The Critical Things John Lennox Missed

Thursday night I went over to Harvey Mudd College, one of the top science schools in the nation, to see something I thought was quite extraordinary. John Lennox, one of the preeminent Christian apologists ever, was appearing for a talk I think I saw titled, "Cosmic Chemistry." Hmm, was this a nifty challenge to the materialist worldview? Whatever the case, wow...

John Lennox right there to talk Christ with however many atheist humanist religionist progressive naturalist dogmatist collegians who would be there.

I arrived and managed to get a seat right in the middle of a lecture hall that sat about 300. By the time Lennox started the place was packed. Hmm. What's with that? Who were these people? I noticed many were older folks -- these lectures are open to the public. There were quite a few students, however, but I did see some were brought in by their professors. Oh these kids are smart, but I really don't think many of them have the intellectual sophistication to truly get the sublime meaning of any of this.

Lennox did his typical best at eviscerating the world view of those who think science answers everyone's questions about life. He paraded before us all the pithy quotes from renowned scientists summarily showcasing the idiocy so many simply refuse to be equipped to see.

He also did put in a good word for Christ, and he did do it reasonably well, as he always does. He pulled no punches in highlighting the superiority of the Christian faith. Some in the audience chafed at that -- "If Christ is superior then you must by default be dissing my faith! The gall!"

Everyone was still respectful, but I can't help but see this as yet another forum in which one faith is expressed as just one of many. I'm certain most just left without any real consideration of what they should do with their destiny. The student representative introducing the event shared the standard pap about "respecting other views" and all the other politically correct humanist-derived dreck that tries to keep people's hurt feelings at a simmer.

Why Lennox couldn't do more to articulate the reality and the power and the beauty of the absolute truth of Christ in Him and Him alone, is he badly missed two things that I really don't believe he has the capacity to see. Nothing against him as a speaker and an apologist, or even a genuine man of faith -- he is an exceptionally gifted spokesman for the Kingdom.

But still...

The first is that at the end he was asked one last question, one that is very typical: "Why is your religion better than the others?"

Lennox proceeded to tell us about all the other religions and how they are all about following this rule and that rule, and that your favor is dependent on merit. Well, huh, Christianity is not that way.

Thuh end.

Now I totally get why he shared this, this way. It is a typical strategy of the apologist who wants to get the nonbeliever the think seriously about the gospel. I get that.

But it is woefully deficient and leaves the listener with the idea that merit means nothing. That you're cool. That you really don't have to do anything to ultimately consider justice and your own part in violating it.

No. The truth is it is very much about merit. You must be morally perfect to enter God's Kingdom and live richly and fully and eternally. Yes, you must indeed merit His favor.

Oh but that is so ugly and mean and horribly intolerant!

Ergh. It is because people have such a benighted view of what this thing justice really is. Consider yet another incoherent view the humanist materialist has -- I don't like ugliness and meanness and intolerance. Well then, don't you then want to not be around those disfavored things when you're living your life? Aren't you being intolerant of the intolerant?

See, you can't escape the truth that merit and justice are two parts of the same principle. If you want justice you'd better be a part of having it around -- your merit to achieve it is unequivocally required.

Here's the truth about true Christianity: While you can never have enough merit to get to the place we want, Jesus Christ does. He's the one who did it for us. That was the whole purpose of what He did on Calvary. Because of His righteousness, yes, the beauty and wonder and joy of the Christian faith...

We now have merit.

Now I don't think Lennox is unaware of this important concept, I just think he dropped the ball here.

That second feature of really getting this audience to fully grasp the magnitude of Christ is, however, something I don't think Lennox really comprehends -- or maybe he does and he's just too Catholicist, just never really having a desire to even somewhat detail the -- yes -- merits of the authentic Christian faith beyond its magnificent counterfeit.

When Lennox splashes on the screen one inane statement after another made by secularly-minded scientists and shreds each one, does he understand who has already told those scientists to believe the stuff they emphatically blither to the masses? Does he know what "deep politics" forces are right now very proficiently filling the humanist materialist mind with this plap? Does he apprehend the identities of the people who are doing this are not only extraordinarily close to home but charged with that duty on behalf of the authorized ordained institution assigned the legitimate task of facilitating human sacrifice for the purpose of keeping an unjust and merciless populace in check?

How much more powerful would it have been for Lennox to use his excellent speaking ability to articulate these two truths, which would have gone miles further to get those in the audience to grasp the magnitude of what he was saying. I do believe Lennox said some amazing things. His talk was powerful. I was tremendously edified.

But I just wonder.

And pray...

Oh that there would be apocalyptic revival.

To get a better idea of the subjects addressed in this post, please visit the webzine The Catholicist Nation. Even better, crack open your Bible. There you'll find Life, Truth, and Grace.


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