When God Is The Stomach, or Gaia's Stomach I Guess

I haven't even had a chance to put in a modest blog post just to introduce my webzine's latest home page piece. Fall is a tremendously busy time for me professionally-- I don't even know how I put in anything in my web work at all. Definitely a God thing.

But I always hope to remark about something notable so this is worth your time. How about this folly?...

Today some large number of disled people went out of their way to screech loudly about climate change. At an intersection of a small college town near my home, a town filled with phenomenally disled people -- yeah, I should say here that I intend to say "dis-led," a more accurate form of misled, because these people are listening to, indeed led by the one who's endgame is their destruction -- anyway, at this intersection those people were all in on the folly. Holding up signs about how climate change is this and climate change is that.

Pure folly.

When someone says, "Protesting climate change..." (as it was verbatim in a New York Times headline), it is exactly the same as saying "Protesting sunshine." It is idiotic, yet people do it all the time because they've been browbeat by those mandarins assigned the job of destabilizing society by insisting gobs of value extraction must take place to fight something that simply can't be fought.

This isn't the place to get into it, there are lots of places where you can see the details. What I do want to share is how much I do feel for these people. They stumble about thinking they're doing something meaningful, but they're just being exploited, pounded like a drum. What makes it especially heinous is how much they are manipulating children in this effort. It is extraordinarily ugly -- children being pushed to ditch school and hit the streets for the cause, choking on the propaganda rammed down their throats.

Here's one of the main, main, main things about all of this. It is what makes watching this so painful, watching these people continue to slide into Hell at rocket speed. Oh, they're not totally oblivious to it. They know the law. They have no excuse. Certainly the law is good, even good for telling us that we should be taking care of God's creation, that's fine. I'm all for fine strong constraints on polluters.

But the law can never get us there. Never. These people stridently believe the problem is climate change and its crazed deniers, and that if we could just get the planet right we'll be really good.

No, the problem is the heart. The problem isn't something environmental out there. It is totally, fully, completely the environment of the soul. Where is it? How is it? It is the heart that is most polluted. When the body dies, even if it is from the worst radiation poisoning because of a gargantuan hole in the ozone layer, the soul will live on -- where?

I do want a nice planet. I do want it now, and for our children, and grandchildren. God does want us to take care of this place. But it'll only happen by those who love with His love, and because they have an eternal perspective with the understanding that God's sure judgment against the evil on the planet will eventually result in the utter destruction of the earth and the wholesale replacement with a fully new creation.

The Way to be there with Him at that time, even if it 10,000 years from now, is to be joyfully in the embrace of Jesus Christ.


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