Trotsky's Pathodicy

Today is the 80th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky. It's not that I had this date marked on my calendar for a long time -- I just happened to come across that fact the other day. Eighty years ago Trotsky succumbed to wounds suffered the day before when he was summarily pick-axed in the head by a Stalinist agent.

Huh. Don't see many people commemorating the event. Oh there are a few brief notes in a handful of Marxist sites, they're there.

But the less you know about the real history of Marxist thought and practice as a legitimate tool of Cain's hegemony, the better. That's the idea anyway, except the way things are going now I'm starting to see it doesn't much matter anymore.

For you see, Trotsky is quite the heroic figure to those holding a more purist form of Marxist sentiment. He was more of a "democratic socialist," you know, fighting for a gentler, kinder form of economic totalitarianism. That baaad man Stalin -- no, he just wants a ruthless autocracy. Turns out Trotsky and his crew of reformers were purged quite proficiently, actually, any semblance of Trotsky's influence requiring extermination even though he was 10,000 miles away -- the coup d'grace of yet another episode in the harrowing tragedy endured by those principled, wholesome crusaders for the grand pathodicy.

The pathodicy.

What is that?

It is a term I've seen in only a few places, but please, there is rhyme to this reasoning as I take some liberties with its definition. It may be fleshed out a bit more, yes, but it is from the Greek words for "feeling" and "justice." Yes there is the term theodicy, the concept of God's justification in the face of evil while common assumptions about His omniscience and omnipotence still prevail.

The concept of pathodicy however is the idea that one's feelings are enough to justify actions taken to address those feelings. In other words, when an individual sees another individual suffering in the face of evils he or she may stop, it is his/her task to stop that suffering by any action considered necessary in order to assuage his/her own feelings about that condition. It is even more justified when the victims are members of some sympathetically classified group. (Ahh, there's the fiercely entrenched rationale: sympathy... "together feelings"... only the cruelest person would deny someone that privilege...)

When pursued in the name of Cain's legacy with a cohort of effusively simpatico comrades, there is no greater emotional high. The explosive corporate virtue-signaling that accompanies that... stratospheric!

This is precisely why today the Americanist version of that tyranny is a breath away from reaching its fruition. A people who have over the past fifty years or so distanced themselves from the God Almighty will eventually form a critical mass of pathodicists fully in favor of any and forms of prosecution to justify alleviating the pain of witnessing someone else's suffering.

It becomes more dramatic, more compelling when the suffering is elaborately contrived, as it is today with the racialist and coronavirus hysteria. The narrative becomes a calcified plausibility structure, and anything the truth-seeker says is at best dismissed with all due marginalization, at worst twisted into officially registered demonization.

"Wait a minute, the coronavirus situation is way overblown and the government's response is thoroughly unjustified."

You just want people to die.

"Wait a minute, to call someone a racist just because they have a particular skin color (white) is just as nasty a form of racism."

You're just blinded by your privilege. 

Go ahead, look at the history. Look at the history of the Russian revolution, go ahead, check it out. Look at what Trotsky et al were doing. Look at what was happening with all of it. Some of the street names are different, but it is all exactly the same story, happening again in the United States of America. Some godless humanists wallow so much in their codependent filth and when seeing someone else suffering they zealously enlist the seven-fold power of Cain to employ human sacrifice so they themselves can feel better about things.

This country is already about as socialist as it can be. The federal government through the Congress and Federal Reserve has already obsequiously put together $11 trillion of public assistance relief off the Covid hysteria narrative. The country's GDP a year ago was $22 trillion. Even that is not enough. Look at the provocations in the large cities with politicians being kowtowed by those Marxist forces, because it is better when you can exploit the mythology and its toadying media to get what you want.

You can't keep the oppressed from taking what it wants because if you do you're the meanest person on the planet.

The way Trotsky felt is precisely what millions and millions feel right now in this country. The things Trotsky wanted to do are the same things they want to do right now. The question is, when will this particular pathodicy reach critical mass? When will there be such huge numbers of NPCs fulfilling their duties that anyone who objects will simply be liquidated? It will happen.

It always has.

No matter what, your eternal destiny is at stake. It isn't as much about your physical condition as your spiritual one. You may be quite energized advancing your most righteous Trotskyist cause, but if you don't comply with the autocratic precepts that necessarily follow, well, make sure you're keeping an eye on where the ice-picks are. Funny -- well, funny in that absurd sense, you know -- funny, Trotsky had a number of attempts on his life before this final one. Even in Mexico he couldn't really trust his closest friends. What a nightmare life to lead.

It really is that way right now in the woke community. It is smothered in raging fear. You can never be woke enough. It is like a gang -- even more, a racket. You want in because the people there joyfully frolic with you in your crushing pathodicy, and it pays. But to get out?


Just so you know...

It is different in the Kingdom.

Might want to consider heading over there. The One with nail-scarred hands and feet is waiting to see you, hang out with you, embrace you. Might be worth a look.


The graphic depiction of the NPCs is simply one I already had in my file. Thanks to whoever arranged it.



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