Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Institutionalized Smear, Part II

My latest home page piece  is about the meaningful truth about fake news. While there is a lot about it to address, such as some things in my last blog post about the ideas sure to be in Sharyl Attkisson's new book The Smear, more and more is laid bare for us to see the reality of this phenomena.

I'd just like to point out a couple of those things here in a new blog post.

This expose about the Washington Post is quite illuminating. The Washington Post is a major mainstream mass media rag, the people who work there major World System megaphone blabbers, and as much as they blab about the fake news they don't like, they're busy making up the stories to add to the grand Americanist mythology they want people to hold dear.

It is, indeed, a critically authoritative duty of Cain's City Promoters, they're supposed to be doing this stuff. It is the most demonic propaganda, but good for regulating behavior of a reprobate populace.

This truth was further confirmed in a Rolling Stone interview with Barack Obama, a fawning glowing beaming paeon to the Current-But-Soon-To-Be-Dispatched Standard Bearer of Hell's Agenda, you know, things like a woman's first priority health protection means encouraging her to murder her pre-born child especially if she's poor and the taxpayer can take care of that business for her. You know.

In the interview Obama said this.

"The most important thing I'm focused on is how we create a common set of facts. That sounds kind of abstract. Another way of saying it is, how do we create a common story about where we are."

There you go. Authoritatively spoken, and as such I don't believe you can't take him at his word as one of the top agents of Cain's legacy.

When you create something you're actually taking the place of God. Nothing is created that hasn't already been in the mind of God. He's already done all the creating. You can invent, imagine, discover, wonder, enjoy, arrange, assemble, devise, and amaze to the things God has put in this world, including the beauty and glory of one's own God-given artistic abilities.

But facts are not up for grabs. The simply are. To create them, and furthermore to corral them into one's own benighted perspective cage and form a story from this is not Kingdom work, it is the System's work at the behest of the father of lies.

It is in fact the Institutionalized Smear.

And where did that come from? Who tells people like Obama and the Washington Post staff how to shape the authorized mythology?

You can find the answer in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Some thoughts about its current manifestation are here. I'd love to encourage you to ask Christ to open your eyes to see it, to heal you of your deafness to hear it, to clear your mind so you could understand, then...

To be healed.