Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trust Can Only Be True When You Love One Another, Part II

I can't help but put in another plug for D.C McAllister, The Federalist writer who absolutely nails it with this piece regarding true sexuality versus the pathetic, warped, twisted version the World bilges through Hollywood, Washington, Wall Street, and especially Rome.

She actually does mention Christ in this one, through her simple reference to Song of Solomon. Because the entirety of the Old Testament speaks of Christ, Song of Solomon and its rich language of deep impassioned love is Christ. Truly this is how Christ feels about his bride. If you were Christ's you'd want to be beautiful before Him too.

Why does all this seem so unseemly to many? They've been so programmed by the System of sin management to do sexuality in so many horrifically unrighteous ways, all involving sin then law then condemnation then sin then law then condemnation repeat rinse repeat rinse repeat rinse ad nauseam, having no conception of who Christ is and what He's about and how much He loves.

Christ wants to have the most vibrant interaction with us -- profound, magnificent, exhilarating, dynamic, rapturous -- just as McAllister describes that glorious interplay between a man and a woman.

But the World just dumps that all right into the sewer.

So much to say, volumes indeed -- it is all so viscerally compelling.

And sorrowfully harrowing at the same time.

That so many would reject Christ, His extended hand for you to grasp, for...