Monday, April 01, 2019

Climate Change Folly - It's a Perfect Day For It

It is beautiful outside, sunny, warm, a bit breezy, and while there is likely some area on the globe where a weather event has caused some concern -- even a major one like recently in Mozambique where flooding devastated some places -- for the most part the earth's climate is in good shape.

If you were to read the climate alarmist literature from 30 or 40 years ago, however, you'd see that all this should not be. Right now we should be covered in ice, or melting from the heat, or something nasty that man caused because of his profligate living behavior.

Well now you've got the Jesuit-administered education system propagandist professors telling the new young socialist-minded Ivy Leaguers running shakedown syndicates like Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress telling people like peppy actress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to say things like "If we don't address climate change with radical solutions we'll all be dead within twelve years."

The fact that conservative media personnel yuck it up about it all is part of the game. They are just as much the fools for being a part of Cain's legacy to see that his autocratic hegemony is running along exceedingly smoothly, as much as the Catholicized nation is duped left and right to make it all so ugly.

Such is the activity of April Fools' Day -- every day.

The main thrust of all the climate alarmism is to keep human sacrifice alive and well by drawing attention away from the two main conservation items that are quite veritable: (1) the pollution that kills people directly and (2) the gruesome tyrannies in countries that won't properly manage how and where they have people dwelling so naturally occurring natural disasters don't incur so many casualties.

Regarding the first, if you want to do things like cleaning out the plastics from the oceans -- or even better preventing them all together -- then sign me up. If you want to talk about establishing and maintaining wildlife refuges to protect endangered animals -- I'm all in. I'm even on board with reasonable and as much as scientists and engineers can make it efficient (and clean!) green energy alternatives that make it a bit more healthy for us all to breathe the air -- great!

Regarding the second, there is a truth among truths and that is this: natural disasters happen. And a key part of that truth is that people will die no matter what anyone does. Jesus even said about this truth, in the 13th chapter of Luke, essentially, "Yes, I know, people will die in very grievous events. So what about you? If you haven't repented and come to terms with your own mortality in the sense that you'll spend eternity in Heaven or in Hell, then what are you asking Me about it for?" For those who object to my treating Scripture this way, go ahead and read it for yourself, no worries.

If we actually managed our resources well because we actually cared about people, in whatever country there is out there, then we could actually do some things to keep some people from dying unnecessarily as a result of those disasters.

But that requires a lot of intelligence, hard work, and most importantly prayerful attention to carrying out God's purposes in His ways.

Climate change alarmist policies? Perfectly fine for Cain's legacy to sustain human sacrifice on a grand scale. Perfectly fine for his agents to pontificate about how damn-well great they are at being fine, fine individuals. Perfectly fine for them to manage the calcified sinfulness of a reprobate population by pushing them to feel like proudly wholesome folks outside the mercy and grace of God.

It is all perfectly fine for all of that. It is all arranged as a legitimate way the holders of Cain's legacy of spectacular city-building discharges their authoritative duties.

But none of it does a lick of good for the climate. Not a single carbon footprint nodule from anybody has the slightest impact on the climate -- unless of course everyone somehow, someway manages to chop down every tree on the planet. But because there are estimated to be more trees -- those extraordinarily powerful climate regulators we all naturally enjoy -- on earth than there are stars in the galaxy, that number is in the trillions by the way, we really have nothing to worry about.

Sure we can all nuke ourselves, but then God still predicts that kind of thing happening on the last day anyway. As for now? As to whether or not you drive 80 miles to grandmother's house or fly the 400 miles to see your brother's wedding? Even multiply all that by a few million so we can all do that?

Doesn't have the slightest effect.

Oh I'll get the whole "But we have x number of scientists on our side!" I can just say "Ha! I've got y number of scientists on MY side!" "Your momma!" "Well YOUR momma!" "Well your MOMMA'S momma!" "And your momma INFINITY!..."

And so it goes. ::Sigh...::

The thing I have in my favor, and you may have it too! -- it isn't just mine! -- is Scripture. Sure many of the most vocal scientists are expertly trained as atheists by their beloved Jesuit universities, steeped in Epicurean philosophy -- I got that. I know they just slough off Scripture as fairy tale stuff -- but hey, I didn't say there wasn't a day like today to fully celebrate that mentality. Here's to the fool! Makes for great entertainment sometimes, it does.

But for those who hunger after righteousness, you can read Scripture and find a Savior who is willing to grab your hand with His nail-scarred one, pull you from the cesspool of folly some of which is the rabid climate change alarmism, and gently draw you into insightful understanding -- and from there, actually love the ones you may wish to genuinely help.

That starts with acknowledging the truth about what is actually going on and vibrantly grasping that Jesus -- the One who created the whole thing to begin with -- once said, "Look at those flowers, God spins them so beautifully. Look at the birds of the air, they get fed just fine. And here you are worrying as if God doesn't care about you." Sorry, again, my rendering. That's in the sixth chapter of Matthew, by the way, go ahead and check that out for the most accuracy, that's cool.

Seems to me we're good with the planet. Can we mess it up for some people by polluting or not caring for animals and habitats and such as we should? Sure. Can our potentates not do more of what they should to have rules in place for how and where some of us reside? Sure, but the only way to address those things so we actually succeed is to love people Jesus's way, not exploit people Cain's way.

So yeah, I like today, it's a great day of celebration of the worst folly. Let's do that!

Just so we can plainly see it for what it is -- that's a very good thing.

Then maybe more people will turn 180 degrees the other way and enter the Kingdom.