Monday, December 31, 2018

The Mary Poppinsists, Addendum

I wanted to briefly add a few notes about my last blog post, the one about the latest Mary Poppins excursion Mary Poppins Returns.

If you look and want to see clearly you'll easily note that the film presents a powerful version of the reigning religion belonging to those captivated by that Harry Potter desire to heroically affect things by their will outside the bounds of any of the more mainstream religious considerations -- ugh, too constricting. I want to be able to make my own way and do it by the most ethereally imaginative means.

I don't believe many know the origins of this religion, and I think most would be surprised it is most prominently diffused into the World through the ecclesiastical institution right around the corner from their homes. As much as they may rail against the Roman Catholic organization for its rigid behavioral expectations, it is the one that promulgates their own gnostic, spiritist, and radically selfist perspective.

Back in April of this year, the one ending today, I snapped this photograph of a wall with major motion picture posters at the movie theater we visited. I particularly liked this one: the individual in the center poster is the Pope, the charismatically popular leader of the alt-religion movement, yet off to the left is Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins, and her look is quite striking. It's as if she's giving a nodding consent to Francis' role in keeping as many people from Christ as he does -- in this case through a delightful children's movie.

I also wanted to add a note about my remarks on the racism of the racialist dogma pervading everything today. I've been working at giving up calling anyone a racist, or trying to have to defend myself from racism. It is too daunting, and the task merely fuels the racialist obsession.

Instead my position is this one, the one I feel is the biblical one: I am a racist, I acknowledge that, and I know the only way out is through the blood of Jesus Christ. I am a sinner saved by grace, as they say, but it is indeed a quite veritable reality. It is only by His power and presence that I may not be a racist anymore, because He loved me with a love that extends to everyone else. I have nothing to say about racists because I know why they are, but now only wish them the same freedom I now have from that enslavement.

Many others are racist too, certainly, but they aren't racists because they fit any of a dozen classifications the World makes it feels qualify them as such -- you are because you're privileged, you are because it's systemic, you are because we must have our crusade against it. They are racist because they are sinners. I do have a heart to share with them too the Only Deliverance from such bondage, but they will only come to Him if they themselves have their own reckoning irrespective of what I say.

In my ministry I may share enough with another individual, that is fine, and the Holy Spirit may convict, that is a very good thing. I'm always praying that happens, maybe with a reader coming across these words right now. All I want to be is a humble Kingdom-bringer introducing another to His forgiveness, lovingkindness, and mercy.

I also know that my battle isn't against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities. It isn't even against the ordained hegemonies doing the Devil's work, God lets them carry out their assignments for those who want them to do so, for those who have said they want nothing to do with God. So be it.

I say this because it may seem I have animosity towards Hollywood mandarins like Lin-Manuel Miranda -- I don't. I only sorrow that he and millions of others are so hypnotized by the World Ops sworn to seduce them. No worries, it is what they do, it is their job, from the Pope through the POTUS (and any major Hollywood studio executive) all the way down to the local city bureaucrat and neighborhood banker. They are beholden to the responsibilities given them by those most industriously doing the work of the authorized powers and principalities.

In my webzine work and blog effort I do hope readers see all of it for what it is, and turn to Christ.

Oh, and by the way, that edge of the movie poster on the right, in the photograph, I've also thought about that. The handle of an umbrella perhaps, situated in the poster like that. I wonder about the meaning of that...