Saturday, July 06, 2019

God Still Judges Nations

At one time many millennia ago, Babylon ruled the world, by divine decree. Eventually God brought His judgment against it, and Persia-Media took over for a while. God took them out and the rulers of evil became Greece-Macedonia. Rome soon followed. Eventually Cain's legacy became the blend of Anglicanist power known now as the United Kingdom-United States. This indeed is its present manifestation. Check out the second chapter of the book of Daniel for more -- it is all right there.

Think globalism is a newish phenomenon? Nah. It's been around since Babylon started. All the other great nation-states bonking against one another are merely pawns in the game. If they crack heads with Cain's seven-fold strength, the global hegemony is well-tuned. Once they weaken they are discarded like the flimsiest chafe. They may also rebel, and in that case they are pulverized into oblivion. So, so many once proudly regal potentates are long, long forgotten.

Sadly, such will be the case with the United States.

Yesterday the more patriotically minded roared with approval the display of Americanist machismo at Washington's mall, what with Donald Trump's stirring speech and military adornment everywhere including a fine array of stalwart weaponry including a few boffo army tanks. Many are convinced he'll get re-elected in 2020, but his reign will do nothing to stop the surging wrath of God against a nation who simply has no idea who He really is.

Many believe it is the folly of the Democrat party candidates, being revealed at break-neck speed in speeches, debates, interviews, and rallies. And please, don't get me wrong, it is the greatest folly -- a perfectly understandable reason for praying folk to be on their knees asking God to tarry.

A while back one candidate, midsize city mayor Pete Buttigieg, had a town hall campaign event in which many in the crowd openly reviled him for not doing more to stop a white police officer from shooting a black man in his city. If Mr. Buttigieg had a modicum of a sense of what justice really is about, he'd have confidently said something like this:

"Excuse me but the issue was whether or not an individual was breaking the law, threatening the safety and security of citizens in South Bend. If a given individual did something deserving of such an action by the police in the name of protecting the people, then I am 100% behind it. The police are there to serve you, and keep criminals from threatening you. There is this assumption the action was because of racism. If it was, then I will be the first to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice. But I also want to make sure our community is safe from anyone, black, white, brown -- it doesn't matter -- who would compromise that."

Now, did he say that? I don't know. All I know is that he seemed to be flummoxed and responded pitifully, even declaring in the nationally televised debate a couple weeks later, that he messed it up. He admitted something along the lines of not handling it well.

What? What kind of leader is this guy? I know. First he's allowed sodomism to take over his entire life, being "married" to another man. Those who do this lose a conception of what is right and wrong because if it is accepted that marriage may be between anyone but one committed adult male and one committed adult female, then marriage means nothing at all. And if marriage means nothing at all, then nothing means anything. We are all merely dust swirling about blown by the winds of the autocratic Zeitgeist media. Mr. Buttigieg is one such individual.

How about Kamala Harris, who is now surging at the Democrat polling leaders because she looks like a no-holds bad-ass -- hey, a Democrat version of Donald Trump! -- and she's a woman of color! She really is being given the most attention for those reasons, even though every time she opens her mouth she reveals she knows very little.

Thing is, the only criticism of her I have ever seen is that as California's Attorney General she was very strict about enforcing the state's truancy laws, really putting the screws on parents and their children about attending school.

Excuse me? That's the thing about which you are most critical? That?

Forgive me, but that is the one thing she should be doing, the things for which she should be commended. Enforcing the law. Otherwise she's getting gobs of plaudits for endorsing every ungodly public policy initiative on the planet. As it is she'll have to find ways to apologize for making sure kids are in school but then spout about how much more loving and caring government needs to be, especially when it comes to handing American's hard-earned dollars to millions who do nothing but have their hands out.

Then there's Joe Biden, justifiably shredded a new aye-hole just about every time he opens his mouth. One of the most loudly repeated criticisms -- much of it from Kamala Harris -- was his refusal to support busing in the 1970s. Remember busing? The idea that people should be forced to put their kids in less quality schools just to even things out, you know, all white people being racist and all.

Again, this is the one thing he should not be called on. The idea of busing is abominable, and yet if you were or are against it, well, you're just the worst racist troglodyte. And yet, hmm, we must have a loving caring government. We must make sure government makes everything equal for everybody no matter how much expropriation of people's incomes or moral propriety there is.

All of what is being proposed by the Democrats is just more and more of the most vicious human sacrifice. It is precisely what Romanist World Operatives are dutifully charged with facilitating for the purpose of having splendidly noble knights of democracy pretend to valiantly rectify.

Donald Trump is no different. He is all bluster. He does very little to restore any kind of meaningful moral integrity to the country, even though he spouts about some of those things sometimes. Doesn't matter, they are all given over to Cain's human sacrifice machine. It is indeed why God's wrath will be manifest, sometime. Yet He does tarry.


It is merely because He still loves. He still sees so many sheep without a Shepherd.

Thing is, where are the shepherds doing the work of The Shepherd?

Sadly, so many are just obligated to the state-church system tied to Cain.

So yeah, it is just a matter of time. I'm always praying for apocalyptic revival, that people would be thoroughly blown away by God as the One Who Loves With His Life.


"I have a message from God in my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked. There is no fear of God before their eyes. In their own eyes they flatter themselves too much to detect or hate their sin. The words of their mouths are wicked and deceitful, they fail to act wisely or do good..." These words are from the 36th Psalm.

"The end of all things is near. Therefore, be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins... If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen." These words are from Peter's first letter.