Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Great System Icon: The Splendidly Extravagant Reality Star

I've been seeing this person "Omarosa" appear in the news a lot. Who is this?

From what I gather she is someone who worked in the Donald Trump White House for some time, and her qualifications for this position were her appearances on Trump's reality show The Apprentice in one or more of its manifestations. A basic Google search result tells us she is a "television actor." I've never seen her or heard her speak a word, but she seems to be getting a lot of attention. I have no idea why.

I imagine it is because the mainstream news media consider her a prominent voice in the anti-Trump movement so they afford her gobs of airtime, even shoving cameras and microphones in her face to help her out: "Come on, give us more of the dirt on Trump and do it in your spectacularly endearing way!" Again, I really don't know much about her so I don't want to be presumptuous at all, but I did find out one other interesting thing.

She is a minister of some stripe. Reading some of her biography she'd done studies to be a better institutionally accepted Christian individual -- I guess that's why she did it, no harm in that. This is a key part of this post's subject.

The latest news whirl is that Omarosa proclaimed that a Mike Pence administration would be worse than a Trump one, so apparently her message is "Be careful what you wish for Trump haters!" The reason is, in her words, "[Pence] is extreme. I'm a Christian. I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things. And I'm like, Jesus didn't say that. It's scary."

Now, first of all, if she follows Jesus as she claims, doesn't she expect that Jesus would want her to do and say the things He would want? Why is Mike Pence's version of Jesus any worse than hers?

But that's the main point.

Who's version of Jesus is the one that is true?

Don't get me wrong, as a Catholic Mike Pence's version of Jesus is well-suited to carry on the duties assigned him by Cain's legacy. Some things may be perfectly within the things he's expected to do based on Jesus' authorization of Pence to do Caesar's work. Or it could be Pence may have said things that distort the reality of who Jesus really is and what He is about. I understand that.

The problem is those specific things are never addressed. Furthermore if they are, the purveyors of the Hollywood extravaganza that is Cain's work will always spew the Catholicist version of Jesus, never the biblical one. Is Omarosa's the biblical one? It may be, but I don't think it is simply because the purveyors are too eager to broadcast it.

Indeed they are unlikely to say anything about what Omarosa thinks about Jesus unless it fits in with the narrative, or even what Mike Pence thinks unless it too fits in properly. This is so a widely Catholicized populace can continue to believe from merely what they reported about what Omarosa said that Jesus is actually whatever Caesar says he is.

Really, would you be able to discern whether Omarosa's version or Pence's version is the real Jesus? Do you spend time with Him every day, reading His words, prayerfully, corporately, intentionally dwelling in His courts with Him listening to Him understanding what He is saying, then loving those around you with His love?

Every day?

Or are you one of any of those frightened cowering types of Christians? Or are you simply dismissive of this "Jesus" anyway and now scared to death of Trump and Pence and all of them to further rationalize your participation in "The Resistance," which by the way is precisely what Caesar wants you to do to destroy your soul?

May I introduce you to Him, and not just because of what I say or anyone says. Find out for yourself.