The Catholicist Cult

This month the planet Mars makes its trajectory straight across the northern hemisphere evening sky from east to west, impersonating the exact path the sun makes during the day. I don't know about all the astrological ramifications of that, but it is quite telling considering our present circumstances.

The United States is at war with itself, in an extraordinarily explosive way. The rabid violence isn't seen as much in a physical form, yet, but it still rages emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, politically, a whole bunch of other -callys I'm sure.

I'm only making this brief post now to put in a link to this article from one of my new fave websites, Off-Guardian. This piece entitled "The Covidian Cult" is terrifically striking. I look upon the horizon of humanity and see the bazillions with their masks pasted on their faces, and I think. And feel. And ponder.

And pray.

The piece is phenomenally descriptive of the totalitarianist -- if you will -- cult, and it can't be overstated that this cult has been around for eons. This Covid thing? Just a stultifyingly new manifestation of it.

I've been given to call it the Catholicist Nation. People so hypnotically beholden to whatever it is the law enforcement mandarins at each and every level of authority tell them to do. Please understand this is the way it is supposed to be from the time of Cain and his first exercises in building cities and cracking heads there. Many System factualist muckrakers let us in on all the diabolically proficient psyops involved, all the episodes of clever undercover machinations, all the very veritable covert lethalities required to crush the will of anyone who refuses to be immersed in the divine assurance and eternal provision of Christ and His Kingdom. That's all fine and good, but point any of that out you'll still be tarred a conspiracy theorist nutjob. Standard procedure.

It is just that many of the Cult's directives emanate from the nice church right around the corner from where you live, and then from the homes of its congregants. Surprisingly you see those sentiments proudly displayed on their lawns.

"Black Lives Matter." ("We believe in the vigorous expropriation of your wealth so we can feel less guilty for the oppression they tell us we've committed.")

"Science is Real." ("There is no God and if you believe there is you are a dangerous ignoramus.")

"Women's Rights Are Human Rights." ("We believe mothers should be allowed to murder their children in their wombs.")

"Love is Love." ("We believe you should be required to celebrate another's sexual assault crimes.")

"Behind This Mask is Someone Who Cares." ("We don't really want to be hurt by government agents because we are so very afraid of them.")

And so on.

This is all Death. In Halloween season with all the ghouls and creeps and cobwebs out front of every other home on the street you couldn't find more horrifying displays than these signs. But they are all a pretty decent indication Cain is faithfully carrying out his duties.

The only way out is Christ. Going to Him, talking with Him, sharing with Him your fears about the Death -- that's why He Himself died for you. Lose you, gain Him, then have real freedom.

Let's face it, you're listening to someone. Who is that? 

I like this photograph I've included with this post. Recognize it? It is the very last shot from the film The Wolf of Wall Street. Not really a great film, it is just three hours or so of a bunch of guys showing us what kinds of goofy things they could do with the gazillions of dollars they made looking really sharp swindling people. But that end of the film. The character played by Leonardo DiCaprio is reduced to giving inspirational talks at small financial management conferences. He really says nothing to them, but look at the faces.

They're mesmerized.

You and I are no different. We'll be mesmerized by Someone. You'll be fully captivated by the Cult Svengalis whoever and wherever they are, or you can drop the pretense and do the one single thing that makes the most sense in all of it.

Worship the One True God Almighty in Spirit and in Truth.

Might take a little of looking into, however. The rabbit hole you go down may not be the one you think it is...



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