Monday, June 10, 2013

Gaius Maecenas' Latest Celebrity

Anyone who's paying attention to the grand modern megaphone and fantascope certainly now know the name Edward Snowden. It is splashed all over the news circus, and his ubiquitous image is most likely right now being transformed into all sorts of Warholesque concoctions. I can't get away from seeing his mug everywhere I look to see what the Maecenean mythmakers of the day want me to believe.

So yeah, might as well leap on the bandwagon. Here he is, yet again. Okay, it's tastelessly cheap, but hey. Gotta add some cred to my site as well -- everyone else is doing it. Might as well join the party so we can all gaze at him with whatever we're told we're supposed to think and feel and rage about him.

Apparently this dude shared with the world that Caesar is peeking in on what we are saying and doing, taking terrible advantage of us -- what with all this information mobility we have. Oh my! How revelatory! Not. Caesar's been doing this for eons upon eons, even without the IT help, except that now Mr. Maecenas would like us to get all riled up about it. Why?

Could be any number of reasons related to the elaborate machinations of entrenched World System legitimization practices. I'd venture to say one reason has to do with the ways that the deepest politics operatives want us to perceive this thing truth. And it almost always involves directing our attention away from Truth.

Funny, recently a film came out about Julian Assange, another renowned whistleblower famed for his uncouth leakage of information Radical Selfists adore and Devout Romanists pretend to loathe. On the official movie poster is a quote about "army intelligence" and "classified foreign policy" that "affects everybody on earth."

It affects everybody on earth.

Annnd, so?

Yeah, it affects everybody on earth. So what? People do rotten things. Caesar's job is to crack heads of rotten-things-doers. Caesar even provokes rotten-thing-doing so the splendidly lethal spiral of evil-death-more evil-more death continues unabated -- it's what happens when people stay reprobate and refuse to come to Christ. So what of it? Why is this news? Why is this such a big deal?

It is because extraordinarily blind people must get their jollies about who they're supposed to hate -- and fear. The modern-day Maecenases of the World are given the job to do that -- Gaius Maecenas, by the way, was the guy who deftly promoted Virgil's Aeneid, also accomplished expressly for the purpose of forming a comprehensive national mythology around which to rally rebels and revolutionaries to consummate the effort of Tikkun Olam, the repairing the world utilizing the vast array of tools available for cracking heads of any assholes who try to get in the way.

Soooo, Edward Snowden, is he an asshole getting in the way of the most proficient security maximization efforts? Is he a hero in the authentic intellectual restorationist's quest for greater glory of the autonomous self freed from the shackles of ignorance and imbecility and indigestion and whatever other nifty bad thing starts with "i"?

Or is he just another actor in the show for people who are obsessively addicted to the World and everything about it?

...For those who can't see a yoctometer beyond their nose at a Savior who does actually free the soul from the grip of this wretched body of death?