Saturday, March 03, 2018

The Great Virtue Signaling Extravaganza

The Oscars will be broadcast this Sunday night, and it will indeed be yet another great display of the grandest virtue signaling around. Really beautiful insecure people will say really beautiful insecure things -- and it'd be one thing if they were merely beautiful and insecure.

It's a wholly other thing for their words and actions to accomplish the work of the militant religious order charged with the divine task of ruthlessly regulating the behavior of a reprobate population.

A street artist who has developed quite the reputation for calling out the hypocrisy of the Hollywood leftists has made his mark again, putting up three billboards in a nod to the odds-on favorite to win best picture, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. (I had my own take on the film in my last blog post.)

The one here in the photograph says quite a bit. Instead of being arrested, the accomplices will simply walk down the red carpet and beam over the virulent sycophancy, and after accepting their awards and then in whatever forum blasting Donald Trump in some vicious (but naturally quite righteous way of course), shuffle off to... shuffle off to what?

They are indeed objects of great pity because their god is their stomach, waiting to be filled with whatever ingestible item will kill their pain. Followers of Christ should respond to their sadly benighted existence by first fervently praying for them, then maybe if the opportunity arises ministering His word to them, and then just as importantly

Understanding how they're being used by the System.

Take a peek at F. Tupper Saussy's book Rulers of Evil, and check out the ninth chapter. It is titled "Securing Confidence," and it is about precisely what the title says: Rome establishing a beachhead in the hearts and minds of those not counseled by Scripture. Go ahead, while enjoying the awards ceremony on television pull up the chapter on your mobile device (here it is!) and read a bit when you aren't filling out your Oscar ballot. The chapter really isn't that long and could be covered during the commercial breaks.

You'll see that the entire Hollywood enterprise is truly a propaganda machine to promote sexual immorality (even in and around their boastful claims they have the strongest sexual rectitude) and a more robust fealty to Caesar and his so-very charitable programs to enable irresponsible people to keep being irresponsible (it's called freedom, dammit!)

All of this wouldn't be so energetically proficient if there weren't the networks involved. People must be encouraged and empowered by other people in a network of some kind to feel okay with pursuing a word or an act. If it is the System, it is the power and principalities in the spiritual realm who are doing the work of infusing devotees with the things to think and feel. If it is the Kingdom, it is Jesus Christ Himself who informs people. Ultimately it is one of those two networks.

In my latest home page piece I write a bit about Niall Ferguson's fine new treatise on this thing the network, but add some of my own take. I enthusiastically invite you to look it over, tell me what you think, let me know (my email address is on the home page). I want to get it right, merely so the reader would find the true overwhelming beauty and glory of the Kingdom.