Sunday, February 09, 2020

"Unplanned" Had The Most Justified "R" Rating of Any Movie I've Ever Seen

We finally took a look at the film Unplanned, about a Planned Parenthood clinic director whose heart was changed when she participated in an actual abortion performed in her clinic.

I'd recalled all the hubbub about the film's "R" rating at the time of its general release, noting that many were upset it would push people from going to see it and being exposed to the very powerful pro-life message. Their rationale was that it didn't even deserve the "R" rating because there was no language, no sex, and the only blood was that shown through a tube after the abortion was complete.

I wouldn't know -- I simply could not stand to watch or even listen to the scene of the procedure.

It was at the very beginning of the film, with much of the rest about this woman's earlier years and bit afterwards when she committed herself to helping the pro-life cause.

But that scene. The sights. The sounds. The conversation about what was happening. It lasted about five minutes and I looked down and covered my ears. For just a moment I did peek to see a tube full of blood from a human being that had just been murdered by his or her mother -- and father for that matter -- who'd allowed themselves to be seduced by the System's machinations. Several of the critical products of those machinations were shared throughout the film by the institution-girding pro-abortionists.

Who in their right mind would for two seconds think a scene like that should merit anything less than an "R" rating?

I'll tell you who. Religious people who simply have no grounding in Scripture or any robust intellectually spiritual understanding of God's Kingdom.

Don't get me wrong. I too feel so very strongly that everyone should see this film, "R" rating and all. But please. The entire film's substance was about the brazenly established and virulently distributed murder program. It was the modern-day Holocaust happening right around the corner of your home.

And yes it is a Holocaust, with a capital "H." To call it this takes nothing away from the horrors of the one in eastern Europe in the mid 20th century. But this one is one. Every year worldwide there are 40 million abortions.

40 million.


I must say Unplanned was one of the most powerful horror movies ever. Yes, horror movie -- it was one. Look at that number. This film got wide and deep into that reality -- a true real-life "R"-rated horror movie. Just one scene in particular I could note right now. A dead baby fetus is lying on the medical table, a very small one but a precious human being nonetheless, and the clinic director is asked to come look at him or her. We all get to see too.

I wept.

I wept any number of times watching this. I wept for those babies, but I wept just as much for the parents, and for the hundreds of millions of post-born individuals out there in this world who just think this is no big deal, or worse, actively promote it with the most wickedly asinine remarks like "it's about protecting reproductive rights."

I still weep.

Yet still a film like Unplanned simply won't be enough.

The System is all about making sure human sacrifice on such vast scales is sustained. The only thing that can change this is apocalyptic revival -- massive numbers of people coming to Christ, living self-sacrificially, but also having that spiritual intelligence to see what and who and how the System does its thing and most importantly Who The Savior Is.

I wrote a home page piece about this very thing, here, and please go to the link about this idea of "cobelligerency."