Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Extraordinarily Sparse Critical Thinking About Sexuality

Today the U.S. Supreme Court starts to hear arguments about same-sex marriage. The media are going to shine their cameras and shove their microphones in the faces of everyone involved, and their pundits and pontificators will beam about how splendid homosexualism is as well as sneer about how nasty the detractors are. All of this portends a government sanction of sexual immorality never seen before.

In looking at every argument made in favor of homosexualism or same-sex marriage, I discover a grave paucity of critical thinking about what sexuality and more importantly love and family really are. I've considered putting together a page on my webzine devoted exclusively to the details about this discourse, and that'll have to appear next month. For now I thought I'd get a bit into just some of those items with some attention to brevity. The challenge is to get right at what is what about these critically important things.

When they say "You should be allowed to love who you want," they are misrepresenting any one of the dozens of meanings of "love," and as such misleading people with emotionally charged language.

When they say "People should be afforded equal treatment," they are discarding the truth that there are thousands of ways people are legitimately not considered equal that do not abrogate the true meaning of "equality."

When they say "Same-sex marriage does not affect other traditional marriages," they are not taking into account how much the wholesale change of the foundational definition of marriage destructively dilutes the meaning of that institution.

When they say "Homosexuals (and the children that such individuals raise) are hurt by the attacks against them," they refuse to acknowledge that the reason homosexually-minded individuals and those close to them are hurt has much more to do with their acting on their own sexual dysfunction and the emotional and spiritual havoc it brings, and less to do with the bullying they so readily blame (though this author is 100% with them about how evil any form of bullying is.)

When they say "The whole LGBT status should be afforded wider acceptance, indeed it is almost a given that it should be already," they are appealing to a form of the argumentum ad populum fallacy, that as long as a lot of people are in favor of it then it must be a good thing. One does not follow from the other.

When they say "Marriage is a right," they are neglecting to recognize that no right is absolute for any given person or group all the time -- never. In this instance certain classifications of people simply do not have the right to get married, most notably children.

When they say "We need to end intolerance in this area," they can't see how they themselves are being intolerant of those who have solid arguments against widespread sanctioned homosexual behavior.

When they say "God and religion are irrelevant, especially to those who don't believe in them," they are confessing that many who support homosexualism are in fact godless and have no grounding themselves for the beliefs they have and the decisions they make. They indeed have another god, and the worship of a god that is "myself," "society," "science," or "the majority" is far more frightening than the biblical one.

When they say "God is understanding, accepting, and loving," they miss one of the most significant characteristics of God. He is not only merciful, yes, offering that freely and lovingly, but He is also just.

When they say "Most same-sex couples are just like the rest of us: normal, average, nice, hard-working people," they are duplicitous in cherry-picking the best looking homosexually-minded couples to constantly showcase, encouraging the sympathetic media to ignore the wickedly devastating effects of sodomy.

When they say "It is natural for homosexuals to be that way, they are born like that," they are perpetuating one of the greatest lies undergirding all of this: It is a given that some people must behave by doing sexually aberrant things to other people. It doesn't matter how much consent is involved, how thick the walls it happens behind, or how widely endorsed it is by millions. One hurting, wounded, confused person committing a sodomous act with another hurting, wounded, confused person is a crime against humanity.

When they say "Young people today, the so-called 'millennials,' are overwhelming in favor of same-sex marriage, so it is an inevitability," they can't identify the myriad ways young people's thinking is stunted by an educational system that not only refuses to teach them how to cogitate deeply and critically, but their benighted condition is deliberately made to be that way so World operatives can better mold their minds.

When they say "If you express disfavor you are seen as bigoted and narrow-minded -- indeed you are a homophobe," they are browbeating others with the same attacks that they censure, furthermore enlisting any and all worldly powers to silence anyone who has a legitimate case against their cause. It is huge the number of people I meet -- not just people who are like me -- who have principled, elucidating, heartfelt objections to homosexualism but will not say a thing for fear of being excoriated by the deputized thought police on the prowl throughout society -- it is harrowing.

When they say "We must fight as hard as we do because whatever government sanctions we can get are the things that will be what everyone must believe and do," they are oblivious to two key things: one, the fact that they themselves are doing just as much "forcing their beliefs" on other people (enlisting the substantial power of a sycophantic government to do so) and two, there is another option to the sin and death and worldly powers which so hypnotically influence their involvement in this evil.

He is Jesus Christ.

He frees from all sin, including both the sin of willfully engaging in homosexual acts and brazenly celebrating it. Thing is, homosexual sin is no worse than any other sin, and it is a sin that is just as hard to get out of as any other.

But that is why a God who gives His life out of His love for the sinner is required.

Thing is, you've got to turn from all that to Him, and let His forgiveness and freedom wash over you.

Because even if you don't get all this critical thinking down...

He'll still hold you in His embrace.

And love you with The Love.

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