The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Ratchets Up to Even Higher Levels

Sure enough, after Georgia passed a bill allowing abortions up six weeks of pregnancy, Alabama got around to passing a bill effectively prohibiting all abortions. Good for them! Except for one thing.

It still doesn't mean anything unless everyone everywhere in every state -- indeed every nation on the planet -- summarily outlaws abortion, period.

The reason is simple. Some in Alabama admitted the law is designed to put pressure on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Many pro-lifers like this idea because it will allow states to decide what to do with abortion. Good thing.


Remember when they tried the principle of popular sovereignty to address slavery back in the 1840s, 1850s? Let the states decide if they want slavery or not. Except that, just like abortion, slavery is something so repulsively immoral that it simply should not be up to a vote.

And abortion, just like slavery, must be categorically, unequivocally made unconstitutional, illegal, and subject to the strictest prosecution.

What about the mother? Yes, indeed, what about the mother? What about this permissive attitude of abortion which eviscerates the entire beauty and value of motherhood? How contemptibly disrespectful to women to convince them of this, to make them think that by getting an abortion they are more of a woman, more of a person. How diabolically contemptible.

What about the man? I saw a meme that had over and over again, "A man should not make laws about a woman's body." How about this: "A man and a woman should not engage in sexual immorality to the extent that their actions would produce a child they would murder before it is born." How come that is never shared? How come pro-lifers barely call out both mother and father for their behavior that causes there to be a situation in which they'd murder their child to begin with?

With all this right now the kind of society that allows children to be murdered so wantonly is indeed being exposed for what it is.

So yeah, some are thinking the Supreme Court will be taking this on, hearing arguments sometime maybe as soon as next year. I know they don't want to touch it with a five-thousand foot pole. The liberals on the court, all four of them, will certainly uphold Roe with the most intense ferocity. Everyone assumes the other five are pretty solid conservatives, but already John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh have not been faithfully conservative, yet as Catholics you'd think they support overruling Roe.

Nah. They're just as subject to the dictates of the profoundly Jesuit-infused mainstream as anyone, and they're likely to bend to the idea that, well, no one should tell a woman what to do in the name of freedom and all that.

Never mind that even the best pro-lifers lose sight of the fact that if that baby is a human being there is absolutely no justification for its murder, none.

Indeed that is one of the frightening things about the explosion of the abortion discourse today, is the abjectly insane things pro-abortionists say to defend systematic murder of the pre-born. Just purely idiotic, across the board. A lot of those things are shared by the dozen most showcased candidates for the Democrat party presidential nomination.

Thing is, they just want votes so those things are merely the things spewed by many in the general populace, those things in turn bilged into the mainstream by the Society of Jesus through its academia and media.

As it is, what must happen is this. There must be apocalyptic revival that moves people to see the System for what it is, and legions of men and women start respecting one another again -- they start respecting their sexualities and the transcendent value of children and family. People intractably devoted to the System will continue to equivocate and dissemble and blither the worst things to keep the abortion mill churning.

Otherwise, it would be nice if the Supreme Court didn't just overturn Roe but went all out and said the one thing that would do the most to save the lives of pre-born children, one simple five word phrase:

"He/she is a human being."

The Supreme Court could say that, any given legislature can say that, but all that's still the System. It requires belief on and devotion to Christ, His ways and His Kingdom, to actually make a dent in this abortion thing.

Sadly, we'll still see idiocy being rocket-barfed all around, and children will still die in the womb.


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