Critical Mass II

"What we really really really really really need is stability."

This was the word resounding through the halls of the World System today, rationalizing more institutionally sanctioned deceit to keep people convinced the value extraction machine will keep humming as usual.

Never mind that very few people are saying what we really need, a bazillion times more important than stability.


I saw a sign outside a church that had one of those pithy sayings on it. This one was "It is more important to be kind than to be right." I know why this is so touching, believe me, I got that.

But it is an idiotic statement.

After ruminating on it I thought, "Hmm, isn't it more important to be right about kindness?"

The World System is right about how much it must use law enforcement to crack heads. So when the Democrats succeed in passing legislation to keep the borrowing for summary head-cracking to continue, to keep THE government going so it is fully capable of the most celebrated head-cracking, and to keep everyone feeling good that when someone is in need -- particularly with their health care -- then government will take care of business so we all don't have to bother --

They are doing exactly what task they are assigned to carry out.

But I still weep.

I weep because while all of this is extraordinarily truthful, it completely dismisses The Truth.

In fact, what am I saying.

He is not even in the picture.

For if Christ were in the picture, worship assemblies would be truly, fully, richly, profoundly, vibrantly, wonderfully, amazingly ministering to people who would be so blown away by who Christ is and what He is about and the things He does -- Caesar's Kingdom would be a blip.


The people who wanted to take down Jesus back in the day were afraid that if Jesus kept going, everyone would believe in Him and their nifty cozy religious things would be taken from them. Well they killed Jesus, but He rose again to ignite the Christian faith.

Thing is, I'm not exactly sure I see him anywhere around. Yes, I know, quite cynical, I know. But where is He among Christians? Hard to see because their worship assemblies are so tied to the World making them so impotent that it doesn't make much of a difference. Nobody gives a shit. This Jesus fellow, just another religious figure in the Pantheon of gods in the henotheocracy. Yawn.

I only mention all of this because the U.S. Congress today is to going to put the official imprimatur on another round of deceit to assure the global markets that the U.S. is "ay-oh-kay" thank you very much. No worries, we're all fine over here. You can be sure all our human sacrifice practices are still fully operational, so all of you extractors doing the best extraction possible, please, no worries at all. Everything's under control.

Everything I've seen or heard or read is about the ::whew!:: stability of the situation, but I still wonder...

When will the reality under the deceit reach critical mass?

When will that reality become so oppressively obvious that people actually see the spiritual bankruptcy for what it is? How much more can Caesar keep the lie going?

I mean, what am I saying. The Lie's been going for millennia. Why would it be different now? Except that God may actually remove the restrainer, and then --

And then.

Maybe people will actually see THE OTHER government. Ever notice how the World's megaphone is always blaring "THE" government, as if there is only one? Sure there are many levels and strata and branches and institutions of THUH government, but ultimately there are only two.

The World and the Kingdom.

Why don't they speak of the Kingdom? It is because they haven't the faintest idea. Not a clue.

I'd heard and read of the crabbers in Alaska not getting out for the crabbing season because THE government shutdown did not allow them to get the licenses or permits required to take their boats out to get their crabs. I could only think, hmm, why don't you just go out without the permits?

Are there catch limits? And are they there for a good reason? Then why don't you respect them whether you have a permit or not? Oh but what if you get caught sailing on out trying to make an honest living, and some government boat intercepts yours and hauls you back because you don't have a permit? But wait, I thought the government couldn't give you a permit? Yet they can send out some police-oriented vehicle to take you out even though you are sold out to Christ and would do everything you do in the service of your occupation because you love those for whom you are working?

Oh yeahhh. Fergot.

Not everyone belongs to Christ.

Not everyone would do the righteous thing so, yeah, they neeed the permit to keep the head-crackers cracking heads when head-cracking is needed.

Ahh. I see.

So in the absence of sowing Kingdom people arranging a government that would provide a hundred times whatever Caesar's would, we need Cain's legacy to do it instead. I see.

Guess we just gotta wait for that critical mass.


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