritual and emotional violence spewed about -- people freaked out thinking about what it would be like if their selected potentate doesn't get his or her crown.

Oh, they don't need to worry.

The potentate of their preferred fearless leader isn't going anywhere. They can try to clear away the stones smothering their candidate, but the one pulling the strings isn't going anywhere.

As it is, this "Father General" they all obey through the surrogate leaders he empowers has already moved so many millions to embrace homosexualism that now they don't have a clue what to do with this current transgender onslaught.

And, yes, no matter what they say, it will get worse.

This greased cliff is a high one.

Or again, you can come to Christ. Leave this body of death and come into life.

Find who you truly are, with joy and healing and righteousness.

You could do that.