Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Fact: The One With Lordship Over Your Life Is...

I just finished my latest home page piece, and I just wanted to post a heads-up about it here in my blog. I'm including an interesting addition to the thing that I just couldn't squeeze in there, but it is worth putting here.

Across the street from that graphic novel coffee bar we visited in Oceanside one Sunday morning, right across the street, was this building. Quite sparse with a mere single word identification: FACT. If I go in there, will I find the facts? Will I discover the truth of things and allow that to slice through my own benighted deceitfulness?

Just point of fact, so to speak, I looked around online and discovered it is the office of "Full Access and Coordinated Transportation." But that acronym. Funny, there is a sign on the door there, it says "No soliciting." That's gotta be good, facts don't need someone trying to tell them they are something else. But then I found it kind of interesting that there are two "one way" signs out front there. Hmm, seems to me I'm being told the facts are that way.

Well, I went that way -- actually took a stroll down that street, thatta-way, and found some good meaty truths. They're there in the home page piece, I hope you find them too.

I can't help but add that after I'd finished my piece, I came across this story from The Babylon Bee, that delightful Christian version of The Onion. Really, didn't see it until I was done. Even better, just now while looking for that webpage to add the link here, I found this one with Matt Walsh. Touche!