The Reality Just Isn't All That

The current election pronouncements reveal a splendidly truthful thing postmodern philosophers posited years ago.

The simulacra are more important than the reality.

Postmodernists generally dismiss truthful things anyway as only so much power. Nothing is really truthful anyway, thus the simulacra become the reality. This is just a fancy term that refers to the reigning projections, or the embraced imageries of things people believe are real. Since there is no reality, the simulacra will do.

Nothing could explain the current Biden-Harris-Democrat-Technocrat-Media falling all over themselves pretending to be president of the United States. It doesn't really matter who is president, he or she is and always has been under the authoritative instruction of Rome's deepest operative potentates anyway... but wow, is this a spectacle! Come on people! You can't beat this show! Just ride with it -- it is so much fun! You gotta admit: it is thrilling to feel like you've just clocked Orange Man Bad with a nice left uppercut, and look! He's down for the count! (Huh, count. The connection to actual ballot counting -- or lack thereof -- is completely unintended.)

What is so disconcerting is that in this case the rank dissipation that will follow from such presumptions will be gargantuan. This now quite hegemonic element is all in on the most shameless wealth redistribution management -- and yeah, I know, as if it hasn't already been happening in massive amounts already assuring many more souls freefalling into spiritual abyss. It will also be about the most proficient prosecution of anyone who is deeply concerned about rampaging sodomist and racialist utopian ideals. Question the moral integrity of the more unconventional sexual expressions? Express something considered not fully anti-racist? Object to cheerfully donning the required talisman of the facemask cult? At least the criminal penalties will look kinder and gentler.

Don't worry. It's been done throughout history. Such convulsions have their appointed times. We'll just get to enjoy the Americanist version over the course of the next few years.

I've resigned myself to the nightmare to come, much because sometimes, often times -- as I've written in this blog post from not too long ago -- God lets us advance our contemptibly iniquitous policy objectives so that we may be forced to gaze upon how lethal they really are, how much our own sinfulness accelerates our supersonic flight to Hell.

But before that happens He does offer us a way out. The blood of His own son. 

But that's it.

And really, in a sense, He's the Reality.

So yeah, go crazy trying to figure out what's happening in the whirlwind political climate right now. It's all just a spectacularly entertaining circus. A feast of the very juiciest simulacra, if you will. The only thing that will protect you, cover you, embrace you in the midst of the newest reign of terror is Him.

Just a thought, just a quick thought, that's all. Maybe to see some reality, which is actually pretty cool.

God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding. (Job 37:5)



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