Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Latest Feature in the 9/11 Extravaganza

It is 9/11 and the common sentiment is that we commemorate things today with solemn events and quite contemplation. I wonder how many think at all about how much our "imaginations are catastrophized," a term Tupper Saussy coined to describe precisely what World operatives are still doing to a large extent with grandiose 9/11 mythology.

Here is the latest that I saw:

This is the memorial for the Pentagon victims, and right when I saw this photograph I could not help but think, "airport runway lights." You tell me, does this not look like runway lights for an jet airliner to land right into the Pentagon building? Could this be a subliminal suggestion that we are to believe that what hit the Pentagon on 9/11 was actually an airliner? Furthermore shouldn't this be interpreted as a subtle message about the bright glory of a work which effectively mobilized the nation to battle evildoers on a grander scale?

The latest about 9/11 is from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which issued a report with the definitive word on how World Trade Center Building No. 7 collapsed. If you haven't seen what happened to No. 7, you should. Look for it, it's on-line all over the place. The official finding is now a hodge podge of theories strung together with the emphasis this time on the steel expanding and weakening and whatever other things steel does in a fantasy world.

Fact: Tower No. 7 collapsed in on itself within seconds with no visible cause.

Official version: Steel twisted and bent in odd but sophisticated ways to cause this to happen.

Question: How can that physically happen?

Response by authorized personnel: What are you, a bunch of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists?

Imagine if this kind of thing happened in the comfort of your home environs.

Fact: The laundry basket, once in the garage, suddenly whacked me at the side of my head while I was reading in the den.

Official version: The ground and air moved around in geologically and meteorologically sophisticated ways to cause this to happen.

Question: How can that physically happen?

Response by authorized personnel: What are you, some kind of a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist?

At this point many would seethe and rage against the media and their toadying government for behaving like this. "Let's start a new investigation!" they'll cry. Come on. This is where the 9/11 truthers really lose it. What exactly do they think they'll be told when there's a "new investigation"?

Deceit is job of the World operatives they're censuring. They're just as susceptible to more novel ways of catastrophizing the imagination. What a phenomenal tool this is to keep a grip on a populace immersed in fear, including the 9/11 truthers.

The only thing to do is this, something I end virtually every blog post with:

Get out of it all. Go to the Kingdom. Ask the One who has the ticket there, Jesus Christ. Let Him wash away your fear by putting yourself in His mighty grip. Do that by leaving your pathetic World incorporations that only stir that fear. The only thing that can happen when you put your hand in His is that

You'll love. And others you're around will love. Really, you'll have everything you'll ever want.

I'd like to call that

Rapturizing the imagination.

How about that. Rapturizing the imagination. You'd feel genuine joy, consume vibrant reality, behold the rich hearts of those who love with His love, immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Him and His domain.

Who is this "Rapturing" God? Some thoughts about Him are here.