Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Lebanon-Israel Take

A ton of news coverage has saturated the public square regarding the conflict in the Middle East between Lebanon and Israel. Yesterday there was a press conference featuring President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and I found something Blair said worth noting.

He said, essentially, that the fight against terrorism would be like this, and that there is no other way to fight it, so we must keep doing what we're doing. The item that struck me was

"There is no other way."

Well, yes, there is another way. The other way is Jesus Christ, seeing how much He loves you and in that moving you to love another with that love. If everyone did that (oh this is just too easy) then there would be no violence.

But Blair, being a sworn servant of Cain, hasn't a clue about that other way. He only knows of the seven-fold vengeance he must help exact against rebels such as the terrorists in Lebanon, and he continues to enable the destructive activities of the plainly ruthless Ministry of Retribution. Hey, as horrible as it is, it is what he does.

But Jesus does what He does, freeing individuals from that body of death.

Blair and Hezbollah do violence, Jesus does restoration. In the World you will have sorrow, in the Kingdom you will have joy and peace. (Didn't Jesus actually say those exact words somewhere? Words to that effect?)

Other thoughts: Funny that Bush and Blair were singing the same song yesterday. I just can't help but speculate that the U.K. and the U.S. are the two mixed clay and iron parts of the feet in that statue of the dream Daniel interprets.

Any time I see the term "peacekeepers," such as "the U.N. should send a group of peacekeepers in," I cringe. It is used frequently by some of the most progressively minded people, as if they were offering up something radically wonderful. But really, what else is a peacekeeper except someone to blow the snot out of someone else blowing the snot out of someone? It is all still grand ultra-violence, and only really makes sense when the pre-eminent snot-blower-outter is Cain with his seven-fold vengeance.

I just can't see why there aren't more people wanting to be out of this body of death all together-- to be in His embrace and not just nodding when Tony Blair spews, "There is no other way than to blow the snot out of 'em."

Oh. Wait. I can see why.

For people to really know That Other Way people need to actually know about Him. And for people to know Him they need to meet up with those who actually already know Him. And for there to be those kind of people they need to be not grafted to the World that only knows the violent way. And to be not grafted they kind of need to be not contractually obligated to that World through 501c3's and such.

And how many followers of Christ are there out there like that?

As it is, as mere members of the World System Club, when most say "Jesus," they're considered to be saying "Here's some other guy in the violence schematic," and he's just as dismissed as any other Cain wanna-be.

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