Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Trust Can Only Be True When You Love One Another

I haven't blogged for a while and I don't know when I will again. I'm just so busy with work and family and Christmas events, I just can't hit the keyboard as often as I'd like. I do get discouraged, I confess, because I see so much folly smothering everyone all around and it doesn't seem like anything I think or feel or, of course, write about much matters.

I do, however, have to put up a post with a link to this piece from The Federalist, because it just hits at the heart of the horror of what's going on right now in an overly sexualized hyper-Catholicized society. The World System engenders all kinds of idiocy that simply does not address things righteously. The #metoo movement is a great example of this.

It is truly frightening, truly. The author of the piece even makes this the main feature of her thesis -- that it is the fear. The only way out is through faith, she says, but I must add...

Faith on what?

For it to be meaningful at all it may only be on Christ, and while The Federalist is one of the best thinking sites there is, the author simply will not expound on who Christ is and what He's about. This is indeed an excellent, excellent piece, but it falls a bit short because it doesn't have


She doesn't say what the totalitarian regime's engine is: nothing other than the militant arm of the Roman Catholic Church. I can't say that she could, because even The Federalist is still a bit too taken by the System. It is almost always considered too extreme to go farther than faith and love and describe the subject of those items, but they mean nothing unless you know the contrast between the System and the Kingdom.

I invite you to visit my webzine. There's more there about this dynamic at work. I hope and pray you are edified by what you read there, or even what you discover any way you can behold that contrast.

And find and know and revel in Him, and in His love.