Monday, June 03, 2019

The Inclusivity Gauntlet Is Already Wiping Off the Planet Many of Its Victims

In my latest homepage piece, I get a bit more into what The Babylon Bee satirized, "The Inclusivity Gauntlet." The loud and ravenous leftist voice in this country has gone so far in establishing an entrenched victim class that people who are not members have been relegated to second-class status, at least as far as the humanist hegemony proclaims.

The effect of the Inclusivity Totalitarianism is indeed reaching critical mass on that demographic:

Older, white, hetero, Christian males.

Don't take my word for it. Please check out this piece on the suicide rates of these men. It isn't just that many of them are committing suicide, as a portion of the total population it is a small number. It is just that it is larger than it has ever been, and the reasons are wide and varied. The piece is from a pretty liberal publication and it talks disdainfully about guns and liquor, but the most significant reasons are not that hard to grasp.

The marauding idea of institutionally mandated inclusivity is one of them.

It is a core truth about men that they desire challenges they may address in order to make the world around them better for their families and communities, even their nations. They long for the commensurate respect from others for the industry they contribute and energy the expend, indeed very much masculine in nature.

It is not at all hard to see what the more and more powerful and pervasive leftist voice is telling them.

"Take a hike. You're too toxic. We're taking over now."

In what ways?

Sodomism. This is simply the idea that one may engage in a sexual relationship that does not involve one adult man married to one adult woman. What is the message heard by men who live and work by their natural God-imbued manhood? It is that the transcendent value of what you do in the way God made men and the way God made women to respond to that is meaningless. It isn't enough that a sodomist-minded individual says "You do your thing and we do ours," the fact is society expects men to adopt, even celebrate their ideas about this, and it kills them. Any given man doesn't embrace the sodomist mentality? They're now openly reviled.

Abortion. One of the most profoundly wounded victims in the rampant abortion environment we've had for some time is the father. It isn't just because he too may be grieving for the child murdered for convenience sake, but it is that the feminist voice that gives impetus to the abortion mentality has told men, "You don't matter. No man should be making decisions because it is the woman's body." This message eviscerates the man's dignity and consideration of responsibility in either being chaste ("Hey, if things go sideways this gal can just get an abortion") or taking care of the child ("Whew, good thing there's abortion because I sure don't want to mess with it -- good thing everyone is letting me off the hook").

Racialism. The claims that there are such things as "white privilege" and "systemic racism" come straight from Hell. Yet they are streaming from the Jesuit-animated university network like a locomotive at warp speed. Nobody denies that race-based slavery is an awful thing. Yet people are accused of the worst racist crimes just because they are white, as a rule. Most white men are fully committed to sustaining a world where everyone gets along, looks for the best in anyone, and yet the message here is, "Never mind, you can't do as much as us young darker-skinned sexually unconventional females can."

You may not think these things afflict males in this country, but they do.

What to do? A number of things.

First realize where it is coming from. This isn't just the product of some crazy leftist peacenik-minded rabble-rousers. It is deftly designed and arranged program of destabilization coming from the extraordinarily powerful legacy of Cain to build cities for the purpose of cracking heads. While it is the federal government and banking system, it is also the Roman Catholic Church and its subsidiaries, 501c3 churches contractually obligated to Rome and liable to adopt leftist humanist agenda items that replace the gospel. Understand what the System is doing and you're halfway to freedom.

But it can't stop there, because the most laborious humanism activists are just Cain's unwitting agents trying to get more System to amend the System. Yowza. Furthermore this is the way it is supposed to be. System operatives do System things because that is what is required to keep a reprobate populace in check. Every one of us is deserving of God's wrath because of our sinfulness, the System is just carrying out its duty to exploit that.

It is brutal, it is.

The answer is to contrast the System with The Kingdom, where the One who died on the emblem of Caesarian justice did so with you in mind. Because God loved you with His life, He wants to give you not only Him and The Kingdom, but peace, joy, hope, mercy, freedom, righteousness, forgiveness, eternity, beauty, glory, companionship, and a plethora of wonderful matters.

Christ doesn't just offer this to older white males, but to sexually confused racially exploited females, or any other person of any kind who desires healing and assurance of God's care and love.

Anyway, I wrote a bit more elaborately about it at my webzine, I'd love for you to check it out, and ultimately no matter what I'd love for you to

Find Him and The Kingdom.