Saturday, January 18, 2020

Rooftop Shouters on Steroids

I happened to come across this article, appearing the New York Times. It is about this app, Clearview AI, whereby you can just stick it at someone's face and find out quite a bit about them. While a lot can be said about this, one thing I thought is, if the Times is putting out the expose about it, what else is out there we don't even know about that is compromising our personal security?

It does seem as though we've got to be in the very last days of the existence of this version of God's creation, it really does. When you see things like "the image of the Beast" in Revelation what else could it mean but the most sophisticated holographic augmented reality of a Caesarian character all are expected to worship? This will become fully realized when the CGI finally arrives at the holy grail: graphic images of humans completely indistinguishable from real ones. We're almost there.

Thing is, when I saw this article I could only think about the home page piece I wrote six years ago about augmented reality, and the real-live reality that really, the only thing anyone would ultimately want the device for is to wave it over someone's psyche to instantly find out whether or not you'd want to have anything to do with that individual. Really, that's it.

Of course, all of this is completely, fully, wholly biblical. Jesus said quite plainly, "Whatever you say in the inner rooms will be shouted from the rooftops." He's not necessarily making a statement about how hard you must work to protect your personal security and privacy, he's telling us that in the end nothing you ever think or feel or do will be a secret. You might as well come clean on your own because God knows. And really, if God knows, what difference does it make if everyone knows?

Now certainly there are some things we'd like left undivulged, but that's only because we are sinners and there are many others with murder in their hearts. But that is a lot of the point. Jesus is telling us to be as authentic and transparent as we can, because we will all come under the judgment of God anyway, and if we come on our knees before Him with nothing to lose except our wicked selves, then He forgives and restores and embraces.

And here's the brutal truth. If you don't do that, then guess what. The darkest "Clearview AI" world will find you out. No matter what extraordinary measures you take either to scurry off and hide with the most sophisticated protections or to throw yourself into the most expansively ingratiating connections with those who'd otherwise prosecute you for your crimes, you'll have whoever you are and whatever you've done shouted from the rooftops.

So yeah. There is Jesus. He's still there. The One Who Is God In The Flesh, by the way, not any of those fake ones Romanist operatives put out there in hundreds of different forms.

You can still 'fess up, you can. But that is a very good thing indeed.