The World: Its Fools and Its Diners

The latest culture war whirlwind comes out of Indiana, where lawmakers recently passed a bill ensuring that people who object to homosexual things have protection. It is now one of the top stories the mainstream media is running, showing protesters and showcasing all the powerful individual and business interests squawking and threatening to refuse to do further business in such an "intolerant and bigoted" place.

Did no one else see this coming? As soon as we're all convinced that the position to hold is: it is no big deal if someone does sexually abusive things in their own homes, just don't force us to approve of it, then we've lost the war. If it is just a matter of preference, then what difference does it make what anyone does.

The only way to make the case so it actually has meaning is to hold without equivocation that wanton homosexual activity is a crime, and that expressively willful endorsement of it is as well. Sorry, but society agrees that a number of things are crimes and most wholeheartedly endorse such positions. Murder, rape, robbery, vandalism, fraud, assault and battery are all crimes for which people go to prison. We even have laws that require prosecution of people who willingly aid and abet anyone who does those things.

Where on earth did we suddenly -- and in the long history of mankind it is pretty sudden -- get this idea that a homosexual act perpetrated against another individual no matter how much "consent" is given is okay?

When would anyone ever get away with saying it is okay for me, a married man, to have an affair with one of my female students right when she turns 18? When would someone ever say it is okay for me to proudly claim that it is fine for my neighbor to have slaves in his basement peddling stationary bikes to power his house, but I wouldn't do it?

Furthermore, if two guys can "get married," why can't I marry my dog, my lamppost, my dead grandmother, my four year-old daughter, or all of them at once for that matter? After the Justice of the Peace has awarded a marriage certificate to the two guys in front of me in line, and then they deny me my request, what do they legitimately have to say when I bring my lawyer along to charge them with discrimination?

This Indiana thing is bad enough, what is worse is that it just seems no one does the deep thinking related to why and how this is all happening.

God put the law into effect millennia ago to govern such behavior, and a very proper enforcement apparatus to carry it out, namely the legacy of Cain. That legacy is managed by the deepest politics operatives who are the powerful people walking amongst us, they smile and greet us and shake our hands and behave like the nicest neighbors. The most exceptional of them are best known as kindly professors of the most rigorous religious schools.

What they are doing is exactly what Cain was charged with doing, provoking provoking provoking the World inhabitant to keep making Cain legitimate. This is why railing against the World's now rampant homosexualism is so pointless -- when you do it by the World. It is the raging raging raging culture war.

I saw a news story about a new television show that is being introduced, a show by Dan Savage. Savage is a blogger who promotes homosexualism like crazy. I peeked at one of his advice columns, just to see what this guy was about. It was pure wickedness. It was so stunningly abominable, and yet, millions pay attention to what he says about sex. There is no question, sex is an idol to millions. I weep for them, I really do.

The response from family ministries was predictably vitriolic. "How could this guy have a TV show [or whatever it was] on a mainstream station ya-da-ya-da..." that kind of thing. Very principled, yes,

But tremendously foolish.

These people are just being roasted to be spiritually eaten alive by these people.

Dan Savage, by the way, was one of those people who showed up at Stephen Colbert's finale, something I wrote about a few months ago. All those people appearing on his very popular show are in some form or another highly paid provocateurs to keep people like those in these Christian family ministries enraged so Cain can continue to have something to do.
Dan Savage appears with the stripes in his shirt, just right of center

What is the solution.


It is Christ. There it is, right there. This is not the Catholicist Christ, which is either some pathetic "Let them do whatever they want" nobody or some straw man concocted by the group to rationalize its crusading agenda. Either one is pathetic nothingness.

The Christ of the Bible is God Almighty, yet He offers forgiveness by virtue of His shed blood, and in that: truth and grace and mercy and reality and peace and understanding and assurance and healing and salvation -- all given to us completely out of the crap that we do to one another.

What is so scary is that so many are still caught up in the idea there is no such individual who can free us like that, that Darwinian materialism is all there is, and that crusading about fighting and flailing and fleeing whatever ills there are about is the way to go.

It is very scary, indeed.

Thing is, while I grieve for them, I have great and joyous assurance because Christ is coming back soon. And that at the same time, maybe He's just waiting a bit longer for those people to get it, to come to Him -- maybe He's just waiting for us to be Jesus to these people so they can see that.

I just pray like crazy there'd be some who see it and will turn to Him. A lot of them for that matter.

I do pray for that.


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